Stormy Friday, 4-26-24

We are lucky! No tornadoes in North Iowa but the wind and intermittent rain has kept up all day. I attended a class reunion of sorts this afternoon. One of our classmates’ wife passed away and the funeral was held in the next town, the burial took place at the cemetery 2 miles from me. It was a sad day and we should have shown more grace and restraint but our class has remained so close and we enjoyed seeing each other again! We got loud and raucous after the luncheon. Imagine that.

I’ve been watching the weather ever since I got home. No sewing got done today. I’m off to the barn to see the chicks!

Reader photos

I think we should do a series of “dogs on quilts”! Look at this sweetie pie! And I love the quilt and the straight line quilting.
Reader said this was a panel – ??

And Susan sent this – so very appropriate if I’d been talking to Rick a few days ago: ( and I probably was and this is likely true!)

P.S. Remember how excited I was to have my cleaning lady here on Thursday? She was coming at 11 and at 10:20 our power went out! WHAT? Can you believe it? Didn’t come back on for 2 hours and we haven’t lost power for a long time. She had an opening on Monday – let’s see if the gods are on my side. Dang.

24 thoughts on “Stormy Friday, 4-26-24

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    I’ve been thinking about you when I heard about the tornadoes. We’re so glad no damage in your neck of the woods. And are praying for those who had damage.
    The picture look horrible.

  2. Martha W in WY

    I haven’t seen any news for 2 weeks so didn’t know about bad weather. I’m glad you didn’t get hit with it, Mary. I’m wondering about the quilt and it being a panel. Could the flower squares been a panel and then they were cut apart and made into that quilt? It is pretty though. I think dogs on quilts will be a great subject for photos.

  3. Diane in Colorado

    We had rain and hail here this afternoon. 10-12” of snow is forecast tomorrow. So glad we didn’t have Nebraska’s tornadoes!!!

  4. patti

    oh my, diane, snow???? it is the end of april! i’ve been watching the seasons change here in florida. spring starts later and is shorter, summer is longer. fall starts later (like late oct/early nov) but winter doesn’t start til mid to late january. you can’t tell me that the climate hasn’t changed. this is crazy. the storms are stronger and more frequent. glad the tornadoes didn’t get you, mary. didn’t sleep well or much last nite but the cat made sure to get me up by 9:15. drat. i was looking in my closet and had a ‘what’s in these three bins’ moment. one bin had cut pieces for a 1999 mystery from rosie’s calico cupboard. i know i made one quilt back then. one had cut pieces for a bonnie hunter pineapple blossom and the other had long 2″ strips. i sat down with the rosie’s bin, stitched 27 blocks and there is enough for 10 more. btw, i did stitch together one whole row of the blue/light rectangles. ha! emptied a bin tho as those pieces for the last 10 blocks are sitting on the sewing machine. progress, allbeit random. beautiful picture of squeak. all the quilts are beautiful – hard to believe that one is a panel. someone’s yard looks like a park. off to bed. patti in florida hoping for sleep tonight.

  5. Janet S

    In southern Minnesota, we are getting off and on rain, which is badly needed, so no complaints. It’s chilly but that’s okay too. At least we aren’t getting snow!!
    We had friends over for cards last night. Always a good time. Now, I can get all my quilting projects back out and trash the whole house while getting things completed.
    Love the pet pictures and interesting yards.

  6. RS in N Ia.

    The flowers in the wall quilt were printed on yardage as separate squares. That arrangement is how they got put together.
    Got a lot of heavy rain, but no storms here yesterday. Haven’t checked the gauge yet for the amount. The farmers had been planting hot & heavy to get seeds in prior to rain. With the GPS guided tractors, the dark of night doesn’t slow them down much. We see a lot of moving lights out there at all hours.
    Mary, hope you have good luck this summer with the chickens. There are hawks in the neighborhood that keep watch on the area bird feeders. Ours are close to trees so there is a quick escape for the songbirds. Enjoy today’s break from the storms in north Iowa.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      RS – the chickens won’t go outside until they’re big. I have seen a sparrow hawk but he’s only looking for those little birds for lunch. The owl is dead as well as the fox so I’m hoping for success.

  7. Connie R. in Wis.

    Glad to hear that the destructive weather missed you. Looks like another day of severe weather headed to your area today. Stay safe.
    I too, love the house quilt that the dog is sitting on. Beautiful colors. Can the maker let us know if it is a pattern available for purchase or, their own design?
    Our area is in a high fire danger zone as the grass has not greened up yet. Rain overnight will help. Still about a month out from planting. We had temps in the twenties a few days this week. Looking forward to Spring weather.

  8. Diana in Des Moines

    WOW! What a night! The storms started in Omaha, and we watched them roar across Iowa. Southern Iowa around Creston, My Ayr were hammered for hours! Sirens went off here in DM and we brought mom down stairs. Not to the basement, but I was ready for that. Went around us and hit Pleasant Hill and points east.
    at 11 ish, my son called from North Ankeny and yelled to get to the basement. At that point we were all asleep but the sirens did wake me up. Tornado directly above our house according to radar. No damage here thankfully, we did get almost 2 inches of rain.
    The laugh of the day is our son – called the old people to make sure we were following storm protocol!!
    And I had to laugh at Ed Wilson – he said put your sturdy shoes on and hard head coverings – take shelter!
    Guess I need to get some hard hats!! LOL

    More storms tonight, but I think south of here – please! Spending my free day sewing.
    Say a little prayer for my hubby this week. He has a bleeder in his retina and having surgery Thursday.

    Glad you missed the chaos of the storm!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diana – as if you don’t have enough to handle, now your husband will have surgery. Isn’t that just the way it goes? We were spared all the storms but southern Iowa did get hammered and at 11 you were warned again!!! That would indeed be scary and to be asleep and be woken by a siren – yikes!

  9. Renae in central Iowa

    Channel 5 weatherman said at one time to take a quilt with you to the basement for cover. He must have quilters in his family—or probably would have said take a blanket. Ha!

  10. Kim from Wi

    I hope all the Iowa readers are safe from those harrowing tornadoes and winds last few nights. We got a nice gently rain last night which was needed, everything is turning green and our trees are about to leaf out. I love springtime in Wisconsin. We have a large ditch behind our house that if full of water, so we hear loons and see ducks in our yard. I think pictures of pets on quilts would be a wonderful idea. Someone back yard is beautifully done with a great place to sit and ponder while enjoying all those flower beds. We took the plunge and bought a house this past week, here in Plover/Stevens Point Wisconsin. It will likely be the last home we buy so its handicap accessible and all on one floor, 3 beds 2 baths and a 3-car garage. We only have one car right now, but we are ready if we get another. My main quilting space is finished and on the lower level, but I can always move upstairs to one of the bedrooms. It will be nice to be settled, moving can be brutal.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim from WI – you’re smart to think ahead but moving is brutal and I will never move again – I moved several times when I was younger but now it would be impossible. When we remodeled we put in the ramp and wheelchair accessible door. One bedroom on main floor and we could create another if needed. You’re smart to think ahead.

  11. Lynette in Orlando

    Glad you were spared from the storm — in reading posts, glad to hear y’all were safe as well. Just saw the news – the destruction of the tornadoes. Spring in the midwest…… ugh. Please everyone stay safe! Praying the storms spare people and property.

  12. Linda

    Mary, please send me the name and address of the last person to send cards to. I don’t know what happened to it, I’m sure it was my fingers doing. I enjoy sending the cards❤️
    Love the chickens, I wish we could have some. I had a pet chicken, when I was a little girls that protected me from the mean roaster. Chickens are so colorful

  13. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    I love the chicken sign. I would love to have chickens again, but just doesn’t work here. I will enjoy seeing yours. We didn’t have any storms in Oskaloosa, just strong winds, but are thankful for the .6″ of rain we got. We bought some tomato plants Thursday night, but not it is too wet to put them in the ground. We may get more rain tomorrow. Praying we don’t get any bad storms as has been predicted for some places. We are enjoying the warmer weather today.

  14. Vicki Ibarra

    Rain and wind here last night in Iowa City. We have potential for severe weather tonight and tomorrow. Trying to get a bunch of outdoor work done today as we may be stuck inside all day tomorrow. I have a quilt ready for me to bind. Yay! And another on the longarm to quilt if we don’t have lightning. (I won’t put my longarm at risk of an electrical burst with lightning.) I am in shorts today as it is 80 degrees. Our grass is really green and after this weekend rain I will need to mow on Monday. I do love the color of the lawn this time of year…reminds me of pictures of Ireland green.

  15. Jan Hebert

    The tornado pictures have been frightening! I can’t imagine how terrifying if must be to be near one. That’s one really nice part of New England, we don’t have many life-threatening weather events. I can only remember one poor woman who died in a rare tornado that traveled through parts of New Hampshire years ago. I just love the back yard with all of the bird feeding stations! I hope she will claim the picture! I love the birds and I’m always trying to come up with ways to protect them from the hawks that fly through. My daughter Jaime is the same way and goes even further by putting things in her windows to try to deter them from flying into them. She lost a sweet little song bird this spring and is adamant about keeping others from doing the same thing. The neighbors probably get a chuckle out of seeing the windows but she doesn’t care! And that chicken sign…yup! Squeak was such a cute little thing! And what an adorable French Bulldog! Love the quilt. I’ll have to post pictures of my cat on a quilt, unfortunately no dogs here…and no finished quilts either lately! Jan in MA

  16. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary I am thankful you didn’t get any damage from the storms. We did not either but I feel so sorry for all the people in Nebraska and Iowa. I saw they spotted 78 tornados in this system! I am amazed that no one lost their life! But it was mainly during daylight so that does help! I hate those night time severe weather storms when you cannot see anything! Up here in NW Iowa we had .60 inches of rain. That was fine compared to all the devastation!
    Take car and have a good Sunday!

  17. Barbara Firesheets

    So glad the tornadoes didn’t come through your area. Prayers for all those who were affected. Sorry to hear about the loss of your classmate. I’ll bet she would have liked that you all had a good visit even though her passing is what brought you together. Hope there are no more power outages (especially when your cleaning lady returns)!

  18. RuthW in MD

    Interesting chicken sign, “thiking” about getting more chickens. Guess that’s not really thinking, so that’s ok!

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