Hank’s Visit, 4-27-24

Next weekend Hank is going to spend the night with us so we had another play date today. Keeper wants to play with him as if he’s Finn! He’s not big enough to rassle like that yet – but he really wants to.

Michele also brought her Fresh Air quilt for me to see in person. It is so nice!

Reader Photos

Remember this sign?

I didn’t even notice the spelling of “thinking” until a reader brought it to my attention. It’s like that exercise of reading with only a few letters in each word – your mind just fills in the letters.

My pullets are “roosting” on a dog bed thrown over the garbage can!

Saw this quilt online and loved it! So scrappy yet so defined in diagonal rows.

And then there’s gorgeous Gracie!

Let’s do a photo series of Pets On Quilts – how about it? First I said Dogs On Quilts but not everybody has a dog so even if you have a llama, put it on a quilt and take its picture! Then send it to me.

Gracie says Goodnight!

32 thoughts on “Hank’s Visit, 4-27-24

  1. Dee from Shell Rock

    Wow! I always forget how quickly puppies grow! What a sweetie. Love Pets on Quilts, but I have no pets these days.

  2. Sally

    I cannot believe how big Hank is! He must be heavy! Great idea to have play dates. Squeak is adorable 🥰
    I love the red white & blue yo-yo quilt. Gracie IS gorgeous 🤩 Going through my cats on quilts pictures. I love seeing everybody’s pets!

  3. Martha W in WY

    Mary, you’ve sure got yours full with Hank! Squeak looks like a small kitty compared to Gracie. I love the readers quilt. The one with the diagonal colors is so pretty.

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Squeek is cute cat, and Gracie too! Hankie is really growing, so beautiful. Will dig out some pets on quilts to send, another fabulous day here in New Zealand! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Linda in Estherville

      Sandy, we just took a trip thru New Zealand on the Kiwi Rails via the Smithsonian Channel. I didn’t realize New Zealand had such a diverse landscape. Beautiful Country. My honey is ready for a train ride…a new addition to our bucket list for the old railroader!

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Loving Hank. Chicks are growing. I have a cat that lays on every project I am working on. Will try to send some pictures. Hope to get some plants in the garden this week as we can expect 83 to 87 degrees all week.Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Hank is getting huge! Carry him while you can.
    So glad to see a picture of Squeak.
    The quilts are fun today. It’s cold here, we had snow again, not much…but big flakes.

  7. Sharon G.

    Trying to unpack new house! Trying to sell old house! Wish my husband was here to hold me in his strong arms. Oh, how I miss that man!

    G’night, Gracie!
    G’night, Mary!

    Take care everyone,
    ~ Sharon G. (Central Washington)

  8. patti

    michele (will try to remember this) not only is your quilt gorgeous but every time i see a picture of hank i swear he is going to be as big as a horse. and of course, he wants to play with the ‘big’ boys. soon he will be larger than keeper. i laughed at all the pullets trying to roost in the same place. when i saw the last picture of gracie, i thought you was thinking ‘must you’. (with tons of sarcasm) reminds me of my smokey (who has been gone since 1994. all the quilts were beautiful. the red/white/blue one looks like it took a while to make. i also liked the one in diagonal colors. slept really well last night. managed to piece the last 10 blocks and have all 37 blocks squared up. they will finish 7″ – will probably set them 6×6 with one for the back or the orphan block pile. was a great basketball game with the orlando magic winning over the cleveland cavaliers. most of the players are under 25 years old. series is 2/2 now. and yet the media still ignores us. ah well. off to bed. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I do think the media must be ignoring you because I don’t know how the playoffs are going at all. Tell me.

  9. Pat in Michigan

    Love Michelle’s Fresh Aire quilt. The color choice really changes the whole look. Hank is a big handful and will be fun to have him visit again.
    Is Squeak a dwarf cat? Tiny and so cute.
    Enjoy the weekend. Rainy and warm here in Michigan to finish off April.

  10. Linda in MI

    Hank is a big hunk of furry love! I just noticed his feet, he’s going to be a big sweet ol’ teddy bear to hug because before long you won’t pick him up! What I wouldn’t give to play with him. It’s nice he gets to have a sleep over with you and the puppies.

    Your chicks look comfy. I want chickens again but I would need to do significant work on my chicken yard and I’m not sure I can. I may give it a try, I miss my fresh eggs.

    Squeak is a cutie. I’m longing for a Maine coon kitten – someday. Right now I need to get my 18 year old Maury to the vet. He is getting really skinny but he eats like a horse so something other than age may be happening.

    Enjoy your Sunday. It’s really warm and humid here this morning but the sky looks like a big storm is coming.

  11. Diane,Squeak,Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love the Fresh Air quilt in the browns. It is fun to experiment with colors! Hank—gorgeous, huge, fun! The first photo of Squeak is from the day I found her in 2011. The second is now. Gracie looks like a queen—so regal. The chicks are growing fast. It is 63* here already. We will watch our grand daughter play golf today; it will be sunny and warm about 83* later.

  12. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    What cute pictures of Hank!! Michele will have her hands full!! Love the Fresh Air quilt that Michele made. Beautiful pattern, Mary. Love finally seeing Squeak on her Ohio State quilt! Always love seeing everyone’s quilts. The floating Blackwater small quilt looks quite doable for me. I think you have a pattern for that in your Fresh Air book. At least the way to make the star in the middle of a block. Impressive. Love the colors on it too. Had my daughter’s puppy for the weekend. My older dog, Buster, kept hiding under the bed. And I didn’t care walk them together for fear of tripping. At least we could sit on the back porch with the little one on a lead and the older dog just sitting out in the yard away from him.

  13. Pamela Dempsey in northeast Texas 😻

    Hank is adorable 🥰! Gorgeous Miss Gracie is so beautiful!😻 Penny and Lucy say “hey”. Tomorrow will be our one year anniversary that we adopted them from the SPCA. They have brought soooo much happiness to our lives ❤️. We had a mishap a few weeks ago. They were playing on their kitty shelf above their cat tree and suddenly Penny was hanging by her front paws then fell 6 feet. Her left front index claw was bleeding but stopped. The vet gave her a pain shot and antibiotics shot . The claw doesn’t retract very much anymore and I don’t look forward to trimming time coming up. 😔
    I haven’t seen the Baltimore Orioles again but saw a couple of Purple finches having a drink at the hummingbird feeders! Then they went back to their finch feeder. 😳

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – yes, it’s hard to believe Penny and Lucy have been with you one year – and I’m thrilled they’ve brought along so much happiness! Sounds like a bit of a fall for little Penny!

  14. Launa

    WOW, Hank is really an arm load! Very HUGABLE!
    Many thanks for all the pictures!
    Was 37o up here in Idaho this Sunday morning…had 4 Elk n a few Deer 🦌 visiting early morning! Just a little light rain!

    1. Launa

      My husband asked if I saw the latest afternoon weather report…..we could receive up to 6 INCHES SNOW. Wind has picked up, too!

      Golf play off…McILroy n and partner, Lowry won Zurich Classic of New Orleans!


  15. Marian in SE MN

    Mary, love your post. It is the only one that I look for when I open up my Gmail!!! I look at it once and then again. Thank you for entertaining all of us. The cats are wonderful. The quilts also. I need to get inspiration right now. The days have been so cold and sunless and rainy. But, we should be thankful if we aren’t in a tornado zone. Have a wonderful day trying to get something done!!!!

  16. Kim from Wi

    Oh my Hank is a handful of handsomeness. With the size of his paws he is going to grow lots more. I hope he enjoys his sleep over on the farm. Your pullets are cute to see, everyone wants the best spot to hang out. Squeak looks well loved.
    I really enjoyed the quilts today and I must try one with some straight-line quilting, it really makes the fabric lines pop. It is raining here in Wisconsin and I’m busy cleaning the oven and washing light fixtures.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – that sounds like lots of ambition for a Sunday afternoon!

  17. Cindy K

    Hank is growing so quickly. Won’t he long and he’ll be too heavy to carry. Will be fun to read about him spending time with you.

  18. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I can’t get over how big Hank is. He is such a cutie and he looks like he enjoys being held. Soon he will be too big, with the size of his paws. Does anyone know what the tree is with the white blossoms. It sure is pretty. As always I love he quilt show. I have a dog but it’s funny he won’t ever go on a quilt and I have to literally drag him into my sewing room. When he was a pup I had a baby gate up so he couldn’t go in, cause he used to grab anything he could see and chew it Maybe that’s why. I will enjoy seeing the pets on quilts.

  19. Jeanne in Co.

    Loved all the pictures today as usual. Hank is already a handful for Michele. He is such a sweet looking dog and he sure went to a good home. You can see the love that Michele has for him and her Fresh Air quilt is beautiful too.
    Mary, The first picture of Gracie also shows a magazine with Caitlin’s picture on the cover. What magazine is it, please?. What fun to see everyone’s spring pictures of their yards. We are a group with many talents; pets, quilts, and plantings. Have a blessed week everyone. Jeanne in Co.

  20. Cathy D

    Love, love, love Michele’s Fresh Air quilt!! The colors are great and just my style. Wondering if she chose yardage or if the fabrics were a bundle. Just beautiful 😍

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