Good Morning

And it is a good morning!  Yesterday was just “one of those days”.   Here’s the kitties’ new digs.

And here’s how I found them this morning – what a pile of sweetness!

And then there’s Mama.


And here is Emma this morning – eating leaves as if nothing happened yesterday.

What a shady picture!

So today I’m looking forward to catching up.  My other neighbor boy has also offered his help and I’m going to accept – probably next week sometime.  Wow – aren’t neighbors great?

Didn’t mean to whine so much last night – that will teach me not to write a blog post when I’m tired.  I don’t want any sympathy – all my “work” is self dictated – ha!

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Shirley

    Everyone has to whine once in awhile. Your blog brightens my day. Thanks

  2. Diane

    Oh, Mary, I didn’t take it as whining—just reality!! We all overdo and get sore, achy bones. You can share with us because we “get” it. That white baby kitty looks so much like my Spikey. Thanks for sending such a great picture of all five. That definitely looks like a “spit” from Mama cat, but she’ll come around. Take care and be good to yourself, too:)

  3. Brenda archambault

    That wasn’t whining, it was freedom of expression. Your blog always evokes memories of other lives in other places. Thanks!

  4. Carrolyn v

    I don’t know how you do what you do! I love your pix and posts……I too live rurally but due to allergies I can’t have the house pets……so I get my fix thru yours! Always so fun!

  5. Martha Engstler

    LOVE seeing pictures of the kittens. The black one is so dear, looks like my last kitty, Lucy. Hope you have a good weekend. More rain here in PA .today and again on Monday. No hummingbirds yet but I’m ready for them.

  6. Rose Mikulski

    That was Whining????? I’ll take it, especially when you throw in a photo of Hazel. Hmmm… two posts in a row and no photo of her–just not right. I know, it was all about the kitties and Emma (glad she’s alright).

  7. Claudia Voorhees

    Have a wonderful weekend……. and be sure to get a nice tall glass of lemonade …… and put your feet up for just a bit….. Take Care.

  8. Donna

    I loved your post last night. Let me know you were “real” like the rest of us. Love your posts!
    Now if you did that all the time . . . I would think something was up.

  9. Patty McDonald

    Enjoy your posts and I didn’t think you were whining. You do a tremendous amount of work and I find you an encouragement. We’ve been on our acreage 41 years and can relate to much you blog about. Except we only have chickens and dogs. But sometimes I get over confident reading your blog. My husband mentioned painting the house….we HAD IT painted 20 years ago. I thought this is a doable project for us. Two weeks ago we started with all the prep work…power washing…filling cracks…replacing wood under the eaves. In 3 or 4 days we will be done painting. I’ve learned 3 things. I no longer like outside painting, I can still climb a ladder 50 times in a day, and I Will NEVER PAINT THE HOUSE AGAIN….at least not with just a roller and brush. The up side is I’m buying a new couch and putting in wood floors with all the money we saved and have realized how the years of hard work have kept us physically strong. Have a great day. Patty Mc

  10. Jane

    Thanks for the kitty pictures, but Hazel is going to get jealous if she notices she isn’t featured! Happy to see Emma has recovered.

  11. Kathy

    You call that last post whining???? No sirreee. It was honest to goodness talking. You keep it real and I like that. Those kitties are absolutely adorable!! And so glad Emma is out and about like nothing happened.

  12. Bobbie Woodruff

    I’m not sure that now that we are older everything isn’t a chore. Things I use to love to do are now really hard for me. Not to mention it takes me 3 times as long to do them.
    I think we just keep plunking along. The good thing is I’m mowing the grass, someone isn’t mowing my plot. Lol
    I love reading your blog. I love your farm life but it is a lot of work. I envy you can keep up with everything and have time to quilt to.
    Have a wonderful summer.

  13. Anita fetzer

    Is Mama hissing at you. Its funny that shel lets you near the babies but doesn’t want you to come near her. She’s so pretty and babies are adorable.
    GladEmma is ok love those goats

  14. Janet R

    You were not whining at all. We all get tired, even when our lives are exactly what we want them to be. It’s just real and that’s what I like about your blog.

    The kitties are so cute!

  15. Claire Wood

    I love reading your posts and I loved hearing about your lovely little kittens. Their photos are gorgeous.

  16. Dee T.

    Those kittens are so cute. How is Hazel? I miss seeing her. There are exercises on the web for the back. They are the same that I had in PT after my spinal surgery. I still do them every day. Take care of that back. You can’t afford to be laid up. The animals and Hazel need you. Hope you have a restful holiday. Get those neighbor boys over. They will probably enjoy it.
    By the way, I was going through my patterns and found one of yours. “Patriot Puzzle” I also order two of your books a few weeks ago. Waiting to be able to cut my fabric.

  17. Judith Terry Linn

    “self-dictated” – made me laugh-out-loud! I am my hardest task master too.

    “Just one more chore, just one more chore, just one more ck for the ck list! 🙂

    Yes, Kitties are SO adorable!

    Hot Hugs from Texas – we are having a HEAT wave! Whew! Hopefully it will return to reasonable 80’s soon!

  18. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, anyone who’s lived on a farm or had property knows that we wait and wait for the weather to get warm enough so we can get outside and get to work/play, and then when it finally happens, it everything all at once. Does anyone ever get enough done that we feel like we’re caught up? If so, would someone please tell me what that feels like?

    Oh, those baby kitties!!! So, so adorable! Be sure to take some time to marvel at and bask in their cuteness. What a gift Mama brought you! The Mini-Me kitten is amazing in his/her resemblance to Mom.

    Write when you can. We’ll try to be patient when you’re off busy doing what you do collecting material and photos to share with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – living on a farm means you’re never done or caught up! I would love to know what that feels like, too!

  19. Becky from IA

    Those baby kitties are soooooo cute……pour Mama….she just doesn’t want anything to do with you!!!

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