May 2! 2023

You guys are on the ball! I completely forgot to post the Dirty Dozen and color challenge for May yesterday. Thank goodness you guys caught my mistake.

May’s Dirty Dozen number is 9 and the color is gray.


Are you still following and working on your Dirty Dozen projects? Do you remember that we skipped January and February? Should we just start over in July? Should we put the last 2 numbers together in June? Should we wait until August or September to restart?

Give me your thoughts on this! I have not done well myself and my past year projects will need to be added to next year. Ugh.

Gray 9.

29 thoughts on “May 2! 2023

  1. DebMac

    Don’t feel bad, I didn’t even get projects picked out. Slacker here.

  2. Bonny

    I watch the number and color each month, but have been pitiful about following! Making quillows for Read 1000 Books Before Kindergarten incentives, now targeting 1 completion per month. I’m sure without distractions I could accomplish more, but for now, other priorities pull me. Keep up your wonderful blog with the news about the ordinary. It’s a daily tonic!

  3. Sue In OR

    I like them by color the best. I managed to get 2 done and sent and two more are in the wings, which beats the numbered UFOs. I can’t ever seem to get those done. So, how about a color every other month?? Whatever the group wants is okay by me.

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Budding in Central ohio

    Hi Mary, Yes, I am still working on Dirty Dozen projects. I prefer the DD to the color, but I like that you offer both. I took a few to the retreat and I am finishing up the bindings or the quilts. Thanks for keeping us on track:)

  5. Ginger S

    I have completed some of my DD projects. Sometimes I get inspired by another project that is on my list and I do that instead. If anything, I feel that just a numbered list of my UFO’s is helpful (actually shockingly so when I realized how many I have!!!!) I prefer the numbered method but I think it is nice that you do both numbers and colors…something for everyone. My choice would be to not double up numbers for June and just start over in July. For me, any projects not finished will just go on for next year. It’s been fun!

  6. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, I was good the first two years I participated but been very lax this year. I have made some charity quilts but none fit the categories. I am fine with starting in July but I think our fearless leader should decide. I guess that I am not the only one that needs a fresh start!

  7. Vicki Ibarra

    I am finishing up my UFO’s. Next year, I plan to make quilts on my “maybe make some day” list. So, mine won’t be UFO’s, but newbies. I likely won’t follow either color or number, but simply make what will fit my schedule each month. So, I will do a monthly project, but never double up as that is too much for me to commit to.

  8. Gloria from CC

    Mary – I like that you give us a choice between project number and color. Start over again in July as normal and a single project for June would be great.
    We’re going to pick up our annuals this afternoon and I’m tempted to kick my plants out this weekend that I over winter every year. I think you wait until Mother’s Day weekend. I’ll cover them if I have to.

  9. Carol Reents

    Start over in July. I need a fresh start. So very cold here in Indiana.

  10. Janet Easley

    I can see value in using either method. My unfinished/not started projects are far beyond the number 12! So, the color has helped motivate me to get things done using material from my stash. If the color matches a primary color in a UFO, then it’s a double win! I would vote to start in July or even June. Summers are hot in Arizona, which is more the time I’m inside and sewing. Thanks for all the inspiration through color/ UFO number monthly pick and Quilt shows you arrange for us.

  11. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hello. Another day of wind but slightly warmer today. Mary I like your hair short too.
    All the pets etc. are so cute.
    I am all stuffed up and coughing! Stupid allergies.
    My excitement for the day was a bright red cardinal in my tree! Oh so beautiful!
    Sure would like to know what to make for supper……….

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      I resorted to hamburgers and a prepackaged Greek salad last night / very unimaginative

  12. Lynn

    I like the number and color choice. I did well in January, February and March. But good weather in April went to gardening. I will be back sewing in May. My old body has done too much gardening for awhile. My vote is to keep going as it keeps me going. But I am OK with whatever is decided.
    Thanks Mary for all you do.

  13. NancyTD

    Start in July as always. Keeps us motivated. I like the numbers. Guess the choice of number or color is good. I thank you for the DD idea. I have finished old projects and started and finished projects that I had the fabric for. I will even admit that I pitched a class project that was 25 years old. Thanks for helping knock down my treasured fabric purchases. I guess when a quilt shop closed I bought too much. Afraid I couldn’t find quality fabric again!

  14. Dorothy in Chicago

    My vote is for a fresh start as always in July. I have gotten some old projects done and it feels good. My April finish I will be sending a pic was a quilt I started over 30 years ago when I was pregnant with our second son. Turned out I almost lost the pregnancy and was on bed rest for awhile and never finished it. He turns 31 this summer. Don’t know what I will do with it all these years later but so happy to finish it!

  15. Barbara Yarnell

    I vote to start over in July. Maybe we’ll all make more progress 🙂

  16. Jo in Michigan

    Oh I have been such a slacker this go around!🥴
    I vote for sure to keep it going and whenever you want to start is fine with me. I love the beginning of each months number drawing. Whether I finish the project or not it’s an incentive to get it out and do something with it. And lots of times it goes back in the pile and gets a new number next year! Ha! But at least I got a little something done on it.
    Also the picture of Keeper on the couch with Hazel I love it! Keeper has gotten so big!
    It’s cold and rainy here today. Will it ever warm up to do yard work!

  17. Arliene Zeiglermonth

    I have really enjoyed sewing with your number/color each month. Adding the color gave us a huge choice. I really enjoy seeing all the quilts both yours and other sewers. Thanks!

  18. Kathy in western NY

    It’s been nice keeping us motivated to complete projects so I say whatever works best for you and the majority. I so love our own quilt shows here. DD has made me remember to work on projects I stuff away and the colors prompt me to think of something I have to do. And not do. Last month I decided when I looked at a DD which was a Judy Niemeyer table runner that I had no desire to finish it and use it in my house just because I took a class and bought the kit to learn. It isn’t my thing to relax in the journey of sewing and so off it went to the craft thrift store half done, papers, pattern, batiks and all. I’d much rather spend precious time on charity items and scrap quilting. And buying instead what makes me happy to use in ongoing projects. So the DD serves another good purpose too in prioritizing in my remaining years of crippled arthritic hands.

  19. Marsha from Kansas

    I love the dirty dozen. I have really liked the addition of the color. I have been choosing projects first by color. If I don’t have a dirty dozen color, I go to the number. If I have already finished that particular number because it was completed by the color of a previous month, bonanza for me!! Wild card month. I get to pick whatever project I want that is left on my list!! It makes it more interesting and flexible for me. Then there was last month when I totally cheated. I didn’t have a brown project. I had fallen behind on a BOM, clear back to last November. I did catch up, so that was good. I vote to keep on the tradition, start in July and give us the option of number and/or color. But I’m in for whatever you choose since you are kind enough to organize and post photographs of our progress.

  20. Sunflower from Michigan

    I like the DD each month. I haven’t been good this year at it, but will start over again in July with renewed hope that I’ll complete some projects. With my daughters wedding in July, I’ll be behind from the beginning but I’ll still participate. It’s a great motivator! And the quilt shows are fabulous.

  21. Brenda in N Calif

    I didn’t start following your blog until January so have not participate in the DD but was looking forward to starting in July. I have made this my year to “finish” things and so far so good. Having another incentive is always good. I like the option of number or/and color. I love your blog about nothing!

  22. Cynthia from SWMinnesota

    Good morning,, Mary!
    I vote with starting over in July. Is there a way you can do a post on the right side with the color and number so we can have it visible for reference? Sometimes I do not get the info my calendar and I hate to bug you for this because I know I should have written it down already! I am working on a block of the month project doing the wave pool block of the month. Just about done with block #1. It is taking me so long tho. Also have been busy outside and have set up Bluebird houses at Camden State Park again this year. Weekly checks to monitor nests, if any! I am loving the longer days.

  23. Judyann Yelton

    I look forward to finding out the number every month. While I’ve not completed every UFO in my stash this has motivated me to finish quite a few more then I would have. Keeping it going with a color and a number is great. Whatever I don’t finish will roll to next year. Thanks for keeping up with this challenge.

  24. Mary Ann

    A start over would be nice. I’ve had a rough year and did not even get UFO’s lined up.

  25. Susan K in Texas

    Having my UFOs listed has helped but I’ve been lax in following and finishing. I listed some quilts I’d really like to finish this year – for my husband, two brothers, and nephew – with the intention of having them finished by December. So far not one of them has even been started. Let’s just say this year isn’t going as planned but as it’s been happening.

  26. Sue Hoover

    I like having both a number & color assigned for each month. Gives me twice as much chance to get something done! It doesn’t matter to me when we start. Putting it off a couple months is my choice. Doubling up might be too much pressure here! Hahaha!

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