Gypsy Wife Update

I just pinned a very contemporary version of Gypsy Wife on my Pinterest board of the same name.  It makes me want to start over and make mine just like the picture.  I cannot legally post it on my blog so please go to my Pinterest page, Mary Etherington, and find the Gypsy Wife board. It’s the quilt with the black and white stripes.
 And here are Jane’s blocks which I like very much.  I am trying too hard to get that Jen Kingwell look and feel.  Connie says she’s starting over, too.


10 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife Update

  1. jan

    I’d love to see the quilt you mention, but I can’t seem to find your board. Could you post a link, please?
    Thank you.

  2. mary

    I like the jenn kingwell better-remember it’s probably going to look ugly while you are making it!

  3. jane Winton

    That quilt you referred to is my inspiration. I’m making that one and have my fabric for the black/shite stripes. I just loved it so much!!

  4. Carol

    I pinned a very neutral background Gypsy’s a Wife to my board, Carol Eberhardt, Gypsy’s Wife is where you would see it, Mary. I think your blocks will be fine in the end. Go with the flow!

  5. Nikki Mahaffey

    Love Janes blocks..I am getting inspired to do the quilt..probably in civil war prints

  6. Susan

    Yes, I had already decided on the black and white. I think it makes the colors pop more. I May do over some of my early blocks due to sizing issues. We’ll see. I think a design wall for this quilt is a necessity.

  7. Cindy Sabinske

    I could not figure out the pinterest web site either. Wanted to see your quilt!

  8. Judy

    I would stick with what you are doing, it’s what makes this quilt unique. Started piecing your 16 Patch cot quilt with Russian Tradions jelly roll, this is fast and fun. Thanks so much for your generous post on it.

  9. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I finished my Crazy Ann block without going crazy (just!). I have a method for the triangle/rectangles that means you don’t have to discard half the triangles, there is an explanation in my blog post:
    I’ll mail you a photo of the Civil War Reproduction blocks so far.

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