Flag Day, 6-14-24

I had planned to ask for flag pictures for Flag Day and then the blog fell apart so from now till Fourth of July, let’s celebrate flags! I’m going to find some of mine this afternoon. I got so hung up on fixing issues with the comments that I forgot to announce this. I might be getting too old to run this blog.

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary. Thanks for all the wishes!

Reader photos

Remember last winter when I pulled this out to quilt before Flag Day? Haha!

I think we’ve solved the blog comment issue – you must now go to the blog to read and leave a comment. You cannot do this from the email you receive.

After I click on “publish” I can’t forget one more step – if you can’t leave a comment, I have forgotten so then you’ll need to slap me around a bit and tell me to get with the program.

Anybody got more flower pictures you’d like to send me? I’ve got some beauties coming up from Farmer Tim’s wife, Ellen, who is starting a new business called Farmhouse Flowers. I’m looking forward to the flower show! Send me your flower pictures!

76 thoughts on “Flag Day, 6-14-24

  1. Mary Rhodes

    Happy belated Anniversary! It was my grandma Smiths birthday as well. The flags look nice. Pictures are sweet.

  2. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    Happy belated Anniversary to you & your hubby, many more I wish for you!

  3. San

    Happy Anniversary Mary! I remember your blog post from way back then mentioning that you were trying to find the right wedding dress. Goodness it seems like yesterday. Later on, the barn was cleaned out and you were offering quilt camp. Ohhh how I wanted to go, but alas, I was working. No doubt, I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.

    It’s 75 degrees here in the mountains today, but it will be raining off and on all day. The humidity is simply awful! How is Farmer Tim’s corn doing?

    San / Murphy, NC

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – finding a very simple wedding dress was a challenge!!! I remember!

  4. patti

    hi. i have a different subject. people have been talking about driving to visit family several states away. i have a few suggestions that you may take or leave as you see fit. it is what works for me. i can’t fly and our family is in texas. when daughter was young (seems like eons ago), we would stop overnight in a hotel and then continue on. since she no longer went with us, dh decided he would rather drive straight through. oh no! our solution became to leave around 2-3 in the afternoon. we would stop about every 2 -3 hours. this would be for potty break and walking around because i can’t sit in a car that long. next stop would usually be for gas and/or drinks. repeat. late dinner around tallahassee, still with the stop every 2 hours or so. it would be a flip flop from getting gas to break for walking. i can see this would not work in you are in a hurry. i have always found it difficult to sleep in a car, so upon arrival at destination, i would go to bed for a few hours. visit for a couple weeks with both families and then return to florida. just a suggestion. patti in florida

  5. Sharon G.

    Mary – Happy Anniversary to you and Rick – a couple of days late.

    My two sisters and I went to our brother’s celebration of life yesterday. It was nice, but very sad.
    Not sure when the celebration of life will be for my sister’s husband who passed 2-1/2 weeks after our brother. Our sister-in-law in Texas is out of the hospital. She had pneumonia. We are all glad she’s doing better and home.

    I’m taking care of a friend’s cat while she and her husband are in Seattle getting medical tests done for her husband. Unfortunately, Friday he was admitted to the hospital. Not sure when they’ll be home.
    I go to their home twice a day and check on their kitten – replenish his food and water, clean the cat box, and play with him. I wish I had his energy.

    Later today I’ll take a 13 x 9 pan of Lemon Lush to my sister’s house for anyone to enjoy.

    It’s not windy today so that’s a relief.

    Take care everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – my sympathy – your family has been hit hard. Your poor sister.

  6. Sherry Whalen

    There, I am finally caught up reading the blog and comments. I really missed a lot of tech drama over the past few weeks didn’t I? I’ve been so busy with care taking and making memorial arrangements for mom, working on financial and legal things, and then getting caught up at home – a few things just had to be set aside. Then during all of this, Al won tickets to the Nascar race in Newton IA this weekend, so this morning – Sunday – I am sitting in a motel room (catching up on computer stuff) waiting as long as we can before we go out into the sauna for the 6pm race. The heat index is supposed to be around 100 degrees, but the sun should mostly be behind the grandstand by later in the evening. We’ve been to 2 races so far this weekend, Friday at 7pm and yesterday at 2:30pm, both beautiful weather.

    Al loves the races, I think they are okay and something that I will do because we do it together. And I did get to go to Crazy Redhead Quilt store yesterday morning – where Al didn’t tease me one time about being in a quilt store for ‘hours’, and I think their will a brewery visit before heading to the racetrack this afternoon. I would rather pay $6-$8 dollars for a beer at a local small business than $9 for a can of Coors or Busch at the racetrack lol.

    All of the flowers, quilts and animal photos are lovely. And I am glad that the tech problems seem to be resolved now. I could only NOT access one blog post – an anomaly – but I am on a lap top and have always had to click on the title in the email to access the blog and comments, so I guess I didn’t see a difference. And also – Happy Anniversary! Sherry from Kasson MN

  7. Glenda from SD

    Mary, Happy belated anniversary to you and Rick! I went from email to your blog and now I get the comments. Hurray Pretty easy as miss the comments. Thank you for continuing your blog as enjoy every

  8. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Happy anniversary. Love the flag pictures and quilts today! And a happy birthday to Jeannie.
    We had an early Father’s Day gathering at our son’s house today. Went on the pontoon boat and played several games of badminton. The women versus the men and the women won more games. Had a great picnic meal then banana cream pie! Finished the evening with a bonfire. I enjoyed a few “iced teas” I have to admit.
    If I’m not mistaken, the Indiana Fever are on CBS tomorrow. Have a great Sunday everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – yes, CBS at 11 here. We have early church so I think I can be home in time. Go Fever!

  9. Vicki Ibarra in Iowa

    I know what you mean about technology. I do pretty well with my computer. But the smart phone overwhelms me. We went to a restaurant on Friday and wanted to sign up to be a member to take advantage of one of the specials. Our wait staff person said we had to do it on the phone. I know I looked at her skeptically while I said that we weren’t afraid of tech but the tech savvy for a phone was a little much for us. She took pity on us and walked us through the process. We gave her a nice tip for her kindness. And I still don’t know how to do what she did on the phone. Laugh.

    I hope your anniversary and the continuing weekend have continued to be celebration worthy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – well, my phone and IPad are all I have and they work identically which means I write the blog on my IPad with a tiny keyboard. Yup, all thumbs, all the time. I know my way around WordPress pretty well after this last snafu but I don’t want to do it again for quite some time.

  10. Donna O from Wisconsin

    Happy anniversary to you and Rick. I hope you had a nice celebration yesterday.
    I was saddened to read that you think you are too old to run the blog. I know nothing about running a blog and dealing with all the technical issues that you encounter and understand your frustration, but you are too hard on yourself. Technology is changing so rapidly and it is hard for all of us to try to to stay up to date whether we are young or old. I’m glad you have found someone who can help you out with your technical issues. It seems obvious to me by reading all the responses you receive daily that you bring so much joy to peoples lives through your blogging. I love coming here daily to your ” blog about nothing” and seeing what direction you take us to… from the pictures of quilts, animals or nature to short stories of farm life to introducing us to people that might be uplifted by receiving cards and notes from complete strangers that let them that people care about them too. I hope problems are in the past for now and you have less stress going forward.

  11. Susan in AL

    Congratulations to all of you June brides and June babies! Such a lovely time of year to celebrate!

    Years ago, my husband was introducing me to a colleague of his who was from New York City. My husband thinks that it is hilarious to introduce me as his “first wife” (which makes me roll my eyes and want to elbow him), and this gentleman turns to me and gallantly says “Oh? So you are the broad that I have heard so much about?” I blushed and then realized that with his accent “broad” was really “bride.” LOL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – what a chuckle I’m having before I head to bed! Broad – bride! Same thing?

  12. Fran

    Love the flag anything flag! I flew my flag on June 14 but not today as raining when I left this morning. Now we are a tornado watch again. Day quilt retreat in Exira, IA for Relay for Life today I won two door prizes and purchased some flannel as donation to RFL. I have 3 greatgranchildren on the way and they need burp pads they tell me–the mothers to be tell me not the babies. Ha ha

    Fran in SW Iowa

  13. Helen in TX

    Best Wishes on your Anniversary to Mary and Rick…Also Happy Birthday to Jeanne! Today we took a drive to the Peach Orchard. We bought a half bushel to eat and share. It was a nice sunny morning about 84 degrees. Hope all the tech issues are worked out as the blog and comments a joy to read. HR

  14. Gloria in NC

    Happy Anniversary to you and Rick! I better dig out a flag quilt to put on my front door right now! If I can locate it!

  15. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    What pretty pictures of the red, white, and blue quilts. And the fancy door display was pretty, too. I’m always amazed at how much decorating your readers doo. Have a great anniversary weekend. I was lucky too to have a second chance at love. Forever grateful.
    God bless,
    Carolyn Rector

  16. Sharon F

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick! May you have many more happy years together.

    Happy birthday to Jeanne in CO! You are an inspiration.

    Rainy day here, good for getting some sewing done, making scrappy quarter log cabin blocks to be added to a community service quilt.

  17. Jan in AZ

    Happy Anniversary to you, Mary and Rick! Looking forward to the pictorial flag celebrations – quilted or otherwise. Thanks to Richard and Mary’s perseverance we have the blog to enjoy this.

  18. Pat in AZ

    What great pictures today. The wreath is just perfect. Donna and Dan: love your quilts, especially the maroon and gray. The flower bed with the elephant ear is so pretty.
    Happy birthday Jeanne and Happy anniversary Mary and Rick.
    Have a great weekend everyone

  19. Diane Deibler

    Can you send me Ellen’s contact info. I’m interested in her garden. I don’t have her number or email. you can send it through my phone contact if ou still have it. P.S. come to book club whoever it works for you!

  20. Joy in NW Iowa

    Happy, Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick!
    I enjoyed all the flags! We have had a couple of special evenings out at Lake Pahoja with a couple of our camping children and grandchildren. we celebrated Father’s Day Thursday evening and last evening the older grandkids did their own thing and we ate some leftovers and other yummy grilled meat! A couple of beautiful evenings with no wind! Some corn hole games were enjoyed!
    This morning w woke to some rain.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Alice in SW Ohio

    Wishing you a very happy 27th anniversary, Mary & Rick!🥂 Hope you both celebrated with an ice tea on your porch!! 6/5 would have been our 59th anniversary. Hard to believe my hubby has been gone almost 4 yrs! Happy birthday Jeanne! And Peggy, so thankful for your grandson & his knowledge on computers!! My friend & I will be headed to MI later this week to attend a memorial service for a much loved cousin. Since the temps will be in the mid 90’s I will be putting all my potted outdoor plants into kiddie pools with plenty of water so they survive. This worked well for me last summer. They also get the morning sun not afternoon! So happy the blog is fixed, at least for most of us!!

    1. Patricia

      The kiddie pool idea is a great one. Wish I’d thought of something like that before we left for NH. But will keep it in mind for the next trip. Thanks.
      Pat in Md.

  22. Kathy L Sorrentino

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY enjoy your day.
    will be taken pictures of flags
    Love all the quilts and wreath

  23. Linda in Michigan

    Got no flower pictures to send, got no flag pictures to send. But–I so enjoy seeing everyone’s elses pictures. Once again, Thank you, Mary!!

  24. Frances E

    Happy Anniversary, Mary and Rick! I loved the flag pictures and the really beautiful close up of the pink flower (peony?). Mary, is that flag quilt that you quilted before Flag Day last year one of your patterns? I f so, I would love to buy a copy of the pattern. And, lastly, Happy Birthday to Jeanne in Colorado.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Frances E – I don’t remember what I did last night – how can you remember what quilt I quilted last year before Flag Day???? How can you remember? What a memory you must have!! Do you have a picture? I will do my best to find it if I know what it is.

  25. Susan in VA

    Someone else also said this, but having to go online to read the blog does make it so we see all the ads and that way we’re all clicking on them. I’m wondering if that’s why things were updated this way? Mary, you’ll have to let us know if it makes a difference in you blog revenues! And, don’t say you’re too old for this blog — we all love it and you are most of the reason for that!! Thank you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – well, I wonder if I’m too old because this last “crash” was so very maddening and upsetting and I don’t know how to fix it. I learned an awful lot trying to figure it out so if there’s a next time, maybe I can have it fixed before anybody knows it’s broken!

  26. Rita in Iowa

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick. Hope you both enjoyed some ice tea on the porch. The quilts and flowers are stunning. Thanks everyone for sharing.
    We are heading home today from our week with the kids and grandkids in MN. The grand boys spent 2 afternoons tubing in the lake for the first time. The are 8 and 10. Fishing was not great both the company is what is important.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Carmen M.

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick! Was 52 years last month for me, it sure goes by fast! Love your little patriotic quilt and seeing all the flag pictures! Glad your blog about nothing is back!

  28. Donna Jo

    Happy Anniversary Mary and Rick. 🍾 Hello to Grandma Peggy. Did Richard get his computer skills from you? ☺️ Happy 92nd birthday to Jeanne in Colorado.🎂 Glad the blog is back to normal.

  29. Jean

    OMG! This is better than Christmas! Today is the first day that I get to see the comments and also comment. Whew! Thank you to Mary for working so hard at something that seems should be so simple. I hate technology because I don’t understand it. Too old I guess.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Mary and Rick!

  30. Patty in Ohio

    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 40th this week! Time sure flies! Having to read/comment through the blog is a good reminder to click on those ad x’s which helps Mary out. Stay cool!

  31. brendalynne1

    happy anniversary…. I posted my sarcastic comments about techy challenges and they tell me that it was posted un uncategorized. I used the reply button

  32. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Congrats Mary and Rick on 27 years! I hope you had a great day.
    Make it a weekend celebration complete with iced tea.
    It was hot here (87) but the humidity was not super high for which I am always grateful.
    Thanks, Mary 🥰

  33. Jeanne in Co.

    Thank you Mary and Richard. After reading some of the suggestions from yesterday, I was able to pull up the comments once again. I then went back over all the posts of the previous week and got a chance to get caught up on everyone who has written in during that time. Yea. I really missed all the comments from all of you. You feel like family now.
    Happy anniversary Mary and Rick. As you celebrate your anniversary, I’ll be celebrating my 92nd birthday this weekend. Still recovering my strength from my hospital stay a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still able to sew and work on quilts nearly every afternoon, along with sewing doll clothes for my 8 year old Great granddaughter’s 18” doll. Much more fun than sewing those tiny Barbie clothes from last year.
    Have a blessed weekend everyone…Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads in
    your blogger’s families. Jeanne in Co. The pictures of everyone’s flowers yards and quilts have been wonderful.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Happy almost birthday Jeanne and wishes for good health to continue. You appear pretty engaged to be so adapt at sewing doll clothes as they can be intricate but I wish I was there with you to add trims and ribbons and have fun. I loved sewing doll clothes and I say I should do it again with a charity doll as I use to do that for organizations. My daughters and granddaughters grew up way too fast and I sure miss the days of sewing clothes.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – Happy Birthday, Friend! Your comments add a lot to this blog about nothing and I have to commend you on hanging in there with your computer skills. At 92 you are fabulous, knowing how to navigate your computer. I am so impressed as I’m sure everyone else is, too. And sewing doll clothes, too!! Wow, just wow!

    3. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

      Love that you are able to see doll clothes. I did that for my granddaughter, too!!! What fun. They had American Girl doll which were a good size!! Loved it. Made some matching dresses for the girls, too. I hope to be as heart at 92 but the way I’m going I doubt it.
      Have a Happy birthday weekend.

  34. Lindah in northern CA

    Happy Anniversary!
    Today would have been my mother’s 108th birthday. We always flew the the flag for her and our nation.
    Loved today’s photos. I’m a pushover for red, white and blue anything. I especially liked your door quilt –folk art is a favorite of mine –quilted or unquilted. 😎

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lindah – I’d better have it quilted by next Flag Day!!

      1. Janet S

        Mary, If you don’t get it quilted, just say you’re trying to act like Janet. Again, I found blocks that need to be completed.

  35. patti

    happy anniversary to you and rick. as each photo came through, i was going ‘oh, i really like that one’ but then the next one came in and i said the same thing. they are all glorious. love the red/white/blue. mary, my ‘i’m gonna quilt this next’ is in the same boat as yours. good company. today i dug out a stack of blocks i’d made a while back, pressed them. odd size to finish 8×14″. sat tonight during the nba game and figured out how to lay them out. will make two quilts that will work for the cancer center – around 48 x 64 or a tad longer (it gets cold while they are getting their treatments). also came across random 16 patch blocks that were made leader ender style with random prints and whites/creams. figured out how to add them to a group of planned 16 patch blocks. now just to get the energy to do it. it is so hot here in central florida but at least we are not getting the flooding in south florida. patti in florida anticipating more flower pictures


      Patti, just a thank you for donating quilts to the cancer center in Orlando (I assume). My daughter has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and had her first chemo treatment there a couple of weeks ago. Due for her second on Monday. She loves quilts and it’s comforting to me (since I’m in SC) to think kind people are helping so much!! By the way, if I may, all good wishes, thoughts and prayers are welcome!

      1. Carolyn in NE Illinois

        Elizabeth- prayers and all positive healing thoughts coming your daughter’s way.

      2. Jeanie S, Central Il

        Prayers and positivity for your daughter in this cancer battle. My mother’s heart aches for you. ❤️

      3. patti

        yes, the quilts go to the center in orlando. we also donate to local dialysis units. i’m glad your daughter is receiving treatment. i have no control over who gets the quilts, but maybe she’ll get one. that would be nice. adding your dd to prayer list. quilty hugs, patti in florida

  36. Martha W in WY

    Happy Anniversary! We finally got a little rain. One fourth of an inch! We’ll take what we can get.

  37. Doris Gann

    Happy anniversary to you and Rick!! Hope you can enjoy an iced tea or two to celebrate!
    Doris in Alabama

  38. Chris

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the blog about nothing. Please don’t stop! PS I got the Comment box today!!

  39. Henners

    Happy Happy Anniversary to you and Rick
    It was a beautiful day just for you two ❤️

  40. Peggy S

    Happy to finally get this figured out. I was lost without the comments. You & my dear grandson make a good team!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Peggy – yes, I am so thankful for Richard. Hey, Everybody – meet Peggy, Richard’s grandma! We all thank you, Peggy.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Yes Peggy. I agree the comments are my morning chat to hear what’s up with you all. Thank you for sharing Richards expertise with Mary so we can continue together. It will be nice having flag pictures to look forward to seeing now.

  41. Elizabeth

    Happy Anniversary!! I hope you and Rick get to enjoy a cold beer and time with the animals!

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