Many Pictures! 4-28-24

I’ll break up the photos I’ve gotten because there are just too many for one post. This is so fun!

Spring photos, reader quilts and pets on quilts:

I swear this could be my sewing room twin!

Just look at these beautiful Iowa field rocks!

I wish I could remember whose pet is whose. We are a pet lovin’ bunch, aren’t we?

It rained nearly all day – maybe our drought is over? But probably not – I know things are greening up because my little radishes are up! They’re planted in an old tractor tire. Now it needs to warm up and the sun needs to shine. Cold rain just isn’t going to germinate seeds, is it?

31 thoughts on “Many Pictures! 4-28-24

  1. patti

    wow, eleven (11) kitties and one (1) dog – all on quilts. fantastic. plus iowa rocks. and rather dry cracked earth with a couple sprigs. the first kittie with the facial close-up is so precious. i’ll wait for the rest of the pictures, thanks to all and to mary for issuing the invitation. patti in florida

  2. Jay

    I enjoy seeing all the critters, especially cats since I can’t have one anymore (allergic kids). I also enjoy seeing someone else’s messy sewing room! Tidy ones are nice, too, but I really can’t relate to those. 😁

  3. Martha W in WY

    I loved seeing the pets on quilts. I had to “play” I spy on photo #4. That white kitty on the back of the couch looks so relaxed. I’ll be waiting to see the dogs.

  4. Sue Smith in OR

    I’m on Cuteness overload tonight with all the cats on quilts…oh, and one darling dog. Fun!

  5. Denise Erbacher

    A reply for Patti, the first cat is Evelyn, a 7 year old long haired tabby, sadly recently surrended to the RSPCA (animal protection in Australia) . She’s been a well brought up lady, very affectionate, great appetite, in fact hasnt put a paw wrong, and has brought me so much joy the last 9 days, because …drum roll……now she’s mine!

    1. Susan in AL

      Congratulations on your new family member! She’s just as elegant as her name 🙂

    2. Gloria from CC

      Thank you for adopting Evelyn. Such a beautiful cat. Loved all the pictures. I’ll try to get a picture of Caitlin on a quilt.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, my heart went out to the first cat Evelyn, so beautiful! Thank you for posting the photos of kinky on the quilt l was pinning out and Mr Kitty (RIP)he liked to be on the cutting mat and ended up with threads etc on his head, such a patient cat! I made a feijoa cake today with the windfall feijoas that get blown over from the neighbors trees, very tasty. Feijoas are a South American fruit that is very popular in New Zealand.
    Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Sandy, I enjoyed seeing your grandkitties! Very interesting about Feijoas. I’ll have to ask Ashley about those. She loves making cakes. Have a wonderful day!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – what would feijoas compare to that we would be familiar with?

  7. Janice in middle TN

    Did a double take when I saw the picture of the sewing room! Thought it was mine for a second! I am in the process of cleaning my room and have all surfaces cleared/organized except for my basting table where I have piled all my UFO’s. So many! Am going to go through them, organize them(?), and move some out that I know I won’t finish. Love the pictures of pets.

  8. Kim from Wi

    All of the pets on quilts just make me smile, thank you to all who shared. I don’t have pets anymore due to allergies, but I sure love seeing them. Seeing those tiny radishes poking through the dirt says spring is here and summer is soon to come. Iowa has some of the best dirt. Managed to wash all the windows, and the light fixtures in our rental. Getting stuff done so we can move to our new home mid May.

  9. Fran

    Enjoyed the photos! Especially enjoyed the rocks. I grew up loving rocks.

    Love the pets too. I have not had any pets in over 10 yrs. UNLESS you call my two zebra finches in a cage pets. They require a lot of attention, and they are company.

    Took me two hrs to figure out a head of a bear for a baby quilt. Their directions were none really. I did it in two separate hrs because I was so frustrated. It’s cute though with just the paws and head showing up over the lower part of just squares. I should just stick to panel quilts for babies but this was a kit for a steal. But I changed the fabrics too and the other went into my stash. It was to prissy for a baby boy.

  10. Sharon F

    Love all the pictures of the cats and quilts, the pup too. Had to search for a while before I found the kitty in the sewing room. They just love to hunker down in a cozy spot, don’t they?

  11. Pat in AZ

    Mary, you come up with the best ideas for sharing! Thank you and thank everyone for sharing the wonderful pets and quilts.

  12. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary and friends! I’m loving all the spring pictures and pets in quilts! Boy I laughed out loud at the picture of the messy sewing room – looks just like mine right now!

  13. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    Thank you for all the work you do on this blog! I don’t comment often, but please know I enjoy your daily musings and all the photos! May you have a dry week!!

  14. Diane, Squeak,& Buddy in Central Ohio

    The mostly kitties on the quilts are just adorable. Dogs, too😀 🐕! We let our kitties on them, too. Our cats are wherever we are. I am cutting lots of pieces to take to the quilt retreat. So far, several projects are going.
    As always, Mary, thank you for blogging for us. This group is like a huge “girl gang”! If we all lived close to each other, we could accomplish a LOT😀. As it is, we spread sunshine in our own little corners of the world❤️

  15. Kris in WI

    Loving the fur family on quilts, especially the cats in the middle of the quilt/sewing projects! Thanks for sending in your pix, everyone. And thanks to Mary for putting the blog together.

    Meanwhile, my dandelions and violets are thriving and feeding the bees, plus I found 1 1/2 yards of dandelion fabric (Fabric Traditions dated 1994) at the thrift store! Oh, and I heard a wren in the lilacs this afternoon. Spring has arrived! Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – yes, the wrens are here. No barn swallows yet and our purple Martin house fell down so they won’t find any place to nest around here. Makes me so sad.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    I think people’s pets are almost as important as grandchildren. And cats HAVE to be right in the middle of whatever we are doing. Sewing rooms are wonderful. Some people look at it as a mess worth nothing. We sewers look at it like heaven on earth. A neat room is a waste of space. I see it as a great creative place full of ideas.

    Spring and mud go together, especially with the black Iowa dirt. I always liked to go barefoot and Mom always made me wash my feet before I went to bed. And then there were the free range chickens…….

    The storms and tornadoes have been all over the place. Have any of you had the bad weather. I have always been afraid of tornadoes as nobody knows what direction they will go. Many years ago a tornado went right down the main street of Belmond, Iowa. Dad worked for the county and was sent to help truck all the debrie out of town. I don’t think anybody was hurt. We will survive.

    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – the Belmond tornado was in the fall of 1966 – the same year I started at Iowa State. Right down Main Street! But today it’s so nice –

  17. Angie from Baltimore

    Love looking at the pictures. It makes me feel motivated to start something new I see a quilt and think I NEED to do that one then the next picture pops up and I repeat myself. Very talented quilt artists

  18. Launa

    Snowed off n on most of day, but nothing stuck on ground…6” were predicted! Very windy up here in Idaho!

    A neighbor left for his TX home this morning…said he n wife will return in a couple months.

    Didn’t see any Elk, White Tail nor Mule Deer 🦌 today!


  19. Gloria Y

    I have a question about the Viking quilt. Is there a pattern for this? I don’t recognize the pattern! Love seeing all the pets! And sewing rooms!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – maybe the reader will leave a comment. If not I’ll try to ask

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