I stopped at the Village Store Saturday morning and I hit the jackpot in shirts.  I have not been anxious to finish my t-shirt rug because all my good colors are gone but look what I found!  I also found a great white linen Ralph Lauren shirt, a 100% silk shirt and some really great stripes.  Also a Columbia shirt of licensed Labrador retriever fabric that was never available retail.  Very exciting – Mia thought so, too.

Ollie and Izzie arrived for a week and Tucker left – I really miss him. I think I learned my lesson with him – never keep a dog for 18 days – especially one who really loves you and you love him and hate to see him leave.  I figured this would happen some time but I guess one is never quite ready.

It’s been a big weekend of basketball and I’m looking forward to March Madness – you’ll find me checking my bracket – ha!  Have a good week, everybody!

10 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. Launa

    We were thrilled when Fresno St. made it…beat San Diego St. in Las Vegas. Not the college we graduated from, but after 12 yrs or so of missing out…..happy for them.
    Your colorful shirt pile is certainly to be envied, Mary.
    Finally a sprinkle started late this afternoon.
    Wish DSTime had been voted down for 2016.

  2. Sharon Ernst

    Gotta love those Westies!! I have a 15 year old female named Sophie! She’s been a great little companion to me! They have great energy & they’re always happy!

  3. Diane

    Great shirts!! Mia is beautiful and Ollie and Izzy are so cute.. Does anyone like DST? Still working on my rug and still love it:)

  4. LMK

    I shop at the village too, never know what you will find, they are having a bag day thurs. (3-17) buy one bag get one free, I think. I also buy old shirts at the thrift stores to cut up, some I find for me or paul to wear. (he works part time yet in the summer and the shirts I find are okay for that) the treasure chest in Charles city has a bag day pretty much every day (a bag of 10 shirts, etc. for so much, it varies every day but all are a good deal. paul is over in south Dakota walleye fishing with his brother for a couple of days, hope they have good luck and good weather. spent sunday with denise, went to the home & vacation show in Rochester, then ate at denny’s (good as always) enjoy hearing all your goings on over there and seeing the pictures, you are a very busy lady but I know, a very happy lady, I’m sure. have a good week, whatever your up to, I will be waiting to hear about it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lael –so good to hear from you again! Yes, I am very happily busy!

  5. Carol

    Just curious about the way you hang quilts on your wall. I love the pinwheel quilt you hung up and you are right it is the perfect size for that area. How did you hang it without damaging the quilt?? Do you tack it up, use some kind of release strip? I would love to hang more quilts around my house and love hanging them directly to the wall so that they lay flat, but don’t want to damage the quilt or the wall. I would love some tips from you.

  6. Diane Deibler

    Mary, I have a new e-mail. Please don’t send to the yahoo account anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience. I was having a lot of problems with my yahoo account.

  7. Susan Sundermeyer

    Agree with you on March Madness. Being from Dayton, OH we are one of the sites to start the first round tomorrow, Tuesday. Even better, University of Dayton Flyers play Syracuse on Friday. Go Flyers!

  8. Lorna

    Looks like you had lots fun at the thrift store…..I was at a local one today and came home with more cookbooks 🙂 I just can’t pass them up! We are thrilled with our local high school hoops team making the trip to state in Madison this week….the first time in 30 years! Then we can get into the next level of hoops!

  9. Cynthia Sabinske

    Great store in Langdon no they have so much fabric she is on Facebook but phone is..701-256-2526 I have been to this store..and I would say she would have what you ar looking for! Great shop! Name of store is Sew On & Sew North

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