Here’s another quilt finish from Connie – it’s called Mochi.  Our friend Rose gave us all the fabric – I haven’t started mine yet.

Here’s another shot where you can get a glimpse of the backing she used – it’s from Ikea.

Here’s the pattern cover.

Whoops – sideways – sorry!

Here are the 4 tiny chicks.

And Mama Hen telling this one to get underneath with the other three.

Yesterday I met friends in Albert Lea for lunch at Diana’s Diner – a small diner with great food located across from the courthouse.  After lunch we went to the greenhouse west of town called Hill’s.  It’s the prettiest and cleanest greenhouse I’ve ever visited and has the largest plants!  Here we are – Jode, me (Mary) and Ginny.  Great friends, good food and gorgeous plants all make for a lovely summer day!

Tomorrow is the bridal shower at Becky’s house for Danny and Virginia.  I am giving her the small quilt made of leftovers from their queen size wedding quilt as well as some special dishes which I’ll picture in a post tomorrow after the shower.

I’m sitting in the porch watching the birds in the feeder – goldfinches, one rose breasted grosbeak and one red headed woodpecker along with the blujays, sparrows and blackbirds.

And I’ll close with a picture of Hazel at the quilt photo shoot at Connie’s.

18 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Launa

    Looks like cutie Hazel is growing. Darling wee chicks. Had an elk with her baby hidden near our pond this afternoon. The adults elk and deer love the mineral blocks. I need to get a bird book to recognize all the birds here.

  2. Carolyn W.

    Loved all the pictures. Hazel is a good quilt guardian. It’s always good to see friends having fun together.

  3. Dianne H.

    Hi Mary,
    Both your quilt and Connie’s quilt are just beautiful. Love how bright and colorful they are.
    Hazel is just the cutest little girl …very photogenic. Always enjoy your emails. God bless.

  4. Ann Barlament

    Wonderful quilt, cute chicks with that one saying… “But Mom!” , a fun filled afternoon with friends and your cutey..Hazel! Can’t get mucg better than that!!!

  5. Ann Roth

    Your pictures are always excellent. What kind of camera are you using???
    I need to buy a good one for posting pictures. Thank you! Ann

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I Use my IPhone and/or my IPad for all my pictures.

  6. Micky

    Hazel reminds me of a friend named Hazel who was fisty and in control, but so lovebable. She was a treasure. Blessing to you. Peace, Micky

  7. Brenda archambault

    Love the picture of the four baby chicks. Interesting that three have the same markings and the fourth is so different.
    It’s time for baby quail here in the Phoenix area. Mom, Dad and 12 or more fluffy golf balls with legs, scurrying all over and impossible to get accurate counts. But we love seeing them on their appointed rounds through the neighborhood. Hazel would love them! When she isn’t guarding quilts, that is.

  8. Holly TH

    I love love love Connie’s quilt, and the back is fabulous! What a great find that was! I’m looking forward to seeing yours, too. Aren’t good greenhouses the most terrible temptation? I could really go berserk and buy more plants that I could afford or have room for. I get gardening fever, I think.

  9. Jane

    The quilts are gorgeous, but I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t included Miss Hazel!

  10. Anita Fetzer

    Love Moschi. What a great way to use scraps or jelly rolls and that backing Wow

  11. Diane

    Hazel is so cute. She’s smiling at us😺. What a fun day– friends, food, flowers, and quilts!! Rest up!

  12. pam forsling

    I can’t decide which I like the most..the quilt or hazel. Has she settled down yet. I wait daily for your postings. It makes my heart smile. Thank You!

  13. Rebecca H

    love, love the last two quilts you have shown us. Thanks for your great pictures, their so fun to look at.

  14. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, how are Buddy and the momma cat? I hope she will eventually make friends with you. Love those chicks. I haven’t visited the Hill’s Greenhouse this year. Their plants make my heart flutter is it flower? Ha, ha. Your Hazel is a great little dog. Felicia

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – Mama still hates me but she might be somewhat calmer, I think. Buddy took off for parts unknown but turned up again last nite. He might not be so happy with me either – ha!

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