Heidi is missing.

This is Wednesday evening and she is always here in the house or right outside.  On Sunday she acted very anxious, meowing as if something was wrong but I couldn’t see anything obvious.  She acted like her side maybe hurt or her tail or her back or she just didn’t feel good?  On Monday she sat on my lap several times and rubbed her head and then acted as if there were something she was afraid of.  Was she having a brain issue of some kind?  She meowed very loudly and on Monday night she was sleeping in the screened porch when I went to bed. 

She was not here on Tuesday morning and I have looked and looked for her.  I think if she were able, she would meow back at me when I call her but I hear nothing.  She could be just anywhere and I’m losing hope that she’s alive.  I wonder if we’ll ever find her body.  What a terrible feeling!  She was a special kitty given to me by a special little girl also named Heidi.


If any of you have problems with your subscription, I cannot help you.  I wish I had someone in my corner to help me but I don’t.  Someone suggested that if you think you’ve been dropped, try unsubscribing and then re- subscribe.  I cannot sign you up and won’t – I have enough trouble just posting.  I have not dropped you – something has happened on your end.  It’s all a mystery to me.  If you even receive these posts, I think it’s a miracle!

38 thoughts on “Heidi

  1. Paula S.

    I hope you find sweet Heidi. I’m not having problems getting your emails, btw.

  2. Cathie Braman

    Oh I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that Heidi will return. Don’t give up just yet – sometimes our “family” just needs some time.
    Hugs from Virginia – Cathie

  3. Sara Reynolds

    I hope that you find Heidi. One of my cats was missing for 3 days about 5 years ago soon after I adopted her. She got out of the house unknown to any of us. We looked and looked for 3 days and on the evening of the 3rd day, we heard a cat meowing outside of our neighbor’s house. We found our Maggie in their basement window well. Maggie hasn’t gone outside since and I could leave all the doors standing open and she wouldn’t go out! I will keep your Heidi in my thoughts and prayers, Mary.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      Our Emma used to like to go outside, she would sit on the deck or go out to the garden and sit under the tall asparagus. She always came in when we called, she just loved to be outside checking out her domain! One time she was gone 2 or 3 nights, we called and walked all over the neighborhood but she didn’t come but she showed back up early one morning at our deck door. She was ratty looking, she acted so frightened. And after that, like you, we could leave all the doors open and she wouldn’t go out. I even carried her out one time and sat with her so she wouldn’t be afraid but she climbed all over me and meowed until I took her back in. I don’t know if a kitty gang kidnapped her and tortured her or what, but her outdoor life was over!

  4. Shirley

    She didn’t get accidentally locked in a cupboard or a closet, did she? My two are famous for that.
    Hope you find her soon.

  5. Anna mundt

    I hope she comes back soon. I know what it’s like to have one missing.

  6. Carol

    Oh, my, this is such a worry. You prayed for my kitty to find her way home last May, now it’s my turn to pray Heidi is back in your lap soon.

  7. Kim

    I sure hope that Heidi shows up somewhere…soon…probably so many places she could be hiding. Sorry she is missing and praying for a safe return.

  8. Sue Davis

    I know your pain Mary, my kitty like yours was always around, if she was outside she was always home at dark banging on our old wooden screen door. She never left our yard. Always slept with us and our standard poodles and shiz tzu. One night two months ago she fussed about going out at 8:30. She never came home. I have prayed everyday since then for our Lord to please help her come home. We are afraid she was taken by a preditor. It’s the unknown that’s killing me. Like you our kitty Darla was the most special of all that cats we have had. She was I dog in a cat coat. I miss her so much, my heart hurts. I’m sorry Mary, I will pray for you 😥
    Sue Davis, Argyle, Tx.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue Davis – you really do understand the unknown, don’t you? We have coyotes in the area and if one got Heidi, I would not be surprised. I continue to look under shrubbery, behind sheds, and under equipment, almost afraid I will find her body but at the same time hopeful, too. I am so sorry for your pain, Sue. It seems to take such a long time to ease up.

  9. Anne

    I receive your posts and love them! We visited your shop shortly before it closed so I can visualize everything. I feel so bad about Faye and pray for you that you find your kitty! You are a very special person🐣🐶☀️💓🌻🐱

  10. Sue Davis

    When Frontier bought out Verizon this year all kinds of problems have popped up. Our computers are all a mess and when you call for help all they say is they don’t know what to do. So if any of you are on this frontier mess good luck!!

  11. Janet Baer

    I hope you find your baby. My Spikey was lost for 2 weeks. Not knowing what had happened was the worst. But my dear sweet neighbor found him. I hope the same for your Heidi.

  12. Diana W

    Will be praying that little Heidi comes home. A friend’s kitty left a few months ago and turned back up 3 weeks layer. Thin and dirty, but safe. Praying this is Heidi’s story also. Oh the tales she will tell!

  13. Sue

    So sorry you are down. I’m hoping for positive news. You’ve had a really tough year. Please know your posts mean so much to so many of us.

  14. Launa

    Oh Mary, I hope all our prayers for Heidi’s return are answered. Cats can get stuck in the most unusual places.

  15. Betty Cain

    Pray and hope find Heidi somewhere area…SAD and you missed Heidi for loyal, lovable cat…Chin up to cheer up…my continunes is praying for Heidi back home…

  16. Tammy Guerrero

    I hope your little Heidi will come home. Cats seem to do that at times. We have a farm and have special barn cats that are part of our family. I know how upset you are. When I call my cats in the evening and one doesn’t come, I instantly begin to worry. I stay up and call during the night until they come home. They are locked up in our tack room at night. Think positive!

  17. Mary Says Sew!

    We had a cat who got “lost” in closets a number of times. One hot, miserable, sweltering day I was scared to death he’d gotten out while I was in and out of the house, screened porch and garage all morning, and there was construction in the neighborhood, but he’d gotten in a closet we rarely use on the porch.

    Cats hide when they’re not feeling well or feel threatened, so definitely look in those odd places.

    There was an older family pet dog who disappeared from his home in Sioux Falls during some horrid winter weather earlier this year. His family and the neighbors spent hours and days looking for him. A week or so after he disappeared, a realtor found him in the window well of an unoccupied house she was showing. The dog was miserable, but recovered.

    I hope your Heidi shows up soon! We all know how awful the waiting is.

    Please don’t give a second thought about computer problems – you have important things to take care of. We can all read your posts on the Chicken Scratch website.

  18. patti leal

    mary, i’m so sorry you can’t find heidi. it’s just so stressful not knowing if our pets are okay. i know that my special kitty, smokey, disappeared once and was gone for about 9 days. he showed up so he could be taken to the vet. maybe heidi just went to visit someone and will be back soon. please take care of yourself. hugs, patti in florida

  19. Diane

    Oh, Mary, I hope little Heidi comes home soon. She is so pretty. I will keep good thoughts and prayers for her and you.

  20. Donna Ondler

    Mary I hope Miss Heidi finds her way home and is not harmed. We pet lovers worry about our “fur children”. I will pray for her return to you. You lost Faye so you don’t need another heart ache. I will await any news on Heidi. I love your postings.

  21. Cindie

    I am hoping you have found Heidi. You have been dealing with enough.
    Your posts are fine here in New Berlin. I kindly express to people to find
    their own computer fix. I love your blogs and will take them however they
    Don’t we all have problem solving skills!?!?!?

  22. Crystal

    I so hope you find your Heidi…..*hugs* I’ve been getting your emails just fine but I know how it is when the computer vortex has a mind of it’s own….lol Hope you have a wonderful day and Heidi is home by now and thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us.

  23. sandy

    So sorry to hear that sweet Heidi is missing….Hoping that she shows up very soon. Sending hugs…..
    BTW….receive your email and posts & look forward to reading all of them 🙂

  24. LeAnn Keenan

    I hope she comes back soon!!! I hate when mine don’t show up in a timely fashion. They usually come sashaying in with a “What’s your problem?” attitude. I hope that’s true of Heidi.

  25. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh Mary, I am sorry to hear about this new heart ache. Is not easy. Our pets are a part of us and it is hard to lose. I will pray to Saint Anthony that she will come home soon.

    Hugs, Felicia

  26. Bethany

    I am so sorry to hear about your little kitty gone missing. 🙁 I am hoping that she returns and is ok. I had a cat years ago do something very similar. He left and was gone for 2 yrs (I am hoping that is not the case for your little sweetie) but he came back. I had given up hope that I would ever see him again and one night, out of the blue…he just ran into the house when I was calling in our other cats! A very happy reunion it was! I sincerely hope your sweetie is ok and will come home swiftly.

    I came across your blog while looking for your company. I found you through Pinterest after finding a quilt pattern that I fell in love with. It’s called Chicken Salad and I was wondering if you can tell me who designed this pattern or was it something you designed? I cannot find it anywhere but on your site and I really, really, REALLY! would like a copy of it if it can be found anywhere. I know you have closed your shop but any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bethany – contact me at marye@ncn.net to obtain a copy of the pattern Chicken Salad. We are out of business but I have the master copy.

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