Is today the day?


Here are two photos taken this morning and noon of the night blooming cereus bloom beginning to open! More photos later as it expands.

4 thoughts on “Is today the day?

  1. Patricia G. Hayes

    Wow, so interested was I on your plant that I just googled it and watched a time lapse photo on it opening. My what a beautiful plant. Twelve hours and done till next year, oh my.

    Then to boot read about the novel with the similiar name. haha. Think I will stay and enjoy the plant and it’s blossom, and let others read the story. hah

  2. Beth

    My mother had one of these and we always waiting impatiently for it to do its thing! Lovely for a moment anyway.

  3. Nancy

    I believe that we will hear the angels sing when this beauty blooms! Can hardly wait to see the pictures!

  4. Gwen H

    I had one of these & I gave it to the neighbor lady trying to clean up my indoor house plants. Now I wish I had it back after seeing yours!! I always kept it usptairs is a cool south window & in the early spring it would have like 20 blossoms on it!! It was beautiful!! Thanks for sharing…

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