Greetings From Country Threads’ Farm

This is the drift in front of my gate this morning – yikes! We had over a foot of snow with driving winds all night long. We haven’t had a total of 12″ of snow all winter and tomorrow morning is Palm Sunday.

On the positive side, I brought Rick to the care center yesterday – before the storm! The dogs were thrilled to see him – as you can tell.

I waded through the snow to the barn – everybody there is snug as a bug in a rug.

I could hardly get the door open!

The wind is still blowing – I’ll go out later to start clearing the snow.

43 thoughts on “Greetings From Country Threads’ Farm

  1. MartyCae

    So glad to see Rick and the dogs. Thinking warm thoughts for a quick recovery and no more snow for you!

  2. Micky

    So glad Rick is doing better and closer to home. I love to watch the dogs get so excited to see their owner’s. We in Mid Illinois did not get a speck. Life in the Mid-west. Peace Micky

  3. Diane M

    My husband and I commiserate with Rick on his surgery and with our surgeries. Everyday is a day further from it. It will all get better. We just missed the snow here in southeast Wisconsin. That is a lot of snow! The animals look very content and happy. Remember it is spring and this too will get better. Take care.

  4. Sue H

    Wow! You knew that there would be extra work for you with Rick laid up but we didn’t take a foot of snow into consideration. More chores like shoveling. Ugh! Watch your back or you’ll be in Care Center with Rick!

  5. Beth Laverty

    Wow, that is too much snow all at once. But it is pretty… We have been lucky here in my part of the North East. We were pretty much on the edge of the Nor=easters. Spring must be coming soon. My daffodils are ready to bloom. On my blog this week I posted a picture of the “quilt as you go quilt” I did from your pattern a couple of years ago. I “FINALLY” finished it and got it bound!

  6. Lois palmisano

    Hi Mary, Iowa storms this spring resemble the
    4 nor’easters . be careful. L.p. in omaha

  7. Sharon Geiger

    Yikes! This storm missed us in NE Indiana but the western to central part got it. I hope Rick is recovering nicely. Stay warm!

  8. Ann Barlament

    Glad to see that Rick is snuggled in at the Care Center and that the dogs are keeping him company! Your snowy landscape looks like a Christmas postcard. Now don’t you over do with the snow removal!!

  9. Tanya

    Are you sure these are not Merry Christmas photos instead of Happy Easter ones?? 🙂 Thinking of you and Rick and the doggies and sending good wishes and warmth your way!

  10. Vickie Devore

    What happened to spring? We live about 30 miles below Indianapolis, Indiana, and got more snow yesterday than ALL winter (somewhere between 8 and 10 inches, who could tell with all the wind). Glad Rick is better – hope it comes – medicine has improved a lot since his original surgery. Best wishes for both of you, stay safe and warm.

  11. Kate Schloemer

    I live north of Fairmont, Mn and we had at foot of snow or more also. I went out to blow myself open and that snow is so wet the blower didn’t want to blow it. We haven’t had snow like this winter in so long. Definitely ready for spring..

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kate – who knew I’d miss church on Palm Sunday because of snow??????

  12. Mary R.

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow and here we are in Louisiana with 80 degree temperatures and warm winds. I was outside today enjoying my grandson’s engagement party. Rick looks he doing a little better. Continued prayers for speedy healing.

  13. Becky from Texas

    Well so much for Spring!!! You be careful out there digging yourself out. To many people and critter are relying on you. Hope that you have someone that can come out to help you. Sending good healing prayers out to Rick.

  14. Kathy Hanson

    The snow is beautiful but…
    Glad you got Rick home before the storm or you would have had to stay in Rochester. We didn’t get any of it here. We were pleasantly surprised! Be careful out there shoveling. So glad to see Rick looking good and the dogs so happy to see him. Praying for a speedy recovery for him and help for you with all you have to do right now. The animals in the barn look happy! Thoughts and prayers for you both.

  15. Janie

    I’m sorry to say this, but I’m glad it missed Wisconsin. Our forecast changed. Glad your barn looks all cozy!

  16. Colleen

    Perhaps your neighbor/helper Reed is available to help you dig or move that snow
    I don’t know anything about snow only about having too much to do it is always easier better with a friend/ helper than alone

  17. Kathy

    The lovely red barn with the American flag flying, is a great winter photo. The snow is beautiful, but the chill and frost can be dangerous. Praying you are able to keep the animals warm and enjoy some time to contemplate the snowy scene and feel the warmth of God’s love surrounding you and your animal friends.

  18. Martha Engstler

    The snow is beautiful but a real pain, in many ways. When I was a child in Washington DC we had a huge snow storm on Palm Sunday. We couldn’t even get the doors open. Finally got out thru the screen porch where the door opened in. Snow is heavy, please don’t overdo it.Prayers still for Rick and you.

  19. Susie Q

    I remember one Easter Sunday being taken to church with our snow boots on and straw hats with gloves… your pictures are will be great memories.

  20. Paula

    The barn pic is beautiful! Could be a Christmas card next year. Be careful. Paula in KY

  21. Gloria B.

    Wishing Rick a complete recovery that reunites you and Rick with your animal family very soon. With all the work you have to do on your own I hope you can get in some tournament watching time. We are so so excited to cheer on our Final Four Loyola Ramblers!

  22. Sherry Whalen

    Oh my, Mary! And can you believe we didn’t get a flake of snow in Kasson?!?

  23. maxine lesline

    The snow storm is a challenge.. but as one gets older,one wants fewer challenges…After shoveling snow , a cup of hot tea or cocoa is required…

  24. Diane

    Whew. I’ve been anxious to hear. Glad you are home and all members of the household are safe and sound. Do be careful with the snow; it will melt. Take care.

  25. Susan

    Mary, so glad you were able to move your husband to the care center before the storm. We here in Dayton, OH were supposed to have gotten hit today with a storm and it stayed 45 minutes to the southwest. Not a flurry in the air. If I lived closer, I’d help you shovel. I love shoveling snow. I love snow but must admit that I am ready for warmer weather and sunshine.

  26. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Beautiful pictures! I just love looking at snow…particularly whilst sitting by a fire with hot chocolate! Shoveling it is not my favorite thing! Makes me glad our barn door is a sliding door that faces south so it is rarely snowed shut. Take your time with the shoveling of the snow. We had 10″ of snow last weekend and now the grass is green…hope yours melts as quickly!

  27. Patty

    My Goodness woman! You be careful!
    I hope it isn’t too bad going to church ⛪ tomorrow.
    Will think about you as we drive in our spring- like California weather to church.
    God Bless You.

  28. Joyce C

    Wow… that strong east wind and all that snow really socked you in!!! I bet it kills Rick to not be able to help out! Looks like he scored a nice window bed for awhile… those care centers are a blessing. In eastern SD we only got about 3” but the wind.. Spring where are you…??

  29. Martha

    While early spring snow is often unexpected, your photos are incredibly beautiful.
    All the best to Rick, and you, in his recovery/rehab time!!

    Blessings from a Country Threads fan in the western foothills of Maine.

  30. Sue

    I was wondering if you got hit with that snowstorm? Now I know!!! Wow!!! I am thinking…you didn’t need that right now.
    Glad you posted a photo of Rick in his cast with dogs all around. He is looking great and that is a plus for you. But…gosh…that snow! Hope it melts fast.
    Great photos. Thanks for the report.

  31. Helen Farrell

    On the weather channel this morning, I saw Clear Lake, Iowa and it looked like a blizzard. My girlfriend and I stayed there when we came to Country Threads a couple of years ago. I said to my husband as we were watching….that quilt you have on your lap came from a quilt store just down the road from there. So I was already thinking of you already this morning 🙂 Glad to know you and all the animals are okay. Take care and don’t over due the shoveling. Glad your husband is doing well.

  32. Donna McCormack

    Let’s hope this is your last big snow. The animals didn’t seem unhappy. In fact looked very cozy and contented. So glad husband is back home wth you.

  33. Judy Brennan

    Hopefully Rick is doing better. LOVED the pictures of the dogs greeting him. SO CUTE! 12″ WOW! That’s a lot! Great you have heaters in the barn for the “family” to stay warm. Thanks for sharing with us.

  34. Launa

    Wow Mary…looks like my Idaho snow on the ground.
    Good to see Rick n the dogs. Glad the other critters are cozy.
    Stay warm. Great pictures.

  35. Jean Elliott

    Forgot…the animals in the barn do look snug! They’re lucky to live with you!

  36. Jean Elliott

    I was hoping you’d post some pictures. Thank you. I almost came to Garner last week…would be snowed in now! The dogs are so cute….good picture of of them with Rick. Wow, his foot is very well protected! Don’t overdue with the snow removal..especially if it’s heavy snow…that gets dangerous and you’re there alone.

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