Monday on the farm

Finally the county is going to apply the dust control on the gravel road that goes right by our house — and screened porch.  The grader came by first to prepare the area which really should have been done in May.

Is it any wonder my screens look like this?  As soon as they put the dust control solution on the road, I will vacuum all the screens.  And you just wondered what I was going to do today, right?  Ha!

Someone asked about Colton – here he is, he fills the bird bath!

And here is Tammy.

And Pretty Kitty.

And Heidi.

A reader also asked about the purple Martin house above the flag.  We have only one nesting pair this year because the sparrows build nests in the house so fast.  The PM “scouts” supposedly come in March to see if the nest is available and since we still have winter, I’m not sure what they think.  They have a very distinctive song and I know immediately when they arrive in May/June.  Our season is short – they leave in August which means there’s not much time to raise a family.  They look for a wire close to the house where they can sit as well as a source of water (our pond) and a nesting house in an open area, not among trees where predators can rob their nest.  I wish I were an expert and could spend more time learning about these birds as they are fascinating!

Wasn’t that game a nail biter last night?  Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Camber went home last night about 10 pm and Eric was already back to work at 5:45 this morning!  That young man has his act together – I believe that sounded a bit like bragging, didn’t it?  Ha!


25 thoughts on “Monday on the farm

  1. Pam

    Your Heidi looks just like our cat we lost quite a few years ago at the age of 21….still miss her. Thanks for pictures of all of your “feline friends”! Enjoy all your posts, but have a soft spot for kitties.

  2. Carol

    Ah, Colton, he knows where the snacks might land! Best seat in the house. We call our a Kitty, a Kitty, too, no pretty in front of it but she already knows she’s a pretty one!

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Is Camber pronounced with a long “a” or a short “a?” Did the name have a family origin?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – short a. Name is original to Eric and Nikki, I believe.

  4. Diane

    Over the years, we’ve had everyone of those kitties:) Squeak is still the most ornery of all. We have a hawk that tries to catch our birds at the feeders, but the crows chase it out!! They are interesting to watch. I love the name Camber, thanks for letting us know it’s their very own:) Good for Eric, hard worker!! Yes, Central Ohio is thrilled for the Cavs. Working on a My Very Own Blanket; do others make those or is it just in Ohio? Diane

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – I don’t know what this is – My Very Own Blanket. Please explain.

  5. Martha Engstler

    Love all the kitty pictures. We had 3 and are now down to one coal black long haired kitty with a dozen white hairs under her chin. I had 2 Maine Coon cats that were a delight.

  6. Ginny

    Thanks for the kitty pics, Colton sure is a big boy. Especially thanks for my little special kitty Heidi aka Natalie!

  7. Edits Hansen

    I would like to order the loom that you use to make the rag rug.
    What price is it and does it come in different sizes. Please let me know. Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Edits – I don’t sell the rug frames – you need to make your own using the measurements in the book.

  8. Bernadette Jackson

    Is one of those the white calico you just inherited from a relative — Heidi, maybe?

  9. Launa

    It was an unbelievable game Mary!! All those 3 pointers made it so exciting.
    We have our sweet, youngest (a teenager) granddaughter staying with us a few days along with one grand-dog. It doesn’t surprise us that fresh cob corn is her most requested veggie since she recently had her braces removed and no longer needs sweet corn cut off the cob.
    We’re looking at 101 high here in the valley today. I just finished piecing the latest 2 blocks from Temecula’s Circa 2016 free sew a long AND there’s a new Harvest Mystery bloggers’ sew a long started June 17th…check out Primitive Gatherings blog for the information…..the second block is from Woolen Willow on June 24th. 12 1/2″ blocks.
    Your felines certainly know how to beat the Iowa heat…….

  10. Vickie Devore

    Mary — Such a reminder!! Living in central IN we used to have the gravel roads — dust always everywhere!! I am curious if you have any cottonwood trees anywhere close to you? The pictures of your screens remind me of ours — the cottonwoods just finished blooming. Those little white “puffs” are so soft; but we had to vac the screens, too.

    Love all your emails. vickie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie – yes, those cottonwoods make a mess on my screens!

  11. Diane M

    We had a purple martin male trying his hardest to get in our wren house last year. His mate sat near him and watched. Our wren pair is using the house again this year. They start singing and calling each other very early in the morning. Their songs are beautiful. The cat pictures are great. Happy summer solstice!

  12. Cathy

    I Love Your Kitties! I have 10 myself and love them all to death. My vet once said she was sure there was an underground railroad for dogs and cats that went right by my house, knowing I would take them all in. I feel for you and your gravel road. We are in the middle of the I-69 extension through Indiana & they are putting an access road right out my front door. Not only do we have to put up with all the dust & dirt but the loud beep-beep of the machines. They have cut our 80 acre horse farm in half. Just makes me sick! I have been here since I was 3 yrs. old & there have been 5 generations of my family on the property.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cathy – that is very sad! And I don’t suppose you had a thing to say about it – politics!

  13. Diane

    HI Mary–My Very Own Blanket was started by a woman in Westerville, Ohio. It is non-profit that gives quilts/blankets to kids in foster care. When the kids are taken from a home, they are given a blanket/quilt and pillowcase that is all their own. One of our members has an adopted daughter age 16 who still has her blanket from when she was removed from the home at age 2. I am working on one for a teenage boy because not many people do that size or they prefer to do baby or kid type quilts. The founder spoke at our Guild last month. You can find more info at Diane

  14. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I just love all your kitties. I only have one and have been trying my hubby to let me bring another one. He always says no, but one of these days I will find the special kitty, bring him home and he will just shake his head and roll his eyes. That has happened before.

    Happy solstice day, Felicia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh Felicia, you know him well! I hope you find that kitty soon! I know there’s one out there who needs you!

  15. MaryLou

    So enjoy your blog – but looks like I have been removed from receiving
    them – would you please add me back… Thank you for your time..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I would have no idea how to do that. Try to unsubscribe get and resubscribing again. It has to come from your computer, not mine.

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