More of the Same

You gotta know I’m still cleaning up carpenter dust and spring cleaning at the same time and as I move things around I’m determined to get rid of stuff or at least get it out from under foot.  After all I have several quilt shop buildings I could use for storage and one of the vintage items I’m moving out there is this dollhouse from 1953.  Recognize that plastic furniture?  Since I have no kids or great nieces or nephews, all this great “stuff” will end up on my estate sale.  It will be a fantastic sale – wish I could be there!  Ha!

I hung this pinwheel quilt in the living room – all Jeanne Horton fabrics – and it’s the perfect size.  I’m going to make note of the size and the next wall quilt I make will be this size also so I know it will fit.

Cheryl is the one who taught all of us to hang chairs on the wall and it’s really fun to decorate with them but this row of little red chairs had a thick layer of dust.  So even though they look fun, they were a pain to take down, wash and put back up again.  

Basketball tournaments are on this weekend and then it’s March Madness.  Connie and Roy are in Florida for 2 weeks.  I have Tucker here still and Mia arrived yesterday.  More cleaning tomorrow.  Big surprise, huh?

12 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. Diane

    Hi Mary, You are getting soooo much done!! I love the red chairs, and I had that doll furniture, too, but most of mine had 3 legged chairs and I think my mom gave the house to the church nursery!! Today, my Thursday group made strip pink hearts for a Breast Cancer Quilt to go to the James Cancer Center in Columbus. There are only 3 quilters so the rest cut, pressed, or drew lines. We finished enough hearts for two tops:) Rainy, but warm here in Central Ohio.

  2. Katie

    Love the lil chairs, I also, collect small chairs , like all the colors of paint that is chipping away , use them in my casita , sometimes I put my old bear, or vintage items on them..I have used chalk paint on some of them, gives them a whole new life..
    I am very eclectic ,buy vintage chairs paint and use em thru out my casita, my kitchen chairs r all colors
    My kitchen is looks like Mexican restaurant colorful..
    Katie in Gilbert ,Az..
    I had a play house it was made from some type of tin or metal, lots of fun plastic furniture ,the bodies of the people bent,I could sit them on chairs..🏡

  3. Carol

    When I was a girl I had a dollhouse to share with my sister. It was metal, the inside walls were painted or whatever they did to metal to get pattern on, it had windows that I remember making curtains for when I was in second grade! Which means I have had a needle in my hand for 54 years! Yikes!

    I remember the furniture, we had the tub, sink, toilet for sure, the kitchen set and beds. I don’t remember much else, but thanks for resurrecting these memories!

  4. Paula

    Looks like you are making progress. I tried the horizontal quilting and I love it! Can’t wait to do my king size Vortex. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula – good for you! It’s easy, isn’t it? I’ve never attempted a king size but maybe I will someday.

  5. Anna

    Hi Mary, this has nothing to do with your spring cleaning. All though I envy you getting it done 🙂
    I have a question about your rag rugs. Can you rotary cut the old sheets and the material for the rug? I thought I read somewhere that you shouldn’t rotary cut because of the threads it produced? Finally getting ready to make mine.
    I look forward everyday to reading your emails. Just love them! Good luck with the cleaning!
    Anna in Michigan-GO BLUE! 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Anna – yes, you can cut them with a rotary cutter but yes, it does make lots of threads/strings unless you use a zig zag or pinking blade. You can also tear the strips and cut off the threads as you go. My favorite is the pinking blade.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    I still have the little chair I got when I was 3-4 years old. It still has the manufacturer’s label and some of it’s original paint — most was worn off with a lot of use. That makes it about 73 years old. Also have the rocking chair Mom got when she was little and that would make it about 100 years old.

    You are going to feel so good when everything is all spic and span and neat like you would want it. And you should feel so lucky to have the other buildings to store the quilts, etc. Most of us don’t have that luxury.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – yes, I will feel great when it’s all clean and yes, I’m lucky to have those buildings but remember how much I pay in taxes for those empty buildings every year. Is it worth it? They aren’t exactly free in my back yard just because they were part of the quilt shop. Now I’m stuck with them.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Maybe somebody could move them? But is there room to get them out? They would made good buildings. I was in the one back of the quilt shop once, but couldn’t it be made into a home on another property?

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