Gypsy Wife, Week 5, July 13

This week’s block is found on page 10 and called Crazy Anne — I couldn’t agree more.  I have never pieced a rectangle block like this and there were no instructions so I basted first.  Everything looked OK until I put those rectangles into the block and now I see I have cut off the lower point of the rectangle.  Grrrrr,.,.,….!

Here are my starting pieces.

I am really trying to be brave.
This triangle unit was pretty easy and what I would call normal piecing.

When cutting the Z and AA pieces, you will end up with reversed triangles if your fabric is printed like mine.  If it’s woven you will need to just cut 2 rectangles but if not, cut 4 rectangles and piece them all alike.  Discard the 8 reversed (mirror images) that don’t match.

Here are those that I discarded.

If I am wrong about this, somebody correct me asap before everyone follows my lead.

Piece in 3 rows.

Sew all rows together.

And once again I have an ugly block!  She used 15 different fabrics in her block and I tried to get by with some repeats.

Maybe this all feels so wrong because I do such a small step at a time.

I do not think you will be able to post on Country Threads Pinterest page since we no longer have that website.  If you email it as an attachment to or as a text to my phone 641-512-5188, I think I can post it to this blog.  Anyone want to give that a try?

Very hot and humid here today but last night’s storm stayed to our north and east.

5 thoughts on “Gypsy Wife, Week 5, July 13

  1. Carol

    I love the bicycle fabric! I think when all the blocks are together it will be great!

  2. Susan

    I am willing to email or text. I emailed my first group last week I think. It is a difficult pattern ( for me, at least) to follow, but I am having fun. My stash is somewhat limited, and I am trying to stay with brights as much as I can. And I am not using as many fabrics as the original. 1) I do not have them and 2) not comfortable mixing so many. We’ll see how I feel at the end. I have finished all the first set of blocks and have maybe 8 of the small ones complete. We are going away for 8 days so no more for awhile. Again thanks for the idea!

  3. Diane

    I think it’s called Gypsy Wife because it drove her crazy and she left it!! I do love your bike wheels and circles in this block. It’s like many things, once the whole is put together, it looks great:) Hang in there, Mary. PS I’ll be the cheerleader since I’m not “playing” in this game:)

  4. Brenda

    Mary I am using all my really bright crazy fabrics from my stash. I think I may have to rename mine “carnival wife” or “nightmare on eureka “. Some of my blocks could give someone nightmares. WAY out of my box. Lol

  5. Diane

    I’m working on a king size quilt with that same rectangular block in it. I’m using the bloc lok Half Rectangle Triangle (mini 2:1 ration) rulers and it makes perfect rectangles. There are 576 of them and I have over half of them done. Definitely couldn’t have done it without them!

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