More Chickens! 4-25-24

I wanted to make sure I didn’t get bored with nothing to do so when Heather, my neighbor, offered me 10 pullets that her husband had gotten a great deal on, I accepted.

Hazel almost got in the kennel with them! Tomorrow will be Keeper’s turn in with the chicks but he’ll do great.

So that’s 25 new chickens – I’ll be rolling in eggs, won’t I? And I’ll be back to making homemade angel food cakes!

Speaking of Angel – I’m sure you remember Angel, the little poodle that Gloria recently lost. She was heartbroken – but today her heart began to heal when she adopted Caitlin Angel, a 5 lb. miniature poodle that Jo’s rescue was going to foster.

She’s already attended her first flea market – Gloria really knows how to teach ‘em right, doesn’t she?

And Hank’s mom finished her BIG Fresh Air quilt –

And she had it quilted with straight lines!!! It is wonderful, isn’t it? Makes me want to start making blocks. I love it!

I hung Spring in the entry today.
I started cleaning all the debris out of the rocks – did most of it yesterday because today the wind was blowing 40 mph!

I have a two acre hay field south of the house and I’m going to fence it in so my dogs and my friends’ dogs can run and run and run and not get hurt or lost. Today River City Fencing came to measure it. It will be my own private dog park – I definitely need some trees and things to climb on but one thing at a time.

Jo in Wyoming was talking about all the mess that goes along with remodeling and since she didn’t know me before 2012 she asked about this house. She joined the group when I was adding the rock facade. So here’s how it all started in 1982.

If you look to the left side you’ll recognize the same kitchen cupboards that I’m using today. Most of the furniture was moved out while I lived in the mess but the piano stayed and I continued to give piano lessons. Oh, the memories, lots of them not good but now in the distant past.

And I didn’t think I had much to say. Ha!

48 thoughts on “More Chickens! 4-25-24

  1. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Your Spring quilt is nice, your remodel, oh my!!
    And, I love the Fresh Start quilt. I will have to find the book and get busy.
    If I lived close I would be an egg buying customer. Love alllll your chickens. Smart to have the dogs get acquainted.
    One of the churches here has a nice dog park for anyone and everyone and it is always busy. Good for you. You will meet a lot of new people and their dogs.
    Shirley in central OR

  2. Sharon F

    Hank’s Mom’s version of the Fresh Start quilt is beautiful! I love the colors she chose.

    Mary, that’s so generous of you to fence in 2 acres of your property for a dog park for your and your friends’ dogs. Lots of fun to be had there by folks and pups.

    25 new chickens- Wow! No, you won’t be bored. And you can make a really, really big omelette. 😂

    Looks like we’ll have a rainy, dreary weekend here, which is good. I need some time in my sewing room.

  3. Jan Hebert

    Wow! That’s a LOT of chickens! I hope most are hens, haha! I love your “Spring” quilt. And Hank’s Mom’s quilt is beautiful in the colors she chose. Gloria’s new pup is so cute! I’m happy for both of them. I envy your ease with taking in dogs. I always worry that we will have a dog fight on our hands but yours always seem to get along! Boy, that was some remodel, did you have plans to follow? Did you design it? I love the way it came out. I planted more seeds today and rearranged the grow lights to fit them in. Hoping to plant some cool weather seeds outside by this weekend. It’s probably already too late but I’m going to try anyway. It was so nice in the sun today but never got over 48 with a really cold sea breeze. Geesh! Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan -there have been 5 major additions and remodels since 1982 and yes, all from my head. I did draw the original one on graph paper to show my carpenter. Yup, quarter inch quilting graph paper – ha! The first remodel had a wrap around porch but I learned it was always too buggy to sit out there so eventually I got the screened porch. The chickens my neighbors bought are all pullets. Whew!

      1. Cindy Sabinske

        Good morning,Mary! I really like the ‘Spring’ quilt, would you offer that pattern for us to purchase as well? I want to do a row by row type project! It is raining here in SW Minnesota, the rain is very welcome for sure. I put a couple odpf my plants outside on the deck to get the wonderful rain. I will go visit a friend in the nursing home today, she fell and fractured her shoulder in two places, and needs help for her daily needs, and then I will get. Back to my sewing projects after that. Tomorrow I shall go on a shop hop until I run out of time, then start over the next day, hopefully getting done, have to remember to keep a-moving! I love seeing your photos on the transformation of your home! The end process is a yay! with the during the remodel sometimes hard to put up with! I am enjoying all the photos as well!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Cindy- please look for the book online first – it’s likely cheaper than I can offer this pattern.

          1. Cindy Sabinske

            I thought it was an individual pattern! Can you tell me what book it is in? I will go to mt pattern/sewing books library!


          2. Cindy Sabinske

            Mary! I found the pattern! I am very excited! New project for sure! I also need to order a few more of your books! Enjoy the rain! (Wear warm clothes! )

  4. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    25 new chickens! They will really entertain you and us! Beautiful quilt and wall hanging too.
    Biscuit and I got a load of dirt for my backyard garden today. Last summer my husband built a staircase on the hill that is in our backyard. I’m adding dirt and a shade flower garden to the stairway edge. And tonight when I went out to put the chickens in for the night, I saw someone had dug up my hostas already!! Not very happy about that. I replanted them and then covered each with a piece of chicken wire. I also put up my greenhouse and plan to transfer my glads and dahlias from the house to the greenhouse on Saturday. I’ll send a picture of my greenhouse in a few days.
    I saw that the Indiana Fevers first game is May 14th. Did you see that? I hope I got the date right. That announcement during the NFL draft was a great commercial for Caitlin Clark! The draft is very entertaining and close to my home. The excitement in Detroit has been crazy this past week! They closed the exits into town tonight because the city was at capacity for people. Glad I’m watching from home!
    I’m getting together with 3 of my 4 sisters tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – you’re the real thing – an actual gardener. I can’t imagine starting another garden. Remember how busy you were last year about now? I completely forgot about the draft! What happened about the CC commercial that you mentioned? My dream has always been to have a greenhouse.

  5. Pat Smith

    Wow! More new chickens! I’m so glad your dogs seem to understand about the chickens. We are in Key West, FL in the RV and chickens run free in this campground and all over town. Three, 2 roosters and a hen stroll out from under the RV occasionally. Last night one of them roosted on the back of one of our lawn chairs. You can guess the rest! I was’t sure how Sonny would react to the chickens, but he seems more puzzled than anything. He seems to wonder where they come from and where they are going. I’m so glad Gloria got a new pup. I was so saddened when she lost Angel. Two whole acres for dogs to run in…a dream for most dogs. We have a much smaller dog park in our neighborhood, but the dogs don’t seem to care that it’s small and the adults have a great time every day. We’ve all become friends over the years and have parties and picnics. Nothing like animals to bring people together.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – do you suppose Sonny thinks they’re just more wildlife? They’re just “around” and he simply doesn’t care! Ha! Does anyone feed the community chickens? Bet it’s nice and warm there.

  6. Deb in Idaho

    I love hanks mom’s quilt, and the chickens! Our neighbor has chickens and I Love the wonderful sounds they make. Been busy in the garden. So much to do and so little time to do it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Deb – I’ll bet your growing season is not much longer than ours! So when it finally gets nice you have to hurry to get it all done – I know the feeling.

  7. Denise Erbacher

    Hi Mary, know in the past you said you would never publish the recipe for Angel cake again, but please..
    My recipe was not a success, should be like a sponge?

    Anyway on Saturday i adopted a 7 year old long haired tabby, I have named Evelyn, she is a perfect pet and hasnt put a paw wrong. She was surrender but has been well brought up.
    She makes me happy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Thank you for adopting Evelyn! With such a lovely old name I bet she’ll be a perfect pet.

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Because of water damage, I’m having a very small bathroom redone. Mary’s looks like a complete rebuild!!! Gloria has a cutie pie. I’m sure all 3 will be happy.
    New chickens, you love watching them from your porch. Yes, the eggs will start flowing soon.
    I have a dove nesting just outside the bedroom window. What a gift every morning.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – but did you see the house I was tearing down? It was ramshackle – glass fell out of the living room windows when I touched them. Everybody said we should have torn it down and started over but I didn’t want a 3 bedroom ranch.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – take a picture of your dove if you can – sweet to wake up to that

  9. patti

    mary, i almost spewed my water all over my lap top. the lack of dozens of chicken is going to cause you to be bored? well, at least we know you are easily amused. you do more and have more to do than most of us so i don’t see how you could be bored. i’m glad gloria got a new dog. healing will begin. i’m also glad that denise got a new elder cat that had been brought up properly. so much easier than mine that still thinks he is feral and he’s been with me since 2016. ha! btw he is almost 10 years old. i love the quilt made by hank’s mom (i feel bad that i’ve forgotten her name, so sorry). the colors are great. i love your spring wallhanging. have always loved your freeform tree in that one. boy, that’s alot of remodeling that you did. you could probably try for an architect’s license by now. like you need more work. the dog park for your dogs and their friends is a really nice idea. they can be in the puppy bowl part of the super bowl. you’ll have to let them have some balls out there. ha! i got a free tree from my city for arbor day. it’s a bald cypress and is between 5-6′ tall already. trying to figure out where to put and get it planted. i expected a tiny tree since it was free. i also got my 2.5 x 4.5 pairs pieced and all trimmed today. all 134 pairs of them. now i can lay them out and see if i deal with overthinking or maybe just toss them out and then sew them together. it’s blues and whites/creams/tans/low volumes. it will be a bit. off to bed. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – haha! Free range chickens are the best and I was just teasing when I said I needed more to do. My mom always told me I made so much work for myself – she was right, of course, but I’m too old to change now. I can’t wait to see all your paired rectangles – and your new tree! Who will plant it for you? Checked on my chicks right before I came to bed – they are living having something to roost on. All they had was a tiny enclosure with nothing inside.

  10. Shirley

    Love the house remodeling pictures!! Our Pennsylvania house was living for 18 years with constant remodeling. I did get tired of constant projects (not quilting ones though).

  11. Deb from Iowa

    Beautiful “Fresh Start Quilt”. Can’t believe Hank isn’t sitting in the middle of it. Big fan of the straight line quilting. Unbelievable you were able to live in your house during the remodel. Look out below!

    1. Hank's Mom aka: Michele

      Hank tried but we have a 30″ board in the doorway to my sewing room to keep him out. The sewing room has carpet and Hank is still banned from being on the carpet without supervision. We are making great progress with him but he’s only 3 months old, and as they say…. …**** happens. 🙂

  12. Judy

    Mary, your statement about the remodeling brought back memories.
    “… but the piano stayed” Of course it did. Who would want to move a piano unless they absolutely had to. The only time I remember our piano at home being moved was when the professionals came and took it away to be restrung before I started piano lessons. It had been my grandmother’s gift for her graduation from 8th grade. She had been gone 20 years and it had seen little action in that time. My piano has just been out of the room once, to lay new carpet. I remember the pianos at school had to be moved. That was a pain even though they were on large rollers.
    “and I continued to give piano lessons.” This part of your comment brings back memories of the ‘91 ice storm. Our home was without power for ten days. On the 7th day it was time for piano lessons for my daughters. The teacher said she would start a fire in their fire place and do the lessons. But they had been staying with someone who had electricity so she didn’t start the fire until that morning. No time to warm up the house. It was cold. But the piano lessons still went on with no electricity as yours did with the remodeling.
    Thanks for sharing in your blog about life on the farm. It brings back a lot of memories.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – oh my gosh! The ice storm of 91 was a turning point in my life. 7 days? I thought ours was bad and it was out only 4-1/2. Of course my ex husband was gone and I trudged through the weather to bring firewood to the house. I moved the couch next to it and by morning the fire was gone and I woke up. A neighbor brought me a lawn mower battery and a trouble light to hang from the ceiling in the kitchen and the hook is still there as a memory.
      The story about the piano lessons is one for the books and really should be written as a children’s book! Those old teachers let nothing come between the piano lesson. As a kid my teacher had a brain tumor removed and I got the summer off – then she went right back to giving lessons. Warming up the house for piano lessons – now that’s serious! More serious than me actually – at least I had heat but the piano was covered with plastic that we just pushed back from the keyboard. I just love hearing stories from you readers – I suppose just like you seem to enjoy mine. The ‘91 ice storm had more more repercussions that are too numerous to tell here. Thanks so much for the piano lesson story – I just loved it!!!

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Mary, will your dog fence have a gate big enough for your golf cart in case you want to drive around the 2 acres? Never know if you hurt your ankle or something down the road. We looked at a used golf cart like ours out for sale in a yard ($3900) and it was electric so didn’t buy it. We prefer the gas ones for our colder weather and the cost of batteries replacement is too high. We will keep looking.
    Love Gloria’s new companion and how sweet a kitty has found a home with Denise. You’re all good people. I still have my batiks all in a tote ready to make your Fresh Air quilt. Gloria’s finish is stunning with the colors.
    Happy Friday and back out to the yard to get some more exercise before rain comes in tomorrow, then 70 and 80 for the next 2 days. Time to make up a pasta salad too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – not only will it have a gate large enough for my golf cart, it will have double gates wide enough to get a tractor, baler and hay rack through. I’m assuming the farmer will still want to bale the alfalfa. Maybe not. Yes, used golf carts are still expensive so I had the the motor rebuilt – the mechanic said he wouldn’t advise more work on it in the future so I plan to park it in the grove to sit in while the dogs play.

  14. Susan in VA

    Love your spring quilt! Love all your chickens! Love your dog park idea — that will be so much fun.
    Love the results of the remodeling, but would never tolerate living in all of that. I have lived with remodeling, but not that extreme!

  15. Donna A

    Wow! It’s hard to believe that you lived in the mess of remodeling/restoring! Did you collect all those rocks by yourself? What a job!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – I DID collect all the rocks by myself. Every farmer has a rock pile and I visited all of them in my neighborhood with the tractor pulling a small trailer. Since I couldn’t back up the trailer I always had to be able to drive out straight. At the beginning I searched for beautiful rocks but as my contractor looked over the pile I became less picky. I loaded the rocks, drove home and threw them off in a pile – I handled each rock at least twice. My contractor said he couldn’t really use the round rocks as much as he needed rocks with a flat side. As his men put them against the house he made them trade places often so one man’s rock pattern didn’t look completely different from the next man’s. As they progressed around the house Steve, my contractor, would look at the dwindling pile and send me out again for more rocks.
      Today the reminder of the rock pile is still here and think about it – the best rocks , the nicest ones are still on the bottom!!! I have some great pictures and when I come across them I’ll post.
      The short answer could have been – yes, I collected all the rocks.

  16. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary, you were afraid you would get bored? Haha! That was funny! But, hopefully you will soon be giving away extra eggs! I love homemade angle food cake with that sticky frosting! Mmmmm and while I am at it, fresh strawberries and ice cream! A birthday treat!
    The rain started during the night and the wind is roaring! We have grandparents day today is SF. A miserable day to be on the road with the wind blowing us all over!
    Take care and love all your pictures and you are so kind to the dogs!

  17. Sally J. Mi.

    The Fresh Start quilt is beautiful and love the color choice. Like your dog park idea!! Unable to get out in my garden much as lower back is having a lot of pain. Grr! This too shall pass!
    Finally starting to warm up and feels so good. Gloria your new little puppy is adorable.
    Everyone have a nice weekend.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally J – my lower back is giving me fits, too – does everybody our age have a backache? Just curious. I’m hopeful it WILL pass.

  18. Pamela Dempsey in northeast Texas 😻

    Oh Mary, what pretty new chickens! We have a young couple that bring one of our sewing members eggs for us to buy, $3 a dozen. Nothing like free range fresh eggs from happy hens! Kudos for the dog park, they will love it.
    I have been working on our backyard the last couple of weeks, not daily, I get too sore. I have dug along our fence, pulling grass so I can plant lantana and daylilies. Also putting sunflowers and hummingbird vine seeds I started. My back and knees really hurt after a while so it’s slow going. Got cherry tomatoes in city growers planters and they are doing great. I started some Cherokee Purple tomatoes and they are quite younger, hope they grow well. We have a few hummingbirds coming and yesterday about 5 Baltimore Orioles came to the hummingbird feeders. Had never seen any before, very bright and pretty. Penny and Lucy love watching all the birds, squirrels and lizards out our glass back door 😻.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I’m expecting the orioles anytime now – have already got my grape jelly waiting.

  19. Fran

    Hope you are getting this rainy weather Mary.

    The quilts are wonderful. Anything with stars makes me happy.

    I get another day to play in my sewing room. I was going to go into the city today but the weather prediction is such I don’t think I should go far from home. All the nasty might be here through the weekend. I love the rain, it’s the wind, hail and possible tornado that keeps me home! The long arm is ready to rock and roll!

  20. Diana Stanfill

    I just love the dog park idea! And yes our dear fur babies must be safe! Our dog is a rescued Beagle from the Hillsborough County Humane Society in Tampa. I love her to pieces! They told us she was 6 years old. The vet said more like 9 or 10. So this senior, got a senior!!

  21. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Interesting morning here. My daughter dropped off her very young dog, studio poodle. My golden retriever mix has his in the bedroom and was glad when I shut the door. He never liked being shut in but he must need a rest. Going to be an interesting weekend.
    Finished The Women book in 2 days. Great book!! I recommend it, especially for women of my generation.I’m 71. We lived near Wright Patterson Air Force base and my best friend’s father and brothers were all in Vietnam. Her mother kept a map of Vietnam on the wall in the kitchen with markers where everyone was located. Luckily they all came back. By the time I was in college the father was back and they moved to Colorado. Sometimes I felt I didn’t experience the war enough. I had a cousin who was a medic over there. Went on to become a doctor. My dad spent his time teaching air force graduate students at the Air Force Institute of Technology. After my father’s stint in the navy in World War II he wasn’t keen on his children serving in the military. Mom and Dad didn’t want me to participate in anti-war demonstrations while I attended college. Dad was proud of his work for our government. Think I will read some memories of the Army Nurse Corps that are listed at the end of The Women.

  22. Doris G

    I have never seen your angel food cake recipe. Is it still on your blog somewhere? Also what book is the spring quilt pattern in? Sorry I don’t know where these things are! Thank you for all you do for us!!
    Doris in Alabama

      1. Doris G

        Susan I am in Sulligent which is near the Mississippi line. I moved here in January from Hamilton when I retired.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Doris – Wear Warm Clothes or possibly the quilt shop series, I can’t remember. I’ll post my cake recipe – it’s Emma’s recipe, my neighbor across the road who was one of the best bakers I have ever known!!

      1. Doris G

        Mary! Thank you I will try to find my book! I still have not unpacked everything since we moved in January!

  23. Launa

    A little sprinkle here in Idaho this morning. Grand dog went out with my husband n is now inside getting a few dog cookies! Our stream to the pond is now running on both sides of the house, down under our road to the river!
    Will send card to Teresa!
    Plan to watch Football Detroit Round 2 when it starts!
    You are going to have many fresh eggs to freeze before you know it, Mary!
    Launa in chilly 🥶 Idaho

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