Good Grief!

And here’s the picture of the corn – duh!

9 thoughts on “Good Grief!

  1. Carole

    When we moved to Omaha, I was amazed at the height of the corn both here and in Iowa.
    Back in southern NY/northern NJ, the motto was “knee high by the 4th of July”. Great to have local corn so early but, oh, to have a Jersey tomato! (It wasn’t named the Garden State for nothing.)

    July 14th is our 9th anniversary here … best thing we ever did … tomatoes not withstanding. LOL

  2. Katherine Schloemer

    The corn has really grown here in South Central Minnesota to. I am about 20 miles north of Fairmont. I swear each year the crops go in earlier and the corn grows taller.

    I do have a question about a pattern of Country Treads I found on Pinterest. That is when I found out you had closed the store. (Bummer). The pattern is the Circle of Geese Table topper or Tree skirt. Where can I get the pattern?

    Enjoy your relaxing porch sittings, listening to the corn grow. Kate Schloemer

  3. Connie

    Wow – what a view you have Mary. How peaceful that all looks…. and the sound of the watering system sounds delightful too. Yes, I’d say you’re living the dream! Thanks for sending the photo — I just knew it would be really special! 🙂

  4. Louise

    Looks like your corn has a bit of a lead on ours…love fresh corn..yum
    A couple of years ago we had too much rain and many of our local farmers
    Had to plow it under…sadness, no fresh corn.

  5. Diane

    Ahhh fresh sweet corn–yum. Yes, in western NY it was “knee high by the 4th of July”, but ours in Central Ohio is wayyyy over my head. Can’t wait to eat some. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Shirley

    Ahh, what a heavenly view! Since our temps have been running well above average over the last few weeks, we’re already starting to enjoy some local sweet corn. Yum. The wonderful taste of summer.

    Applegate, OR

  7. Ann Barlament

    You live in a slice of heaven, out in the country…..would love the views as well (sigh)….

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