It’s a Dog Day

It’s a dog day here on the farm!  Bentley, the golden retriever, Bo, the Labrador retriever and Mia, the Australian Shepherd are all here plus my three.  Nobody would stand still long enough to pose for a decent photo.

Mia is the oldest in the group but probably the most tolerant of Hazel – surprisingly.

Rox is the most unsocial so she didn’t get her picture taken.

Jenny is home from Louisville, KY for a few days and she came to meet Hazel yesterday.  She liked her as I knew she would.

Last night I looked down to see that Tammy had moved into Hazel’s little carrier.

Hazel has gotten brave enough to go upstairs and has discovered the loft which is normally Rox’s territory.

Last night about 10 pm I couldn’t find Hazel.  I looked everywhere – except upstairs.  When I did go upstairs I found her asleep in her crate!  She had put herself to bed without me! Is that a good puppy or what?

Hazel has also taken on the role of “prewash” — every dog has that duty at one time or another.

This afternoon I’m going to the Care Center to play piano for the birthday party.  Becky and Jenny are coming to keep track of all the dogs.  The sitter needs help!  Ha!

Mama Kitty has gotten fiercely protective so I haven’t gotten a look at the kittens.

Bo is going home tonite – he’s a pretty good boy but just needs more socialization and people time.  Mia and Bentley will go home tomorrow night — and I can relax.

19 thoughts on “It’s a Dog Day

  1. Diane

    IT’S HERE!! My Purses Quilt came today. Thank you!! I love it and am making a sleeve so I can hang it. My husband noticed that you paid for two day shipping and it should have arrived on April 19th, but it arrived today, April 21st. Maybe you can get a refund. I can send the label if you need it.
    Every dishwasher needs a “Prewash”:) They all are such a riot. What a good baby to put herself to sleep. Hope you can relax this weekend. 🙂

  2. Susan Sundermeyer

    Nothing like a cat 🐱 taking over a box! Uh, noticed a shoe 👠 by the dishwasher, was that Hazel’s doing?

  3. Carolyn W.

    Hmmm? Hazel doing prewash and Rox wondering just what it would take to get on top of the counter. I love all that you share and a smile with a giggle is always necessary.

  4. Linette Anne Stewart

    Such a wonderful life!! That’s what I call heaven. I love little Hazel!!

  5. Rose Mikulski

    I’m enjoying the Daily Dog-lemna (not to be confused with dilemma). I just love that Hazel, she’s needs her own newsletter–the Hazelette.

  6. Connie Olson

    How do you do all of this? You must be the most patient person alive! Love to hear about your dogs and other animals, it brings back my days on the farm when I was growing up. Thanks SO much!

  7. Sue

    A great bunch of pets having a grand time together. No wonder Hazel was tired and put herself to bed. Very cute.

  8. Jan

    Makes me so happy that you play at the Care Center. 😄
    I know the residents enjoy every moment!

  9. Dee T.

    Looks like Hazel wants to play hide and seek. She wants to be your little helper in the kitchen also. Be careful with the mallard toy. My dogs would take out the sqweekers and the polyfill. I quit replacing them. I wish I had Hazel.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee – actually the mallard is a toy without stuffing and she hasn’t learned how to take the squeakers out yet.

  10. Anna M

    Our dog Quincy, also a jack Russell, takes his prewash job very seriously! I hope you can get a picture of the kittens eventually. Love kittens! Have a great weekend, looks like it’s gonna be a good one.

  11. Ginny Jackson

    I love reading about Hazel as she and my puppy are about the same age! Prewashing for sure along with my own face.hands, and feet. Licking is fine biting with sharp puppy/Shark teeth is a NO. Scamp was running alone in a room for a few minutes last Saturday night and we heard a yelp. Took him to I.S.U. 24/7 small animal clinic and he had broken his leg! Signed my life away (1/2 the highest estimate) and left him there. Monday the surgeon called and due to Scamp’s age and the fact that the small leg bone was acting like a splint to the large bone he broke; surgery wasn’t indicated. He came home in a large orange cast and will be going back every week to get the bandage changed and hopefully it will be healed the first week of May!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny – oh no! Poor Scout! Iowa State was the best place to take him and I’m so glad he didn’t have to have surgery. I wonder how he broke it. Do you know how to send a picture of Scout to my email?

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