Time to Talk About Quilts Again

Honestly there’s been so much animal news lately that you might think I had forgotten quilting.  I’ve certainly slowed up but you might recall that Connie and I both were making Wildflower quilts from this book.  Our quilts are finished and ready to use.

I could only manage a lap size quilt.

Connie made a queen size!  It is beautiful!  Here are the two quilts side by side.

And some close ups.


58 thoughts on “Time to Talk About Quilts Again

  1. pam forsling

    Love the pattern and the quilts. I hope to do something small like that.

  2. Gail

    Quilts are beautiful. I would never say you had slowed up on anything. You get more done than anyone I know!

  3. MartyCae

    So beautiful! Looks like summer.
    Thanks for the pictures of Hazel and Ernie Joe. Keep em coming!

  4. Judy L

    They’re beautiful! Trying to get into the bright colors! Whenever you talk about Hazel, I think of Claire!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – they are very similar and I’ll be they might like a play date together sometime. Nobody else around here wants to play with her!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – advanced. Intermediate if you’re ambitious

  5. Donna

    Mary….ignore my last post.😏 I meant to say your quilt and Connie’s quilt are absolutely beautiful 👍
    If only I had half “your energy” I might accomplish more. Loved hearing all the farm news yesterday. Makes me wonder if I would like living on a farm. I think I might but not with all the work you have keeping up with all those sweet animals. Mama kitty should love you for all you do for her and her babies. The stray cat probably didn’t think he would be heading to the vet 😏

  6. Claire

    Mary, where do find the time for the farm, animals and quilling.. You are amazing. !!

  7. Moe Baly

    FABULOUS! You guys out did yourselves! Beautiful colors. So heavenly scrappy!

  8. Jean

    Gorgeous! Quilting is my Winter love! In Spring, Summer, and Fall the Homeplace calls! – Jean

  9. Kathy

    Love using my scraps to make quilts more than anything. Thanks for sharing your latest with us and I commend you and Connie for finishing them up so quickly.

  10. Eleanor from RI

    Love your scrappy wildflowers.
    Thanks for sharing your quilts and your animal friends.

  11. Bobby Sutton

    OMG, what eye candy!!! So colorful. It’s like seeing sunshine after a month of rain (which we’ve had).
    They just made me smile!

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love both of them. I need to finish mine after a couple projects that need to come first. I really love this quilt. Makes me happy seeing all the flowers. The round center of each flower, is that done by hand sewing or on the machine? I am using Kaffee fabrics from fat 8ths I have been collecting.
    Carolyn B Shenandoah VA.

  13. maxine lesline

    colorful and cheerful.. Love to see what is being made.. new fabrics, patterns being tweaked. Great to know you are both still carrying on as usual.

  14. Helen Jane

    Mary/Connie…The quilts are lovely. I would like to try but reluctant to start even tho I ordered the book. The animals always interesting every day. Thanks for all you do in bringing the reports…

  15. VA Mann

    Beautiful quilts! I’m afraid I would only be able to do a baby size quilt! Lol. I keep meaning to ask if you still have the goat tower?

  16. Mary Ann Platt

    The quilts are beautiful. I enjoy your blog so much. I look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Martha Engstler

    Can’t believe the work that goes into those quilts, fantastic. It would take me years to do one.
    Love all your farm reports especially the chicks and kitties. Thanks for including all of us in your life. You bring a lot of joy to so many distant friends.

  18. Mozzie's Grandma

    Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had more time to work on quilts.
    Someday, maybe!

  19. Rebecca Haines

    Wow they are both so pretty, I would like to do piecing like that. Maybe someday when I retire, I don’t like to make quilts any larger than lap size! What I can manage to quilt on my home machine.

  20. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Mary, your and Connie’s quilts look fantastic! What a success!

  21. Ann Barlament

    What wonderful, bright and cheerful quilts! Springtime flowers in bloom. As soon as you said “appliqued circle”….maybe a table topper.

  22. Carol Berry

    You amaze me. Not only is your life filled to the brim with family and animals and music and antiques and plants and home, you also make so many beautiful quilts. I want to be you when I grow up!

  23. Diana

    Beautiful quilts! Makes me want to give it a try! Or at least buy the book and give it a thought or two! I’m so glad you posted pictures. And I never get tired of hearing about your animals.

  24. Ginney Camden

    I love that pattern. It is such a cheerful quilt with your colorful fabrics.

  25. Karen barto

    Are you going to sell any of thosebesutiful quilts you just made, NOT would I love to buy one.

  26. Karen barto

    I meant to say I would love to buy one of your quilts, I love reading all about your animals, you have such a intresting life.

  27. Pam


    Thanks for the spot of sunshine this morning. Both are delicious! I love Kim Bracket’s books. I’ve made several of her patterns for gift quilts. Keep the farm life coming—-it gives this (now NC) Iowa farm girl joy!

  28. Kate

    I’m loving those quilts. I really don’t know how you find the time to quilt with all the animals you have to care for. I only have two dogs and twelve chickens and I am kept busy feeding and watering them. Are you sure there’s not more than one of you?!

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