Happy Easter

Cinnamon rolls baked this morning for our church breakfast.

Very cold in North Iowa this morning with snow on the ground from last weekend. My two favorite teams, Kansas and Loyola, both lost last night – oh, the agony of defeat. There is still NOTHING like March Madness however and on Tuesday I will suffer basketball withdrawal.

Jo wrote about not wanting to offend anyone on this religious holiday. I offer no apologies – He is risen and I am saved by grace. Hallelujah, He is Lord!

49 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Angie

    Those look amazing! Hope you made some for Rick as well.
    May you have a Blessed Easter.

    1. Sharon Hultgren

      He is risen indeed!!
      Wish those rolls were coming to our sunrise breakfast!! Happy Easter!!!

  2. Linda

    Would you be willing to share your cinnamon roll recipe? They look delicious! Happy Easter!

  3. Karen

    Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!
    Blessings to you this Easter morning!
    I can just smell those cinnamon rolls. Should’ve made my cream cheese braids I used to make when my kiddos were little and at home. Sweet memories.

  4. Gloria B.

    Many blessings to you this Easter Day! Alleluia!

    Loyola’s loss was sad here in Chicago. We will remain proud of them.

  5. Brenda

    Christ is risen today!
    Thank you for you testimony.
    Enjoy this resurrection Sunday.

  6. Carol C.

    He is risen indeed!! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious!! Enjoy! My Gonzaga Bulldogs lost in the Sweet 16 — so sad! We were able to watch the Notre Dame women play last weekend in Spokane. They are playing in the championship today, and are fun to watch. One last game for me, before withdrawal!!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Launa

    Amen, Mary! Your cinnamon rolls look so yummy 😋.
    I picked Villanova and Loyola.
    Much snow remains here in northern Idaho as well. Hurry SPRING!

  8. Connie Blyler

    He is risen indeed! I love your straightforwardness Mary. Happy Easter to you and Rick and all the little ‘kiddos’ in your house and barn! Sorry you are having such a cold, snowy winter for so long! As someone else asked……Will you be sharing your cinnamon rolls recipe? Pretty please?? 🙂

  9. Delores

    Happy Easter to you, Rick and all your friends!!!
    We appreciate and love your enthusiasm and your willingness to share.
    Christ has risen indeed!!!

  10. Angie

    Christ is risen indeed!! Alleluia!!
    And those cinnamon rolls are just beautiful. Wish you weren’t quite so far away!!!
    Have a blessed Easter!

  11. Patty

    🎶🎵Christ the Lord is risen today!🎶
    Aaaaalleluia !🎶
    Happy Easter!!🐣

  12. Bobbie Woodruff

    Amen, today is the day our Lord went to live with his father. The day we praise God for his son. To someday meet our Lord and savior is just beyond amazing.

  13. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I hope your Easter is truly blessed! No need to apologize for our Savior! However, showing off those cinnamon rolls…well, you got my mouth watering!

  14. Gloria

    He is risen! Amen! Little humor…surely the angels in the tomb were men, they said “Woman, why are you crying?” Waiting for game tomorrow night…Go Blue!

  15. Kate

    Amen. He is risen, indeed. Anyone offended by Jesus? They will offend Him. Happy and blessed Easter.

  16. Sue

    Yum! Those cinnamon rolls!! They look delicious.
    I made a banana cream pie today for our Easter dessert. Have not made one in a very long time. It was good!
    Hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter.

  17. Charlotte Barnard

    I know that my Redeemer liveth! And I am grateful for your posts from the Farm! Happy Easter!!!!!

  18. Arrowhead Gramma

    Happy Easter to you, Mary and Rick. Yes indeed, He has risen and we are saved by His grace!

  19. Kathy Schwartz

    Jesus died for OUR sins. He gave his life for us. He is risen! Hallelujah!
    Rolls look awesome.

  20. Mary Boillat

    Love your posts. Hope your Easter was blessed. He Is Risen Indeed Hallelujah

  21. Carolyn

    Lord of Lords, Prince of Peace, The Holy One of Israel , My Savior. He has Risen!!!!

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