The storm could have been worse – the wind could have been fierce and taken down the power lines but it just rained and rained and then froze.

I made my way to the barn twice yesterday wth the help of an ice scraper to stab the ice but I’m not sure how I’ll get there today.  Rick suggested getting in the van and backing it slowly to the barn and then driving it back as a way to safely get there and I might have to do just that.

All schools are closed and many businesses as well.  I am so thankful I don’t have a business here and have to worry about someone falling on the ice!  Or employees driving to work! Ugh!

And as you can see, it’s also very foggy.  Telly tried stepping outside and almost fell down.

Here’s what I’m going to do today – work on my BH mystery blocks.  Here’s the first one.

I am only doing a half size quilt but Bonnie didn’t show a layout so I’m going to improvise.

I cooked short ribs yesterday and took the meat off the bone so today I can make beef and noodles.  Sounds good for a cold day, doesn’t it?

Just a few words about watering the plants.  Surprisingly the orchids spent the summer outside and were rained on repeatedly which I worried about because during the winter I water them very sparingly and never let them sit in water.  I wonder if all that rain has had something to do with the many blooms – I have done nothing special.  They sit in a south window and they require less water than a cactus.

I don’t have a watering schedule but I do use a water meter.  This one was purchased at Menards for about $5.  It takes the guesswork out of watering your plants.  After using it for awhile, you become very familiar with each plant’s water requirements.

My mom gave me this one over 40 years ago and I still use it.

I am never bored and can think of a million things to do today unlike Rick who is bored to tears.  How is everybody coming with their triangle square blocks?  I believe the discrepancy in the finished size of my blocks happened when I sewed the TS together, the Thangles were accurate.

Stray barn kitty is still in the barn but I can’t get near him.

31 thoughts on “Ice!

  1. Cindie

    Stay safe as I know you will!
    I used something other than thangles and they are accurate until I didn’t cut straight.
    We had rain and icing. Our dog Brody won’t walk on ANY shinney floor/ground and that has been a problem.
    I need some sunshine………

  2. Jan Behm

    Wow! That’s a lot of ice. You’re lucky none of your trees came down. In 2014, we had a horrible ice storm in Tennessee & a tree fell on our house! Scary! We were lucky, tho, as we did not have a whole lot of damage to the house.

    Here’s an idea for Rick — teach him how to use the long arm. I know (not personally, just thru FB) a lot of husbands learn to long arm after they retire! Most of them are really great at it!!

    Stay warm & safe!!

  3. julie stancato

    Well I certainly hope you don’t try walking on that ice. Scares me to think of people falling after seeing my mom have several falls and the aftermath of the falls. Just last week my youngest son’s friend was here for dinner. As he was leaving we warned him twice about how icy it had gotten and he was being very cautious. Now this is a 26 year old man, so he is young and agile. As he walked to his car he fell after ten steps and almost fell multiple times after that. I resolved never to go out on ice if I can avoid it. Please be careful, and enjoy staying in! Tell your husband he needs to learn to quilt. If that doesn’t go over well suggest maybe he could take up cleaning as a hobby . . . 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Julie – I really don’t want him in my shop but I’d love to have him clean!

  4. Martha Engstler

    Hope that ice doesn’t last long. We had it here in southern PA last Wednesday and it was scary but it didn’t last long. My orchids are getting ready to bloom and my daughter has three cheap ones that must love where they are because they a blooming like crazy. They are in a north window, no sun.

  5. Kelley

    Wow…you sure have the ice. We were lucky where we live and just had mostly rain. I think driving to the barn would surely be safer than trying to walk on it. Glad to know the kitty is still in the barn. I wouldn’t be bored either. Love what you are working on! Stay warm!

  6. Debbie Miller

    I hate the ice too-glad your power stayed on. When it ices here in SC-ours always goes off. A great reason to stay inside and sew. Beautiful block, but please tell me with 76 pieces it isn’t a 12 inch square!

  7. Lynne

    Mary, You should try some Stabilicers. They fit over your shoes or boots and have cleats that grip the ice. My barn is at the bottom of a hill and, when it gets icy, I just strap them on my boots. They haven’t failed me yet.
    So far I have 12 triangle blocks done. This is my first time working with hst’s and I’m finding them a little challenging.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lynne – I have a pair for my boots – one broke two days ago however so now I’m using the ice scraper plus one cleat on my boot – quite a sight!

  8. Jan

    Hi Mary,
    Very icy here in Wisconsin as well. Most things are closed. Have you and Rick ever tried “Trax” or the generic equivalent (which work just as well and are cheaper)? They fit over the bottom of your boots or shoes and have spikes that grip the ice. The mailmen (women) use them here all the time, because the routes are walking routes in town and it is hilly here. We use them when shoveling or walking to the mail box. We got ours at Walmart and Scheels respectively. About $25. Definitely cheaper than a broken bone. Good idea to take the ice pick as well for extra stability. Stay warm and upright!

  9. Mary H

    Do you have any of the ice grabber shoe covers? They work well. It’s 37 here so we are careful!
    I am so glad my retired husband works as a substitute teacher’s aide-gets him “out”in the winter.😅

  10. Amy

    Here in Kansas City we were supposed to get all that rain and ice. Schools cancelled on Friday, moved the Chiefs game, everyone stayed home for 4 days and we only got a slight glaze. Everyone is thankful (especially the grocery stores for all the extra food purchases!!) but I know the storm hit others like you. Crazy is it going to be 60 this week. Too bad all Rick’s hobbies are outside or in his workshop that he can’t do right now. Would he do a puzzle? Would he rip those thangles off ? 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – I told him I wouldn’t visit him in the hospital so he’d just better sit tight!

      1. Amy

        No I don’t blame you! Us “hipsters” need to stay put. My surgeon has put the fear of god in me, maybe too much but my balance is so bad on a good day, ice or snow is a no go! I can’t imagine he would want to go through it all again-I sure don’t.

  11. Jane Wolfe

    I just came in from sliding to do my cat/dog chores. What a sight! I told my husband who was trying to help me across the driveway that I sure hoped no one was secretly filming us as it was quite the sight to see!! And the trouble with his help…if 1 of us goes down…we’re both going down! It has melted some but there are sure areas that are not in the best of shape yet. We were just lucky not to have it quite as bad as you did though. I hate snow but I hate ice even more!! Also…because of your recommendation…I have 1 of those water meters from Menards. It’s been a life saver for my few plants! Thanks!!

  12. Janie Lang

    If you have to walk to barn, leave a bucket of sand or salt on porch and spread it in front of you as your walking. It helps! At least stray kitty is not out in the elements. Probably very happy. Beautiful block by the way!

  13. Diane

    I love the ice skates idea. Our kids and neighbor kids did that one year in our front yard and loved it.
    My husband wears his golf shoes on the ice–works for him. I gave him those things to put on his boots, but he never wore them. Could you teach Rick to knit/crochet? There was an article in the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) about a 96 year old man who knits for charity. Not that I’m saying Rick is 96!!! LOL. We have had lots of rain in Central Ohio–no ice yet–that will be February, March, and April.

  14. Noël

    You sound just like me…I can always find something fun to do, but my husband? He gets bored if he is inside too long. I keep telling him we need to find him some home hobbies!

    I bought my Mom some Yak Trax several years ago. They are metal clamps that you strap over your shoes and they give you traction on the ice. Perhaps they would be a useful purchase for you! 🙂

    1. Noël

      Ah! I should read the comments first! I see you have some and that others have suggested them too. 🙂

  15. Ann Barlament

    I think you should just let the goats and chickens sleep in the sunroom…Then we won’t have to worry about you falling on the ice! Hahaha

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I drove the van to the barn and the mailbox and Telly rode along – ha!

  16. Karen

    I had a friend who used to use a ski pole when it was icy. I can pet my stray barn cats while they are eating, but not otherwise. Be safe on that ice.

  17. Carolyn Boutilier

    Be ever so careful on the ice. We missed the storm, only rain. Thanks for the info on watering your plants.
    Carolyn B

  18. Helena Wentzlaff

    My orchids have many blooms on also one had thirty blossoms on it never befor have I had so many .bloomsMust be the year for orchids.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    Thanks for showing us the water meter as I seem to have trouble figuring out when my plants need water. I didn’t know you can put orchids outside in the summer either.

  20. Carolyn

    I was like you with my sewingroom being off limits to a hubby who wanted me to teach him how to build a quilt. Okay, purchase your own sewing machine …no, my Bernina is MINE. Gave him a list of supplies and fabrics he would need. After a bit of pouting he decided to become a wood carver and loves it!

  21. Jean

    The weather over here is almost as bad. Lots of ice but not much snow and freezing temperatures We, fortunately, live in the town so roads are gritted and sidewalks cleared but still unpleasant to walk on. I haven’t got very far with the triangles but as tomorrow is forecast to be in minus degrees centigrade perhaps I can spend the day quilting and catch up. Many of you are describing my husband isn’t it a shame we don’t all live near one another so we could get them all together. Mary take care.

  22. Gloria

    Thanks for the tip on watering. As soon as I can see through the foggy mist I’m headed to Menards for a water meter.

  23. Connie Olson

    Your Rick was pretty smart to suggest the way to get to the barn. That picture showed a sheet of ice!! I just love your blog every day, it just is wonderful for me and many others, too. THANK YOU!!

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