Meet Teresa, 4-26-24

Teresa is our next card recipient – after some health challenges following knee replacement surgery.

We’re high school sweethearts married for 47 years. I’ve worked a variety of jobs over the years including a bank teller, insurance agent and lastly administration at a mental health facility.  I left work at 55 and never looked back. We’ve lived in Pennsylvania and West Virginia for 45 yrs and moved back to Indiana to be near family. Mom passed last year but I still have a brother and 2 wonderful nephews here. No kids of our own.  I enjoy cooking and gardening. I have been quilting 30 some years and love studying quilts of all designs. We had 2 dogs, lab shepherd mix, that were rescued litter mates and currently have 2 calico cats – rescues as well. Animals are awesome! 

All good thoughts and we’ll wishes are appreciated.  Thank you again 💓 

A home health nurse taught my husband how to administer the IV’s twice a day.  I’m very thankful that no needles are involved. There is still no real reason why this happened. My Dr’s are stumped. It has put my shoulder recovery behind by several weeks. I see that Dr next week. At 68 yrs old, it seems like everything is hitting me all at once. My road of life is full of twists and turns but I’m not giving up yet.
This picture is of my husband Tim and I before a concert recently. 

Teresa Klus 
1316 N Nursery Rd 
Anderson IN  46012

This all took place after her knee replacement surgery. I’d say she needs some friends cheering her up with cards! Mine will be in the mail today. Yours?

9 thoughts on “Meet Teresa, 4-26-24

  1. Kim from Wi

    I think the card idea is marvelous and I will get mine in the mail. Kindness is so easy, lets lift Teresa up with our friendships.

  2. Kathy in western NY

    I keep a box of quilt cards just for special people like Teresa. She’s my kind of people rescuing pets, quilting, going to concerts and not giving up!

    1. Joy in NW Iowa

      Kathy in NY ~ I think I received a card from you way back when we were posting our addressses! Very special and thanks again! I may surprise you! 😂

  3. Connie R . in Wis

    I’d be happy to send Teresa a card. Hopefully she will soon be on the road to a full recovery.

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