Free at last, free at last……

And you know the rest.  We shipped off the last 5 quilts and their alternates today and we both felt a huge weight lifted from our shoulders.  The book won’t be out for a whole year but now Martingale will take over and they are very good at what they do so the pressure is off.  It’s time to clean my house, something that I haven’t done much lately.  This morning I played for a funeral and stopped at the care center since I was in town.  It’s a dreary rainy day and I’m thankful we cleaned the gutters yesterday and finished up the leaves.

I’m off to catch up on laundry, clean litter boxes, dust furniture, load the dishwasher, scrub floors and water plants.  Sometime this week I want to get back to Gypsy Wife! 


5 thoughts on “Free at last, free at last……

  1. Carol

    I see you named your leaf hauling vehicle after yourself…WORKHORSE! You are amazing…I think your days must be 30 hours long!

  2. Diane Deibler

    How are you coming on your Kent Haruf books? The Garner library got in Plainsong,Eventide, and Benedition. I have read all 3 and have just loved them. Looking forward to reading the rest of his books! You sound like me today. Too ugly to be outside; cleaned my whole house. Housecleaning is not on my top favorite things to do!

  3. Rose Mikulski

    I make baby quilts for our blanket ministry at our church. I make 12 quilts a year, one for each month. This year I told the coordinator that I was taking this year off since I overcommitted last year and wanted to make what I wanted this year. I felt the spirit stir inside me in September and told the coordinator that I will commit to making 12 baby quilts for this year even though we had vacations planned for Yosemite and Orlando. I made all of the quilt tops before leaving for Orlando in October and upon our return started quilting them. I was aiming for a mid December finish but am finishing binding the last two today so I hope to give them to the ministry this weekend. I can’t wait to shout my Free at Last! and get some Christmas quilts done. Next year I don’t plan to make them all at once, I’m going to schedule myself to do three per quarter, a much nicer pace.

  4. Patty

    Love following your blog, you are such a busy lady. I believe you played for my aunt’s funeral and I would like to say Thank You, I was unable to attend because of the distance. I am looking forward to your next book release and miss stopping/shopping at the “store” when I am “home”.

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