George Update, Monday Night

Here are pictures of George with his new owners.

This is Joan and her husband, I didn’t get his name in the excitement.

If they called me tomorrow and said they had another old dog to foster, I’d hang up on them. Does that give you any clue of how I’m feeling tonite?

49 thoughts on “George Update, Monday Night

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Joan and her husband,
    Thank you for opening your heart to me and my elderly soul. I promise to be the best dog I can be for as long as I live. Good karma will follow you….. Love, George.

  2. Beverly in Ohio

    Mary you are a blessing in so many ways. Thank you for all you do for the animals. George does look like he knows he has it made now! Bless his little heart. Love your blog!

  3. Janice Brown

    Congratulations to Joan and Larry on the new family member. Hopefully, we see photos of George in this blog after he adjusts to his new home. I’m sad for Mary though . . . thank you for fostering George and caring for him. He looks to be such a sweet, sweet dog. The photo of George standing on the rug just makes me want to go up to him and give him a big hug.

  4. Diane in WI

    I noticed his face in the first picture. He looks like he is so happy. Thank you for all your efforts with him. I’m sure he is one grateful pup today.

  5. Rosemary W

    Oh, Mary…you did such an awesome job with George. He looked Happy yesterday morning when I seen him at your house. Even though he doesn’t have a big Smile, he had a sparkle in his eye and a pep in his step……I’m sure he is on his way to his Happily Ever After!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosemary W – I sure hope he’ll be a happy guy for the rest of his life!

  6. Patty Turner

    Look at George’s face! ❤️ A little piece of our heart goes with each animal that crosses our path. It’s hard but the world needs more Mary’s!

  7. Dee

    My hearts go out to you Mary. We adopted a rescue dog 5 years ago and yesterday we had to have 22 of his teeth taken out. Bringing him home he just kept putting his head on my chest looking so sad. This morning he finally took his pain and anitboitic pills. He has been through so much and I told my husband this will be our last dog. The vet assured me in two weeks he will be fine and dogs do just fine without teeth. I sure hope so.

    1. Lynn in Scottsdale

      Dee, we had to do that with our Ashley cat, but she did recover. She gained weight, too, as it didn’t hurt to eat anymore.

    2. Mary e

      Oh, Dee, your poor dog! But he’s not in pain anymore with bad teeth, I suppose, so it’s a good thing or will be eventually.

  8. Jean

    It’s hard – but you helped find him a home. With your post on how well behaved he is, it probably solidified what they needed to know to adopt him. Good for you! You are a blessing to all God’s creatures.

  9. Paula S.

    I’m sad for you, Mary, however I’m thrilled for George! He’s in his forever home and I would bet he will be a spoiled and pampered pup in his final years. Isn’t that what we want for our animal friends?

  10. Montana Kathy

    So happy for George – and so sad for you. You are a such a caring person. Lucky George!

  11. Marian Stever

    Oh, I am so happy for that dog! Makes my day! This couple will be so glad that they did the right thing.
    Thank you, Mary, for being so caring for that precious animal.

  12. Deb E

    You gave George a loving home until the perfect last home came – that’s what foster dog parents do. It would break my heart to give up a dog after fostering but I’d console myself with the knowledge that you were a part of the process of getting a wonderful old dog to his final home, where he’ll be loved & cherished, just as you did. He’s no longer at the shelter! Have a great week….I enjoy every one of your posts!

  13. Deb Enders

    You gave George a loving home until the perfect last home came – that’s what foster dog parents do. It would break my heart to give up a dog after fostering but I’d console myself with the knowledge that you were a part of the process of getting a wonderful old dog to his final home, where he’ll be loved & cherished, just as you did. He’s no longer at the shelter! Have a great week….I enjoy every one of your posts!

  14. Malynda Reex

    I’ve been a foster dog mom 12 times. Please consider doing it again. So rewarding helping save a life. It’s hard tips your heart but remember someone has to do it! You are perfect for the job. Bless you and George thanks you for helping him🐶

  15. Jo Kramer

    Oh Mary…You can do it again. You are a link in making happy endings. We fostered for a bit..then only puppies. I was always thankful when they found their family for the very same reasons. I was getting attached!!

  16. Sharon Lowy

    I could never foster. I couldn’t stand having to let go of an animal I loved. I totally understand how you are suffering.❤️

  17. Diana in Des Moines

    You are the reason I don’t foster cats with the ARL. I hear the struggles you have and I would feel the exact same way. We adopted our youngest son through the Iowa foster care system. He started out as a patient in my office butI had to bring him home. I just can’t say no.
    But George is going to a loving home and will be loved throughout his remaining days. What a legacy you have left for George and others you have cared for in the interim to their furrever home. God bless you,

    1. Mary E

      Diana – so it works with kids, too, huh? You bring them home and then can’t part with them. Thanks for taking him in – he’s lucky!

  18. Pat Smith

    What a wonderful ending to this story. I only wish I could hear where he’s been and his life story, but I’m sure it would make me cry. Fortunately the end of his story will be a happy one. We are confirmed shelter adopters and couldn’t love our “sheltie from the shelter” more.

  19. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Mary, I can imagine how you are feeling, but take comfort from knowing that George has his own loving forever home. You did a wonderful thing for that dog: be proud! Not everyone has your capacity for selfless love and for a providing a happy dog environment: you use the talents you possess and that is a gift and it takes bravery and there is sorrow and joy. But at the end a very happy dog and happy new owners.

  20. Nancy Wines

    How special you are! Not everyone can facilitate such a nice thing happening – it was totally unselfish of you and I admire your capacity to love and yet give George up to a couple who obviously wanted him and will spoil him totally. Fostering animals is not easy in so many ways. Each animal takes a little piece of your heart with them – it’s a good thing you have such a big heart!

  21. Mary in Missouri

    Mary, I sincerely hope that George is as comfortable with his new family as he was with yours. You did a wonderful thing saving him and then giving him up to someone else who loves him. Your heart will hold him forever; you are a wonderful person.

  22. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    What a cool story. Thanks for posting pics of George and his forever family. 🥰

  23. Paula Nordt

    I sure do hope that lovely couple who adopted George will keep in touch and give you updates. We would love to hear that he is happy.

  24. Mandy Stewart

    You’re a lover of animals and become attached easily. Looks like George is going to be spoiled royally!

  25. Diane Bauer

    Your lovely, soft heart. I’m sure it’s very painful to keep loving and then giving the animals up. I’m afraid I would break.
    George will have a lovely new life, because you provided that chance. Be gentle with yourself. Snuggle Hazel. Do what brings you joy. Sending you big hugs!!!

  26. Beth T.

    Oh, I know it is heart wrenching, but it’s an amazing story. You did it. George found his home because of you. This lady, who held him in her heart, saw him again on your blog–because you cared enough to take him in, and then take his photo and share his story with us or no reason other than so that we would know him. He may have had many homes, but now he *is* home, because of you.

    John and I adopted a 14 year old dog a couple of years ago–no, by n ow it is 2.5 years ago, good grief. I’m sure our Lottie has had a roughish life–the shelter found our old girl abandoned, walking down the road. Just thinking of it makes me so angry. She is nearly deaf and her vision isn’t worth much. I have no idea where she lived or with whom. But she loved John with her whole heart the moment she saw him. I think she waited 14 1/2 years to be his girl, and she has been in bliss every day they’ve been together. It is the sweetest thing you’d ever want to see. She still hops around like a clumsy little calf in springtime, and she has a silly sense of humor, and I am thankful every day for the good people who did what they did to get her to us: found her, gave her veterinary care, wrote a blog post, and more.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – do you still have Lottie? How did you know she was 14 years old when you got her? Oh, your John and Lottie have a real love relationship, don’t they? Maybe you could send me her picture – to my email – and I could post it! I love stories like this!

      1. Beth T.

        We do have her! 14 was the vet’s best guess at the shelter, and our vet thought it was a good one, based on her teeth and her physical condition. She is an absolute hoot–funny sense of humor, pretty bossy, but a real sense of fun and an enjoyment of life. When I saw her story I thought, “That poor old dog shouldn’t spend her last days in a cage at the shelter. I don’t want her to sleep one more night in a cage.” We really thought she might be with us for only a few months. But here she is, 2.5 years later, doing better than ever now that we’ve started her on some anti-inflammatories. We added a puppy to the family last year and he adores her. She is very patient with him, which is pretty good for an old gal. I’ll dig out a photo and send it to you tomorrow so you can see our sweet old Lottie for yourself.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Beth T – wow! I can’t believe you still have her and she’s in good health – isn’t that just spectacular? And the puppy.? Is she patient with him? I am thrilled to hear she’s still with you – just think of the life you have given her! She will not die in a cage in the shelter! Fabulous, Beth!

  27. Cheryl Regan

    I think its awesomat your blog helped a senior dog find his last home. We adopted ,this spring, a senior pug mix. He came from missouri from a rescue and his name was Bruce….not! We have no idea his name. Hes so loving. He was housebroken but is capable of a sneak leg lift. Hes mostly deaf and a little blind but we love him. He has allergies and fits right in with our other two. He actually gives more to us than we could ever give to him. Thanks for helping him out.

  28. Maryjane

    Awwww – what a happy ending to the story. Sweet dog and will be loved and cared for.

  29. Rosalie

    So glad that George has a forever home! I would want to adopt every animal if I fostered. As it is we have 3 dogs and more cats than can be counted (seriously) but most of the cats are outside. We say that if an animal makes it to our place they can stay. The only exception we ever made was when we found a golden retriever at our gate during an ice storm. When I put her in the lost and found in the paper, a couple called to say that they weren’t the owners but their son and grandkids wanted one. They came and met her and dog and kids overjoyed. We had 8 dogs at that time, so Goldie went with the kids.

    1. Mary E

      I love your story about Goldie and read it to Rick! I simply cannot say no to an animal that needs a home. And she showed up during an ice storm? Wow!!!

  30. Jill

    Thanks for the update on George! I understand how you feel…I’ve had my son’s 14 year old beagle since March as he’s deployed with the Navy. Cappy doesn’t hear or see we’ll anymore, just like George. I’ll be thrilled to have my son home again, but it’s heartbreaking to give his dog back to him! Looks like George is going to a loving home!

  31. Geri

    This makes my heart happy! I could not stop thinking about those sad doggie eyes!

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