Jelly Roll Giveaway

A few weeks back we had a kit giveaway to thank our Facebook fans, and now it’s time to thank our Blog fans!

We will be giving away a Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll by French General for Moda Fabrics to thank all of you for following our blog.  There are 41 gorgeous fabrics included in this jelly roll.  To enter our drawing for the FREE Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll we want you to leave a comment telling us which pattern you would make using this Jelly Roll.  You have until Tuesday March 26  9 a.m. (CST) to leave your comment.  At that time we will draw a name from the comment list and post it on our blog, so be checking to see if you won.

208 thoughts on “Jelly Roll Giveaway

  1. cynthia

    I love to use jelly rolls to make hexagons for a grandmother’s flower garden. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Carmen

    I have so many books with jelly roll patterns, it’s hard to choose. I love both the Picnic and Bali Stars that Kimberly Einmo has designed, so maybe one of those, or any of her other great quilts.

  3. Denise

    Well I just did the jelly roll race with some friends so now I want to try the 3 dudes jelly roll it’s brilliant found it on YouTube …. I hope I get the chance!! Thanks

  4. Karen

    I first started quilting back in the ’80s and my first quilt was a log cabin. I have not made one since. I would do a scrappy log cabin quilt with the Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll.

  5. Bonnie Norby

    I love the emails from Country Threads! Some years ago I came to shop with you several times. Now I have lost my husband and do not venture that far from rural Osage. I would like to be entered into the chance for a jelly roll. Where would I see the patterns to decide which one I would use?

  6. Jennifer

    I think that I would try the 1600 quilt. I have wanted to try it but have not found the “right” jell roll for it. I think this one would be perfect! Otherwise I have jell roll patterns that would work great with this jell roll also. Wish me luck!!!!

  7. Deborah from Valparaiso

    I’m a small quilt person and frugal. One would think I might not know when I might ever get a new fq again. I would probably go to one of the back to charm school quilt books and see how many quilts I could make!

  8. vicki

    I would make a 1600 quilt. It sounds quick and interesting. This time of year quick is good. (Especially if the cold and snow go away and yard work becomes a reality!)

  9. susan blazevski

    I’m not sure what I would make, but I know that it will have stars on it. I love your website, I just recently discovered it and am enjoying your posts. Thank you.

  10. Patricia G. Hayes

    WOW! What fun, and in the midst of all your goings on with your restoration on the farm.

    I am making Farmer’s wife Sampler with these wonderful fabrics, and love having any that I can get my hands on. I have one more (La Petite Ecole, 57 x 72.) that this jelly roll would be perfect for to do. I would so love to win.

  11. Marilyn Lewis

    Do you have to have a pattern in mind when you get fabric?? I thought the object of a quilter was to gather as much fabric as you could so, when you are inspired, just that right fabric is already in your stash! I love jellyrolls!!!

  12. Connie Gauthier

    My husband is a retired Navy chief. I would love to add a little blue to this jelly roll and make a patriotic quilt for him. I have been thinking about the wavy flag pattern.

  13. Marcia Petree

    I would make the 1600 Jelly Roll quilt if I won the Moda jelly roll.
    P.S. We’re also remodeling (gutting to the walls) 3 bathrooms, so I share your pain with your project. 🙂

  14. Mary Knabe

    Jelly Roll Quilt by Mack and Mabel looks fun. It is a design that uses 3 strips of fabric sewn together with white sashing and a cornerstone square between each square. Additional plain fabric would probably need to be purchased for the sashing.

  15. bev

    I would make Mary’s Four Patch! I love the way you take a tried and true quilt pattern and make it unique. That takes a lot of creativity! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Cheery wave from

  16. Val Heim

    I would love to make a “French Braid Quilt” using the Rouenneries Deux Jelly roll. What an inspiration to start another of my “someday” quilts!

  17. Scarlett

    Broken dishes has been on my list for quite a while now, I should get to it soon.

  18. marie

    I am in the process of making Tales of First Ladies and using French General fabrics, this would sure give me more variety. Thanks for the chance.

  19. Sharon Hultgren

    How fun!! I think that roll would make an outstanding, big Lone Star with a Carpentars wheel around it! I wonder what the perfect background will be!!
    Thank you!!

  20. Sallee Van Veldhuizen

    I have Connie to thank for my interest in quilting – back in the early 80’s!!! Bet she doesn’t even remember me – I was Sallee Gilbert when I lived in Garner. I didn’t start quilting until I moved to Sheldon, IA and worked at a quilt shop there. Thank you, Connie!
    Love this line of fabrics and I would do the Log Cabin Hidden Stars in the “Jelly Roll Quilts” book by Pam & Nicky Lintott.

  21. Joyce

    I have lots of jelly roll patterns I would like to try out. Once I can see the prints, it would help me make a conclusion! Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Cathy Buel

    I would love to make a plus sign quilt with the jelly roll. I am currently making a trip around the world using a jelly roll and I am loving how versatile they are. This fabric is so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. Hugs

  23. Mary H

    I can’t think of the actual name of the pattern, it was a Moda offering, where you sew strips together and then cut them with a hexagon shape ruler- it’s a great quilt for this size strips.

  24. Pat O'Neill

    I Love this Jelly Roll Pack!! I too have many books of patterns using Jelly Rolls so would definitely find the perfect pattern for these awesome fabrics !

  25. Valerie B

    The sky is the limit with a Jelly Roll….however…I would probably design my own pattern…or perhaps travel to the Moda Bake Shop for the latest designer pattern…
    Thanks gals for the chance!! hugs and happy Spring!!

  26. Kelly F

    It’s hard to decide, but I’d mix it with fabrics from my stash and make log cabin blocks. Thanks for this fun chance to win!

  27. Donna S

    I love the French General prints and colors and just finished Mary’s Four Patch as a lap quilt. I would love to make a jelly braids quilt out of this new pack.

    Merci beaucoup!

  28. Cindy C.

    I would love to make Train Tracks Quilt from the book: “Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts”. It’d be WONDERFUL from this French General Jelly Roll.

  29. Lisa Mikel

    I would use it to make a nine patch quilt. It would be very lovely. Thanks for the giveaway. The jellyroll would be really nice to win.

  30. quilter501

    I am already making a quilt with these gorgeous fabrics and could certainly use a jelly roll to cut down on some of the cutting. Love, love , love them.

  31. Kelli Barr

    Jelly rolls are my favorite so I just bought a book recently that is strictly for use with jelly rolls. I will use it on one of those. Thanks sew much

  32. Jan Treml

    I have only made one jelly roll quilt that I gave away so would want to give the pattern some thought. Love the chance to win, love your shop, wish it was closer.

  33. Debbie K

    I want to make a strip quilt with the fabric and find a couple of fabrics to use as borders. YEah!! love French General fabric. Love Country Threads! Can’t wait to come and visit. Say “Hi” to all your country animals!!

  34. Mary Harwood

    I LOVE the fabric line. I would make a 16oo quilt so every bit of the jelly roll would be featured!

  35. Joyce Mitchell

    I just received Kim Brackett’s newest quilt book Scrap-Basket Beauties, and one of my favorite quilts in the book is Cross my Heart, so I’d love to try this with a Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Christine H.

    I have several jelly roll quilt books and haven’t made a quilt from any of them. Love this line of fabrics, so it would be fun to use in one of these quilts. Happy Spring & Thanks for this opportunity!

  37. Dale Conley

    There are three patterns I am interested in. Not sure if they are jelly roll friendly, but looks like they could be. The patterns are Civil Unrest, Crossroads, and Quest for Freedom. The jell roll you are giving away is not in greys and blues, but I still think these quilts could really be a striker in reds and greens.

  38. Barb K

    I have a new bento box block quilt I would like to try with these fabrics. Love your blog and keeping up with what’s new at Country Threads!

  39. Jan Knabel

    I would make a quilt with the mint truffle pattern, from the quilt cravings book.

  40. Nina

    There is a french braid pattern I recently learned about. A binding ruler I just bought works as the template and it’s specially made for using a jelly roll! This would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Diane Emanuelson

    OMG!!! These fabrics are beautiful. I think I would something rather simple. Four patches. Or maybe a jelly roll race quilt again. Is it spring yet!!! Diane

  42. cathy frey

    I would make Oh Pinwheels by Debbie Taylor I saw the recipe for in the recent Moda Bake shop. I love the fabric you have and the pattern she has. Pick me.

  43. Anne Manly

    I would add them to my work in progress – Eydta Sitar’s “Cobblestone” quilt using up lots of my 2 1/2″ scraps – but who ever has enough? And I’m gathering fabrics for her “Farmhouse” quilt – I love the way she mixes all types of fabrics and I promised myself this winter to really dig into my stash/scraps – not that I can’t add to my collection! Thanks for the chance! And you have my sympathies cleaning up after construction.

  44. Jean Elliott

    I’d make the Postage Stamp quilt – it needs small pieces and the jelly roll strips would be perfect!
    Thank you!

  45. Gloria

    I have always loved anything French General. I think I would like to make a scrappy Kaleidoscope Quilt. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and these colors would work perfectly. Love your blog!

  46. Kristie

    I would use a Moda Bakeshop pattern that was just released…Boho Honeycomb quilt..of course we would have to rename it to Rouenneries Deux Honeycomb quilt.

  47. Kristie

    I would like to do a Honeycomb quilt that was published on Moda Bakeshop recently. thank you

  48. Kendra Maclean

    Yummy!!! Thanks for the chance. One of my favorite lines. I would design my own and of course share it. 🙂


  49. Trina Miller

    For such a special fabric it would take a special quilt. There is the 9-Patch and there is the 1600 mile quilt pattern. I know I have a couple of quilt books that give ideas for jelly rolls. Decisions, decisions. Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. Sharon Eshlaman

    Wow, what a fabulous blog! Aren’t jelly rolls just the best thing ever invented!

  51. Teresa Farbridge

    I would make either the Postage Stamp Quilt or the Barn Raising Quilt the jelly roll you are offering is so beautiful and matches my decor perfectly. Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Lu

    I would make a granny square quilt. The is by Jolene from Blue Elephant Stitches which she posted on Moda Bake Shop.
    Thank for the chance to win the jelly roll.

  53. carol l

    Have a pattern for a table runner that uses 2.5 strips but have never found the right fabric and I now think that jelly roll would do the trick. Thanks for the give away.
    Carol l

  54. Patricia Thompson

    I really enjoy your daily e-mail updates. Jelly Rolls are neat.
    I think I would choose “A Trip Around the World”.

  55. Pam Raymond

    Love the fabrics in the jelly roll. I’d like to make the “Identify Yourself to the Person Who Answers the Phone” table runner from your “Back to Charm School” quilt book. What a fun giveaway!! I really enjoy your blog!! Pam

  56. Mary

    I have a lot of jelly roll patterns. One that comes to mind is by Fig Tree and I think it is called Sparkle. I also will soon be getting Kim Brackett’s new book, Scrap Basket Beauties, which uses jelly rolls. I’m sure this fabric would look great in one of those patterns.

  57. Connie Martin

    I will make the “Strawberry Marmalade Quilt” pattern that uses one jelly roll and one charm pack to make my quilt. In fact, I just finished and dropped off at the quilter today my “2012 Unfinished Projects” March quilt using that pattern. I will be posting the picture today. I do have a coordinating fabric to use with the French General roll.

    Thanks, Connie

  58. Dee

    I would use it on my Dear Jane Quilt – which is coming…..slow but sure…..Love French General.

  59. Jayne

    Hey! Thank’s for the cance to win! I would make a traditional pattern like, perhaps, Hole In the Barn Door, or a 9-Patch.

  60. Elizabeth McDonald

    Ah, these are beautiful fabrics! To me, they say, quilt sampler! I almost never make sampler quilts, but these are so nice, and I think that would be the best way to showcase them…

  61. Diane

    I love the pattern Generations in Kim Brackett’s new book Scrap Basket Beauties. I also love Beachside Bungalow in the same book. Either of the patterns would be pretty with this jelly roll.

  62. Nancy Angerer

    I bought a book of patterns for jelly rolls when we stopped at Hancock in Paducah a month ago, and I would use one of the patterns in that book. Can’t tell you exactly which one right now because all my quilting books are packed up ready for our move to another state:)

  63. Mary K Christian

    I made a batik braided bed runner at quilt retreat and I think this line would make another exciting one.

  64. Winona Schulz

    Since I am into Bed Runners, If I would be the lucky winner. I would do it into one of my Bed Runner patterns. I enjoy all of your sites and look forward to all of them. Winona Schulz

  65. Kathy Davis

    Just finished the Farmer’s Wife this morning(after a very long time)! Time to do something easier like Wild Rose Postage Stamp Quilt from the Moda Bakeshop. I love all the French General fabrics & think these fabrics would go nicely with this pattern.Thanks for all your chit chat; it brightens up my day!!! Kathy

  66. Renee A

    The decor in my mother and brother’s home is French Country and matches any of the French General fabrics. This collection would make a very nice quilt throw for their living room. Happy Spring!

  67. Lisa Hunder

    I would make as many foundation pineapple blocks I could with the jelly roll. Mary H. got me hooked on pineapple blocks a few weeks back!

  68. Mary Lou Grabner


    I would use the jelly roll for a scappy nine patch or the 1600.
    I enjoy your website and blogs that brighten my day and make me laugh sometimes. You’re my favorite quilt shop, wish you were closer! Mary Lou

  69. Yvonne Rupe

    That’s a beautiful jelly roll! It would look great in the Country Thread Hour by Hour quilt for a table top. It would also be great in a log cabin quilt…so many possibilities!

  70. Mary Ann

    I don’t know the name of the pattern as it was taught at my guild workshop but you use 26 pieces of the jellyroll and it is a quilt-as-you-go. Then I took the remaining strips and made a doll quilt and what you are left with is a piece 18″ long. I had also used the strips for the binding on both quilts. It was a fun, easy quilt to make.

  71. Debbie Fetch

    Jelly Rolls are wonderful. I think with the Rouenneries Deux roll I would make a 1600 jelly roll quilt. It would show off the rich colors of the roll in an easy efficient manner.

  72. Patti

    What pattern? That’s a tough one! I’ve been collecting French General fabrics for a quilt, but I’ve not decided on which one. I have so many of your patterns and I love them all. Maybe Favorite Things?

  73. Ellie

    The colors are so wonderful and I have been wanting to try one of the patterns in Kim Brackett’s new book.

  74. Terri spencer

    I would like to make a Terry Atkinson pattern. I plan is to donate it to a cancer golf tournament in Hawaii. It looks like beautiful fabric. Thank you for having the giveaway

  75. Gloria Yates

    Thank you for the chance to win a jelly roll. I would use this in a Pineapple quilt! I’ve been pulling reds so this would be a treat to have this fabric, to add.

  76. Jo Sunderman

    I think an old fashioned postage stamp quilt would be fantastic using that jelly roll. Wish me luck!

  77. Lee

    Hey, you sure have gotten the attention of a bunch of people.! I have been collecting French General to make something wonderful. With a jelly roll I think I would make Mary’s four patch. Thanks for the chance for a freebie. Blessings, Lee

  78. Barbara Myrick

    I would love to see how many miniature quilts I could make from this jelly roll!

  79. Gretchen

    I adore French General fabric and would make “Picnic” from the book Scrap Basket Sensations. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  80. Maureen

    I’ve been wanting to try a french braid quilt. I think these fabrics would be perfect!

  81. Karen

    If I won the jelly roll I would make Boxing Day Jelly Roll quilt. I have it pinned on Pinterest. Thanks for sharing the jelly roll with us!

  82. Karen M

    I am really loving jelly rolls right now– recently purchased 2 and would love to make Churn Dash blocks with your French General giveaway! Happy Easter!

  83. Karen

    My daughter is buying her first sewing machine because she wants to learn how to quilt. I would use this beautiful fabric to help her make her first quilt and probably do a log cabin to get her feet wet!

  84. Sherilynn

    I love reading about your store. I’ve never used a jelly roll but I’m sure that I would find a pattern.

  85. Carol

    Oh the jelly rolls are so much fun, to have all the pieces of the line of fabric. I have a merry go round pattern would be scrappy and fun to do. Thank you for doing this.

  86. Jeanine Waal

    I have a pattern called “Strip O’ Hoy” that I have never made but used jelly rolls, so I would try using it along with another jelly roll that coordinated with it. Thanks for the giveaway. Love reading about your farm!

  87. Karen in Breezy Point

    I have several patterns in the Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam and Nicky Lintott that I have been wanted to make. I think the French General fabric would look pretty using their Log Cabin Hidden Stars pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. Gwen H

    I’m sure I’d use the “granny square” pattern ! Ive done one already with that pattern; it went together so fast & easy & I dealy LOVE the small lap size quilt I did & always looking for the right fabric for the next one I want to do.Really hoping I win but have never won anything so sure it won’t happen again this time but it’s fun trying!!

  89. Cindy

    I just love nine patches, so I would probably use the jelly roll to make a beautiful nine patch quilt.

    By the way, I love the block of the month!

  90. Susan Du Charme

    So many great patterns out there that it is hard to chose! The Bento Box Quilt would be fun to make. Thanks for another great opportunity to win something fabulous!

  91. JudyJ

    I recently got the Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam & Nicky Lintott, and I would probably make one of those quilts.

  92. Susan

    I would LOVE to use these prints for the French Vintage pattern-they’d be great. Thanks for offering a chance to win, and good luck on all the construction.

  93. Sandy A in St. Louis

    These are so pretty! I think I would wander through the web and find something special to make with them. I really like T for Two pattern by Blossom Hearts. These fabrics would be so pretty in it with a cream background!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. Bonnie McKee

    The jelly roll give-away sounds fun! I also like the 1600’s quilt, but you just can’t go wrong with a Log Cabin! 🙂

  95. Chris

    I so like the French General line by Moda. I would have to search for a specific pattern for this jelly roll of combine it with other pieces I have. Maybe one from Schnibbles books I have. Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  96. Stephanie Smith

    Do you ladies ever sleep? Seems to me every minute of the day you are up to something fun! Yep, and it would be fun for me to make a quilt with this beautiful jellyroll. By the way, the addition looks wonderful!

  97. KT

    I would love to use the jelly roll as a start to a Bonnie Hunter quilt–either star struck or sister’s choice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. Lori Gust (Olund)

    I love the nine patch…I would put a neutral background fabric and make nine patches…I never get tired of the nine patch…no reading directions you can always just sit down and sew…

    p.s. I’m enjoying the block of the month!

  99. Penny Carter

    I love your Blog, it is the only one I follow! I have many quilt patterns in mind. But I also envision making a purse and matching large tote with this beautiful fabric. My sister came to visit several weeks ago and brought this jelly roll with her, I was showing her how to make a 3hour mini tote. I fell in love with the fabric and went to the same shop she bought it from on her way here and they were sold out!!! I have not stopped thinking of getting one and what I could make with it.

  100. Marcia Bowen

    Thanks so much for the “give away”. I love working with jelly rolls. Hope I win it.

  101. TaraA

    I love the idea of jelly rolls, but I haven’t actually used them yet, and I love Moda! I wand to make either Hugs ‘n Kisses (from another blog) or Hugs Before Kisses (from Moda’s Bake Shop). I love the names of both quilts almost as much as the look. 🙂

  102. sand mason

    I would love to use this jelly roll in a pattern . It uses the jelly roll into flying geese. The quilt would look fantastic with those colors. The tool used is a Easy Star & Geese Ruler.

  103. Launa

    Cracker Crumbs cover quilt with the 16 patches would suit me. I’ve always wanted to make it and the jelly roll would be a good start. Thanks for a chance to win and for showing the marvelous flower blossom.

  104. Katie Hayse

    I would make a fence rail diamond quilt. Been waiting for a jelly roll to come along so I could try it!

  105. Mary

    I love the French General line. I just purchased the new quilter’s 2-1/2 in toolkit by Kimberly Purdy of Lilac Cottage Designs. It will be perfect to use with the jelly roll. I have a pattern for boxy stars. It looks like a good one for this roll. I am SO looking foward to winning this jelly roll!

  106. Lynette

    I think tree-of-life type trees – really scrappy — mixed into a neutral background (even batik like Edyta might do) would be stunning

  107. Dianne

    I have been watching the remodeling project and sure you are ready for it to be complete. I have never used a jelly roll, but bet I could find a project for it.

  108. Debbie

    Just found your Blog, love it…….
    I just got a pattern for a Lasagna quilt, that’s what I would use the Jelly Roll for….

  109. Rose Landon

    I would like to make something old fashion. Maybe Garden Mothers Flower garden. So pretty. Thanks for the offer.

  110. Kim Q

    I’ve done enough jelly roll races…I think I’d slow the pace and make some EPP hexagons!

  111. Catherine

    I love the French General fabrics and would make a 9 patch queen size quilt. It’s sad that you won’t doing the Goat Gazette any longer — I really enjoyed reading it.

  112. Karen Morin

    I love jelly rolls! I have a new pattern designed just for strips, “Transitions.” What a nice giveaway!

  113. Deb Peshak

    Jellyrolls are so much fun. I have a number of projects in mind to use them on. Thanks for giving away to some lucky person! Hope it’s me!

  114. Lori Vereide

    While these colors don’t exactly scream your traditional Christmas colors, I think they’d make a stunning Christmas throw.

  115. Kathy Niemann

    I think this color palette is perfect for April Showers quilt in Dawn Heese’s book “A Year of Cozy Comforts”. What a great opportunity. Thank you for a chance.

  116. Angela Rowland

    Love the idea of a giveaway. Everybody loves FREE. So I hope I Win. Enjoy And the Blessed Easter..

  117. mary rhodes

    I’m sure what quilt to make with jelly roll at moment. Just love your blog and web. I enjoy reading what is going on in the shop and on the farm. Esp the animals for sure! Thank you for having so wonderful patterns. Love the black kitties.

  118. Louise Tischendorf

    The material looks beautiful. I would be very excited to win and use all the colors in something. Not sure right now. Would have to go to your website and find the perfect pattern for it!

  119. Marilyn Cook

    I just recently saw a 1600 quilt using a jelly roll and would make that quilt

  120. Susie Chapple

    I would make Garden trellis by Mack and Mabel or Star chain by Kimberly Einmo. I love French General fabric.

  121. Karen Cottom

    Have a hexagon project that I’m collecting for and this fabric line would be perfect for it. Can’t wait for a road trip this spring to your shop!!!!

  122. Sandy

    Love the French General, have both charm books, and received French General to work with. Thanks for the offer!

  123. Shirley

    I would use the Popsicle Sticks by Atkinson Designs! It is a wonderful pattern.

  124. Liz Schwartz Faron

    I bought a Berenstein Bear jelly roll at your shop & made the 1600 Quilt for my grandson. If I win, I’ll make another 1600 Quilt. It was so fun!

  125. Karen Schultz

    I’ve been wanting to try a jelly roll race and this fabric would be perfect for it! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  126. Mary Walsh

    I think I would make the Scrapper’s Delight quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts. Thank you!

  127. Mandy

    Don’t know what you want? Try a jelly roll quilt. So many books have all kinds and types of jelly roll quilts. They’ll spoil you.

  128. Pauline Torres

    Wow, these are pretty. I would go with a 1600 quilt too to showcase these fabrics. I have done one, quartering it and sashing each block with a 4.5 wide sash and a 9 inch border with fabric from the same line, making it almost 70 inches square. It turned out really nice. Now other friend wants one! Thanks for the chance, nice website too.

  129. Ella keller

    I love to make quilt tops with jelly rolls. You can make the same one but just turn the rows a little and it looks entirely different.

  130. Brenda V.W.

    Jelly Rolls are so awesome! I made my first 1600 quilt this winter and would love to make another!

  131. Laurie B

    I love any pattern with Nine Patch blocks in it so I think Crossroads would be perfect for these fabrics. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  132. Jeanie

    You guys are the best!! I would do a log cabin or court house steps. I will miss the goat gazette but I do enjoy the blog and your farm news. Thanks.

  133. Linda matsumoto

    Visited your shop last July, traveling from California. What a destination quilt shop! I made my husband stay in the motor home so I could shop . Luv, luv, luv your quilts!!!

  134. Caroline Schnoebelen

    I would probably have to buy a jelly roll book to pick out a pattern.

  135. Barb A

    I have been making your block of the month…it is such a fun way to use up my stash, but add this jelly roll would be even more fun.

  136. Tanya

    I would love the jelly roll to make “Use Your Napkin” from the GREAT Country Threads charm square book.I love the little whirl-a-gigs and think a solid light would highlight these fabrics. Aah, choices…

  137. Judy Cozzi

    I would use the Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll in any one of the quilts featured in Kimberly Einmo’s book entitled Jelly Roll Quilt Magic. It would be fabulous!

  138. Melody

    I loved the February charm Braid quilt. Think it would look great in a bigger size using this jelly roll.

  139. Mary Welker

    I love the traditional quilts mostly and think this fabric would be beautiful in a log cabin design. I live in Florida and travel to central Mn yearly. Your shop is always on my list of places to go when I visit. Your shop is wonderful and so much to browse through.

  140. Karla T

    How fun! I would make something with stars, and put a star sashing in between–I am planning on making my bathroom decor in French General colors, and i would use it for a beautiful shower curtain, thanks for the chance! —- Karla

  141. Tanya Quilts in CO

    I would make a “Jelly Roll Junction” quilt from the “On A Roll” book by Heather Mulder Peterson. Thank you!

  142. Claudia Voorhees

    Love Jelly Rolls !! they are so fun to work with…… !
    Have a great week .

  143. Pat F.

    Love French General and I’d use the jelly roll to make a scrappy quilt with a lot of stars in it. Not sure of the actual pattern as there are many I could choose from. Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Monica Walter

    I would make the Primitive Gatherings Picnic Quilt from one of the Primitive Quilts magazines.

  145. Jennifer C

    I think this would be wonderful for Jelly Jive–it’s a pattern by Pieced Tree.

  146. Julie Erickson

    I would make a quilt from my new book Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts like Sweet Sixteen, Chain Reaction, Ocean Waves or Back to School – I like building houses in quilts.

  147. Patty

    I love the jelly rolls! I made a “Layered Ladder” quilt using a layer cake, but I think it could be done with a jelly roll instead. Love to try it!

  148. Colleen Hicks

    Awesome site, awesome fabric, ideas, patterns, etc. Could go on and on. Just plain Awesome!

  149. Nancy Thomas

    Rouenneries Deux Jelly Roll is so pretty. Love the colors. I think it would make up as a beautiful log cabin.

  150. Janet D.

    Never have bough a jelly roll to work with (yet), but would love this one! Can’t remember the name of the pattern, but I have a book by Pam & Nicki Lintott using them that I want to try. Thanks for the chance for those of us not on facebook!

  151. Elaine Welda

    If I win the jelly roll, I would make a 1600 quilt. I have been meaning to try this pattern for some time and this would be the perfect opportunity to do it!! Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway.

  152. Connie

    I am a big fan of Blackbird Designs, so I will be making one of their smaller projects.

  153. Vicky Davis

    I have never used a jellyroll, but your give away has inspired me to give it a try. I would make a throw size quilt using the Jelly Roll Race pattern I have often heard about. It uses the entire jellyroll showing off the fabric collection and is a quick pattern. Groups even “race” to see who will be the first to complete their quilt! I think it would be great fun for my first jelly “encounter”.

  154. Carrie

    ‘Hmmm . . . not real sure what I would make with all those fabrics but am sure that it wouldn’t be a problem if I would win it. Never purchased a jelly roll so winning one would give me a whole new venue of ideas to think about. It would be a fun challenge!


    COTTON CANDY by Anka’s Treasures.
    Love the colors in your new collection!

  156. Patty

    Log cabin has always been my favorite and jelly rolls make it easier. Thanks for a chance to win French General.

  157. Gloria Berndl

    Just took a Kimberly Einmo jelly roll class which was fabulous. Great teacher and pattern and fun too. Would love to make another quilt of hers with these French General fabrics.

  158. Rosemary

    I would use it in a table runner pattern called “Boston Commons Goes Irish.” I made one over the weekend and would like to try another one in these spring colors.

  159. Linda T

    I would use it to make a 4 patch quilt-love those scrappy, easy patterns. Enjoy your blog- thanks for the giveaway.

  160. Linda Z

    I have never made a strip quilt but think this jelly roll would work perfectly with the pattern All Stars. Would love to try it and see the results. Love your blog!

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