And I finally have dust control!  I also own the dubious distinction of being the last person in Hancock County to get it!  I never complain to the engineer’s office so I don’t know why my name would have such a black mark but I suppose somebody has to be last.

My friend Charlene wondered about living with all that dust and I guess we’re just used to it.  Our house sits pretty close to the gravel road and there is soooo much truck and farm equipment on our road that dust just comes with living in the country.  One of my friends has a very long lane and I’ll bet she doesn’t have road dust!

Roxie is settling in and becoming more relaxed about being outside with us.  She has learned to use the dog door both directions – yahoo!  Here she is, trying to be nice to Pammie!

I was recently at Walmart and they had a new shipment of houseplants.  I have had such good luck with Walmart succulents and house plants – I can usually find something unusual and almost always they are healthy and reasonably priced.  Here is a new  Z Z plant and a Ponytail Palm.  I’ve had both before but sold them in elaborate planters.  These two are living on the screened porch until I’m sure they’re bug free and healthy.

Another outdoor planter.

11 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Mary

    Although I grew up in a little town, my grandma and later my sister lived on farms so I’d visit often. I remember the dust rolling after a car or farm vehicle went by. It’s too bad someone hasn’t designed a take-off of a snow fence for collecting road dust. I like the quilt underneath your new plants.

  2. Carol

    We found our cat chewing on some ferns in a flower arrangement recently. She threw them up immediately! I have kept no house plants for that reason…I was afraid she might get sick. Do your cats eat your plants? I’d love to have house plants!

    I love hearing about your life on the farm! You always have something interesting to tell us, even on an ordinary day. And, by the way, I have learned to pray for, and enjoy, ordinary days! Out of the ordinary days are not always the best days!

  3. Launa

    Hi Mary,
    Good to see and hear Roxie is settling in and has mastered the doggie door.
    Nice to see your Ponytail Palm…..I had one years ago so I may look at the local WMT. Wondered how your Jade plants are doing since they got pruned?
    How long does the “dust sealer” last?
    I’m trying to discover the title of quilt book THE RAVEN quilt pattern is shown.
    101 degrees coming later today..ugh!!!

  4. Vickie

    Love hearing about life on the farm and seeing your pictures. The ones of the animals are the best!

  5. Janice

    Love the quilt under your new plants. You’ll have to take a photo minus the plants. We had lived along a gravel road for about 17 years . . . we got lots of dust. Moved 2 years back, and the new house is on a paved road as well as a paved driveway. Glad to see Roxie out and about. Enjoy hearing about life in Iowa.

  6. Diane

    Ah, dust. We have it when a new house is being built–new one down the street. I, too, love the quilt and the plants are neat. Question: How do you get rid of moles/voles in mulch? Mary, you probably have “hunting” kitties not Squeak. My Stargazers have been “eaten” or killed by something burrowing in the mulch. Roxie is so cute; I’m happy for her new home with you:)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – yes, I have many hunters so no varmints in my mulch.

  7. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, when did you get a new dog? She is cute, I am glad for the two of you. I never knew that one plant was called ponytail. Now I know, Felicia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – around May 1, Ricks brother decided to move back to Houston and decided not to take their cat or dog with them so Ethel the cat and Roxie the dog came to live with us. Faye was still living at the time.

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