Happy May Day! 5-1-23

Did anyone else make May Baskets and deliver them to neighbors when you were a kid? Hang the basket on the door, knock and then run back to the car? If you were caught the recipient would get to kiss you!

Catching up with Pet Parade!

Meet Penny Lane and Lucy Mae

Remember Pamela who lost her beloved cat and was going to adopt kittens? Here they are!

Just look at that sweet bed!

Ivy and Finn were here yesterday – Ivy loves the cats!

Hazel and Keeper in their favorite chair – it’s big enough for both of them at the same time!

On to reader quilts:

Can’t remember if she’s a reader or I saw this from another site but I love it – the understatement of the different grays and ivories is so soothing, isn’t it?

Remember I said I had to make two more rows for March Madness? That’s what I worked on yesterday. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m considering putting it away till next March Madness and quilt it then. I am so sick of it right now.

The wind is blowing 30-40 mph today but I’m going to try to work a bit outside – on the east side of the house! And now that Fluffybun has moved to the house I don’t have to sit in the shop to keep her company. She was so lonely out there but she has adjusted nicely to the house and is still looking for a home.

And last but not least both Becky and I would like to thank you for all those nice anniversary wishes! She really appreciated them and it just proves once again how thoughtful my readers are.

PS – I can’t wait for my hair to grow – it’s already been 2-1/2 weeks. Never trust a new hairdresser to understand what you have in mind. The good thing about hair is that it will grow again but oh my, it takes a long time!

98 thoughts on “Happy May Day! 5-1-23

  1. Linda

    Two pretty sisters—you guys look great—so happy….I wish I had a sister like that!!!

  2. Dorothy Sheldrake

    When I saw your pic with the new haircut, right off I thought HOW CUTE YOU LOOK. A LOT YOUNGER TOO. Then thought maybe I’ll get mine cut that way.
    Keep it short “Young Lady”

  3. brendalynne1

    what a variety in today’s blog. what was the final straw on the decision putting the quilt away ??? Wont it be a nagging thing hanging over you for a whole year ?? just asking.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brendalynne1 – yes, it could be a nagging thing in which case I’ll have to dig it out and work on it but right now I’m hating it so away it goes even if it’s just a short time.

  4. Susan from PA

    I vote for keeping that short haircut. It is very flattering and perfect for summer. Lovely sister picture by the way.

  5. Joanne

    Yes may baskets delivered as a kid and now an older kid still do to friends! Happy May Day Joanne

  6. Moe from NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, I think your hair looks cute. I loved the photos of Becky and hubby, wow, 50 years. Congrats! The 9 patch quilt in subtle colors is my bee friend Betsy’s quilt, the photo must have been from FB, someone from Bee had posted photos. Of course, she could have sent it to you too. I hope you and Rick are well. I’m still finishing a lot of UFOs…. Decided that while I was working for 50 years that I was in a CAVE. Now that I’m retired I’m discovering all sorts of things about the world and about my world! I love retirement! I’ll have to send photos of my finished quilts soon.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I can’t wait to see your latest quilts as you and your friends just are so inspiring with all you create. I still love remembering all the Halloween/ fall ones you made with the stash of fabrics.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Moe – thanks for identifying that wonderful quilt! I probably saw it on FB or someone sent it to me. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying retirement. I’ve been wondering about Jay.

  7. Heidi

    I heard your name and Country Threads mentioned on the Quilt Show with Alex Anderson. Years ago a man by the name of Scott Hansen contacted you about a Quilt shop, he was interested in starting. You invited him to a show you were attending in Oregon, he said. He was interesting and colorful. Doesn’t have a quilt shop, but does have a blog. It is bluenicklestudios.com. Thought you might enjoy it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Heidi – oh, what a sweet memory! Yes, Scott is a good friend from many years ago and he is always gracious to give us credit for inviting him to the show. I still have a picture of his 3 kids on my bathroom bulletin board. You’ll love his blog!

  8. Sue in Oregon

    I made May Baskets, mostly for my mom and grandmom. So, I didn’t mind the kisses. We made them out of colored paper.
    My best friend and I would spend happy hours getting them ready.

    Seems like a new hairdresser either cuts it too short or leaves it too long. But, yours is cute. Mine usually sticks up at the crown like a quail or something. I have a cowlick there and the hair won’t lay down if it is too short.

    Yes! Put the quilt away. Then you will have a UFO to put a number on for the drawing. It’s going to be so pretty, but a quilter can get tired of them, especially those really big ones.

    Thanks for posting the photo of my hens. They are sweet girls. They go back in their pen at 4 o’clock without prompting. They are the best behaved group I have ever had.

    1. Jeanine from Iowa

      I love your chickens. I miss my chickens. I decided not to have them anymore after something killed all of two of them. I found a home for the two, and they have adjusted well and have many more friends where they are now. I still get fresh eggs from the lady that so graciously took my two orphans in. And one of the chickens was a leghorn mix, and I still get her eggs as she is the only one of her flock that lays white eggs! A win, win!

      1. Sue Smith

        Yes, Jeanine. That is a win, for sure. Fresh eggs are the best. I worry about mine, now, because we see an eagle fly over every now and then. A neighbor reported that it got one of his.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sue – are your chickens free range? Mine are and I worry about them every day as I’ve also seen an eagle fly over my grove.

  9. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    You and Becky are so young looking:) I don’t think it’s just the haircut, but I do think shorter hair makes us look younger. I grow mine in the winter (it grows fast) when it is cold because I walk 5 to 7 miles every day–gotta feed my neighbor dogs! I usually don’t wear a hat which drove my mom nuts. Yes, my sister and I took May baskets to our Kindergarten teacher for years. We always let her catch us:) I was just explaining that to my husband before I saw the blog. I like the simplicity of the half square triangle quilt. And, yes, I get it about putting something away that is “too long in the tooth.” It’ll be there next March.
    Fluffybun looks just like my sister’s cat, Fluffy Jill who lived to be 22 years. 40* here and rainy–great day to quilt so I can send some pics, too:)

  10. Carla

    I also think your hairstyle looks lovely. You and your sis look very happy! 50 years is fabulous. It’s very windy here in Michigan right now. I’m glad I got the potatoes in up at my mom’s. I also made a good start on corralling her overgrown raspberry patch. This coming weekend I’ll be prepping the melon/pie pumpkin plot. She even came outside with her new walker and sat nearby while we worked which was so nice for her. She misses being home. I’ve managed to plant carrots and beets in my own garden so far, and my peas are soaked and ready to plant, but this wind and rain…blech! Warmth would be welcome. Not a lot has been happening with either sewing or handwork lately. It seems every minute is filled. I had to redo how my bathroom is done to make room for mom to navigate the walker. No more towel dresser, everything is on racks and shelves on the walls. The room looks bigger now. Well, that’s enough from me lol. Blessings!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – so help my memory – your mom moved in with you? But you planted potatoes at her place?

      1. Carla

        My dad passed at the end of December and my 86 year old mom has mobility issues and can’t live 1:15 minutes from us, so she’s with us now. But, her house (our house really) has been in the family since the 1800s and we’re never selling it. We’re going up as often as possible and we have a security system for when we’re home here. Lots of room that were former gardens. Even last summer we had planned on planting up there. I like to can, so I’m growing food. I’m pretty much just doing full time caregiving for my mom and my grands, and keeping two houses and their gardens going! Hence, sewing and stitching get shunted aside quite often lol. Lucky for me my hubby and sons love going up and are getting so much done!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Carla – oh my goodness! That’s too much for any one person to do. Your mom is so lucky to have you welcome her into your home and I’ll bet she appreciates it so much. Will she be able to go back home if her health improves? Gosh, I hope so because I can just imagine how much she misses her house.

          1. Carla

            Moving back home for her is unlikely. But I will never put her in a home so long as I can physically care for her. In fact, if possible I will see that she can be home to die in the same home she was born in, should it turn out that we have warning. So far she is doing okay. I’ve made lots of appointments for her in an attempt to improve her quality of life and we just carry on.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Carla – you are just too sweet / what a wonderful daughter you are!! Please update us now and then.

  11. Angie from Baltimore

    They say the difference between a bad hair cut and a good one is one week maybe a bit more. Training a new hair stylist is a pain. Once I got frosting and she should have frosted what she hadn’t pulled through. It was a brassy blond and when I said it is a bit brassy she told me what to buy for it at the drugstore. Then a friend said “What you need is a PERM”. We were I. Our mid twenties. Trust me NEVER DO THIS. Oh what I have learned in 50 years. AND I paid for this !!!!

  12. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the quilt and pet show today. As to March Madness, well I have had times when I have put a quilt away for a year before I finished it. (Truth be told, for one it was 2 years.) So, do what feels good. These days, I have limited myself to finishing the projects I have started. I have one more to quilt and three pillow tops to quilt and sew into pillow covers before I will allow myself to start piecing again. The Dirty Dozen keeps me on the straight and narrow.

    I plan to make the Jelly Roll Twist next. I even have the strips cut, but not the squares. Meantime, I do outdoor work between windy days. Such wind in Iowa City! It looks like in 5 days or so, we will be able to plant tomatoes, peppers, and flower plants. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Happy May Day to everyone.

  13. Sherryl

    Grew up in Urbandale, IA and remember May baskets well. Lots of fun making them and then filling them with flowers.

  14. Emily P

    Love your hair!!

    Would love to know the pattern name the sampler reader quilt with the orange-ish border please. If you’re reading this – it’s truly lovely!

    We made May baskets at our 4-H meeting last night for the local care center residents. ❤️

  15. Rhoda Ebersole

    I never did much with May baskets until living in Mason City, Iowa all those years ago. It is a very lovely tradition. I have two nieces born on this day.
    You look very much like your sister Becky.
    I have learned about self binding baby blankets and that is the way to go. It would work on big quilts too. Jenny Doan has a YouTube video about it.
    Thank you Mary for continuing to inspire me.

  16. Lois Ann Johnson

    I love your hairstyle, Mary. It is very becoming (as my mother would say!) and it is probably easy to take care of. Yes, my sister and I were just remembering the little paper May baskets we used to make to give to neighbors and friends. I also did it with MY children. My son was here for the weekend and now he is driving back to Rapid City, SD today in this awful wind. Bailey loves to have Steve here. They were inseparable all weekend. She even climbed into bed with him at night–and stayed there, deserting her own mama. His little sister drove up from Des Moines on Saturday to visit and we celebrated her birthday. Today is Bailey’s birthday! She is 6 years old. To celebrate, we will go out for a ride in the car.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – HappyBirthday, Bailey! Youre the same age as Hazel who was 6 in January.

  17. Barbara Onnen

    My neighbor has gifted May baskets for 3 years now. She uses a sheet of scrap book paper rolled into cone with hanging ribbon with a tea bag and various chocolate candies. She also sends her handmade cards for every holiday and occasions. She also hosts Christmas tea for the neighbors. I feel so fortunate to be her neighbor and friend. Mary, your hair looks fine.

  18. Dot in coastal NC

    My sister and I made May baskets for our neighbors, but never got caught. And didn’t know about the kissing tradition! We wove them from pastel construction paper, using the traditional Danish heart basket method. My mother was of Danish ancestry, from Graettinger in Palo Alto County, Iowa.

  19. Julie b from Cedar Falls

    My hairdresser quit at the salon so I am looking for a new one…my first appointments is tomorrow…not sure what will happen. The new hairdresser cuts my cousin’s hair and hers always looks nice, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Wish me luck.
    I have been making quilt tops for the nursery at the Waverly hospital..I have 3 pieced and 2 panels..decided to use flannel instead of batting and back the quilts in flannel also. They should drape nicely.
    Soren competed at the Drake relays Friday…took 7th place (out of 24) with a jump of 5’4” and 16th (out of 32) in 100m hurdles. The weather was perfect. I am skipping her meet tonight, but will go o Wisconsin o watch Finn tomorrow and Soren competes in the conference championship meet Thursday in Davenport.
    Take care..the wind has to stop someday.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie b – we commented on the nice weather for the Drake Relays. Sometimes it’s very cold and rainy. Soren did well! Congrats to her!

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    We made May baskets from wallpaper samples. They were so pretty. We put flower seeds and candy in them.
    Thanks for the quilt show today…I needed that.
    We have a woodpecker problem! I’ve tried everything. Loretta patrols the east side and does a great job. I do the west side and get nothing done in the house. I’m going to the garden nursery this afternoon to get moving yard art. I hope it works.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – can you treat the wood on the house in some way to deter the woodpeckers? That’s a tough one – I don’t have any good ideas at all.

      1. Diane and the gang

        Did you try making very log strips of aluminum foil? That is what my neighbor has. They wave in the wind.

    2. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      We had a problem with woodpeckers and found long, twisted plastic icicles left over from Christmas decorations at a dollar store. We hung them up from the eaves at the roofs edge and it was enough to scare the woodpeckers away. They would blow in the wind and spin around. Neighbours laughed at us until the woodpeckers moved to their houses. We had the last laugh then. Hahaha.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Teresa – ingenious solution! Hope Jo reads this.

  21. Jeanine from Iowa

    When I saw your hair and before I read your comment, I thought…..that is just like my last haircut, and I like mine, and I also think yours looks great on you! Sounds like others do as well from the comments. Enjoyed all the animal and quilt pictures today. Very, very windy here in Oskaloosa today. No outside work for me. I had Bible study at church this morning with other ladies from our church. It has been a good day.

  22. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    We didn’t make May baskets as children, but we did make Easter baskets that were for the elderly villagers. They were mostly made of construction paper (the mind boggles: we thought they were fabulous, but I bet they were terrible!) in the form of a nest with a paper chicken sitting on it hiding the goodies, that were supplied by our parents. We took them, together with daffodils and tulips to the old people’s home and to the elderly who still lived at home, on the Saturday after Good Friday.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fiona – thank you! I love hearing stories from different parts of the world. That was very sweet – bet the elderly loved it!

  23. Connie R.

    May I and dealing with snow again yesterday and today. Only a few inches but, enough is enough.
    I’m working on a red and white quilt that is small but, lots of pieces. Now I need to buy some fabric for the border. Not many quilt shops around any more. I prefer buying fabric I can see and touch as opposed to buying online. I can see why you’re thinking of putting the March Madness quilt away for a while. Large quilts can do that .
    Your haircut looks great!

  24. Sandy

    Hi. Mary, Keeper is so big! Are you sure he is not a horse in disguise? Ha ha!The 2 little kittens look like my son’s cats that are waiting to come to new Zealand from Taiwan, nothing special, but worth thousands to the family! They won’t know themselves, Gras and trees to play on after apartment living on the 8th floor! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – are they under quarantine? For how much longer?

  25. Sharon Eshlaman

    I like the way you roll, Mary…..pets first and quilts second! The blog about nothing makes my day every time.

  26. Gwen

    I remember hanging May baskets. Was that just a Midwestern tradition or one of the traditions that got lost in the 60’s? It was such fun.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Must not have been passed on down as it was something we did as kids with folding construction paper into cones and hanging with pipe cleaners on our neighbors doors. I did it with my kids in the 70’s to our neighbors.

  27. Kathy in western NY

    And I love your stylish new do!!! I would keep it short as it’s very nice looking.
    The pet parade is adorable and love the new kittens. Some dogs crack me up with their expressions and it makes me melt seeing all these lovely pets. Oh and can’t forget the fabulous quilts shared too. What a fantastic group of people here who know what we all love to see.

  28. Rosalie

    Be sure to take a picture when it is the length you like it. I have the same problem with my hairdresser and I’ve been using her for 5 years. I forget and so does she what short means!

  29. Sharon G.

    Love your haircut.

    Nice photo of you and Becky.

    I know what you mean about new stylists. It’s hard to break them in. I haven’t had a haircut since Nov. 2019. It’s a mess so I just tie it back. I dread finding a new hair person, but I will soon. The worst hair stylist I had was the one who turned to greet someone coming in the door and at the same time whacked my hair off on one side above my ear! I actually yelped and asked her what in the world she was doing. My hair grew out but still… Needless to say I didn’t return to that shop! 😂

    Nice pet parade and quilt show today.
    I especially like the sampler with the orange/peach border.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – yes, you missed it because I missed it! Tomorrow for sure!!

  30. NancyTD

    Your hair looks nice. A change is 👍.
    I am glad I kept going on my Easter quilt and finished it. It sure felt good to see it completed and on my bed. You are almost done—don’t put it away!!
    Pet parade and quilt show were great today. Windy and cold again today. Beginning to wonder when the nice weather will arrive.

  31. Rita in Iowa

    Mary the picture of you and your sister is so special. Your haircut looks good but remember it will grow out and you can then tell the hairdresser what you like better. That’s the glory of hair it grows back.

    Thanks to all the pictures of the pets, it’s fun to see what antics the pets are up to.

    The quilts are once again beautiful, thanks for sharing.

    Finally made it to my daughter’s near Chicago for four days, lot of fun catching up with my 9 year old grandson. Played lots of games, even monopoly on the tv screen and he taught me once again how to play chess.

  32. NancyTD

    We made May baskets as kids and my kids did too. Don’t know if my Greats do it or not.
    Yes! May Day brings a new Dirty Dozen number to complete. Happy May Day to everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – I completely forgot the new Dirty Dozen number! Good grief!

  33. Donna Sproston

    I helped make 14 May baskets today with cookies, candy, daisies, and quilted coasters for friends who have been under the weather. I had to deliver a couple but got caught. I am not fast enough at my age to run very far.

    I would love Fluffybun but distance and cat allergies keep me from saying we will take her.

    I love your hair! Give it time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – 14 May baskets? Only a kid can run fast from the door to the car! Haha! Oh, I wish you lived closer so FB could come and live with you.

  34. Marsha from Kansas

    I was just telling my husband about May baskets my brother and I made and delivered to neighbors and friends. I saved the special one for my next door neighbor. She would always say so surprised, Who would leave us such pretty flowers? I never heard of the kiss if I got caught. She had a dog who would run along the fence with me. Loved Twinkie. He would give me Christmas stockings. Such great memories. My husband didn’t do May baskets. He missed out. Maybe more a girl thing and I dragged my brother along?? My hairdresser of 40 years retired so need to find a new one. I miss her friendship as much as the haircuts. I always get my hair cut shorter in the summer and leave it longer on my neck in the winter. You may end up liking that idea! Great picture of you and Becky.

  35. Cheryl

    Yes to May baskets. I remember we used circus pnuts and cupcake papers and a napkin tied with a ribbon. Drove the kids around town to drop off. They loved it. Ugh I got the haircut from hell? I have a worse picture. Thanks for the writing and the pics!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl – I want to see your haircut from hell – I don’t think it could be any worse than mine!

  36. Beverly in O-H-I- O

    Two cuties!
    I had a sister day today – it was fun.
    Your haircut suits you.
    I always wanted to do May baskets but it’s here before I realize it and I think “I missed it again “ kinda like the Charlie Brown episode of the Great Pumpkin, he misses it every year.

  37. Loreen Ridlon

    Mary I think your hair cut is cute Have a lovely day. Love this blog..

  38. Kate

    I’ve only had my hair cut once since Covid and I am scared to go to a stylist for fear they will cut it into an old lady cut, since I’m an ‘Old Lady.” I love my long hair now and I even color it myself, but it does need some shaping. Should I go or should I stay? Sometimes beauticians act like they know better than you what style you want.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kate – I agree that the beautician kind of pooh poohs my request as if she does know better. My hair is not thick and since I know it better than she, I need to speak up. Too late now however – I won’t need a haircut until Christmas.

  39. Pat Smith

    We made May baskets out of construction paper as young girls to take to our friends houses and hang on the doorknobs. It was such fun filling them with candy and flowers. The kissing thing we didn’t do though and I have not heard of that. Lois Ann Johnson (who commented earlier) and I are cousins and grew up in Ottumwa. I notice she and her sister had the same memories of May Day as mine. I hadn’t thought of those May baskets in years. It was such a wholesome childhood. Once my daughter asked which decade I would live in if I could repeat it, and without missing a beat I said, “The 50’s”. It seemed like such a peaceful time where the only worries were Ike’s golf game! I know that is from a child’s perspective—I’m sure my parents had plenty of worries.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – read Jeanne from CO’s comment about May Baskets – must be an Iowa thing.

  40. Jeanne from Colorado

    Mary, your hair cut is wonderful. I agree with the rest of the bloggers that it makes you look younger. I guess this means that you didn’t go back to your previous beautician. My daughter goes walking several miles nearly every day and discovered a house along her route that has a unique pet that is sometimes on their deck. We have been calling it a kangaroo, but from the size of it, I’d guess it to be a wallaby. It is about as tall as the cooking surface of their outdoor grill, probably about two foot tall. It is so cute as it bounces and down hopping across the deck. Colorado is one of few states where you can own one. It’s not as cute as your dear pet goat was though. If I could get a picture of it, I’d send it, but we just see the top half over their fence. Wouldn’t it be great to take to school for “show and tell”? Jeanne from Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – yes! I want to see him now – a wallaby? Really? My Susannah book is being created right now and I can’t wait to see it.

  41. Brenda Ks

    Mary I love your haircut looks great!!
    I still make May baskets every year. Just drive to my greats to deliver today. Neighbors tonight. Sent them to the far away ones and they got them today!! Woohoo!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – oh, that is so sweet! I could do that but hadn’t even thought about it. WHat kind of basket do you use? What do you put in the basket?

  42. Sandy

    Hi Mary, the cats have b3en doing lots of paperwork about where they have been living for the past 6 months(at a cattery), new Zealand has strict quarantine laws, when they get here its 2 weeks quarantine, then hopefully with us!the girls are looking forward to seeing them again! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I just saw their picture – they are gorgeous cats. They look young, are they? And are they a specific breed? I’ll bet the girls will be so happy to see them again. And is a cattery a boarding facility of some kind? How soon will they arrive and then add in another two weeks?

  43. Sunflower from michigan

    Great blog today, love the pets and quilts. Pamela has two lucky kittens, that bed is great!
    I like your haircut, too.

  44. Jeanne in Co.

    I forgot to tell you that growing up in Iowa, I too made May baskets and filled them with popcorn, candies, and freshly picked violets or flowers from Mom’s garden. We hung the baskets on the door knobs or sat them on the porch, rang the doorbells, and then ran and hid around the corner of the house or behind trees. And, yes, if you got caught, you got kissed. Kind of the reverse of “trick or treat” at Halloween time. Oh, to be that young again!! We made our own fun. No computer games, no TV or movies that influenced the young people in the wrong way. Just good clean fun.
    Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – so glad to hear you and I share that same memory from our childhood! That’s exactly how I remember May Day, too!

  45. Pamela Dempsey

    Your pet and quilt pictures are adorable 🤗. Especially love the trees quilt. Your hair looks cute! My husband has never had the joy of kittens before and says it’s better than tv, so fun to watch. Today they are 10 weeks old and smart as can be. He’s impressed with their litterbox skills and how fast they learn. They are a hoot galloping down the hall. 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I will post your pictures later today – when I look at those kitties I just know how their little bodies feel!

  46. Donna Albright

    I remember hanging May baskets on my class mates when I was a kid. It was great fun!! At some houses we didn’t run to the car as fast…..you know, where they had a whole house of cute boys:) When we, my sister and I, were kids, Mom belonged to the Pioneer Daughters which was a local ladies club. We continued to belong to the club long after we married, but the membership dwindled. So my sister and I decided to make May baskets and go around to the ladies that were left and hang May baskets on them just like in the old days – sans the running to the car part of it. It took most of that May day but it was the most fun! The remaining club members loved it and talked about it until they passed on. I think there is one old member left…..we should have taken her a May basket this year. She is in her nineties now but totally cognizant.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Donna – oh, what a wonderful tradition to remember those old ladies! I am sure they just loved it – I just have to remember some of these great ideas – I’m going to write in my calendar for 2024!

  47. Chris N


    Having hairdresser problem . too. Mine retired and the new one still does not cut it the same. It’s probably been 2 years! Guess it will never be like she did it. Others say it looks fine though. Only I know I guess.
    Yours looks nice like that.

    And May Day Baskets-just mentioned that to my husband. I lived in SW Wisconsin and we did that. Made them out of paper and put flowers in them such as violets and wildflowers. Rang the bell and ran.
    Fun things then.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  48. Janet S

    Mary, Don’t apologize for being normal. Everyone at some time puts things aside just to take a break. After a year or two or three or more, I just give the entire project to someone else. All the pets are adorable.
    My good news is that my husband has completed his 36 therapy sessions since having a heart attack in January. Because he has macular degeneration, he can’t drive so there I was, three times a week. He’s done and feeling good just in time for the nice weather.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – glad to hear your husband has recovered in time for summer!

  49. Sue

    Mary I think your hair is cute & perfect for summer. Another plus – the wind can’t blow your hair into your face. Love seeing the quilts – so inspirational.

  50. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary I think your hair is cute!
    It is so quiet without the wind! Wow!
    A warming trend is coming wooohoo!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – this is a perfect day – 60, sunny and no wind!!!! Too bad I’m so exhausted from working outside the last 3 days!!!

  51. Jean

    In a small Vermont town in the 1950s we made May baskets from an old wallpaper book and filled them with wild flowers. Many trillium were included which were available by the tens of thousands.

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