Kitten Update

So much happening, so many posts! Hope I’m not overwhelming you but this morning I have a new problem. The kitten went behind this freezer via this little space! Not only that, the kitten pooped back there!! I can smell it and the kitten won’t come out. I am going to have to empty the freezer to move it. Good thing the shop is closed today and I have some time.
Will post about the Great Dane named Hercules later.
Things are going better between Telly and Bailey which makes my life easier. Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words regarding Bailey’s story.

17 thoughts on “Kitten Update

  1. Marian

    Oh my gosh……hidden kittens and retrieving Retrievers…..where do you find time to quilt? Such a sad story about Bailey….breaks my heart….the animal word is so lucky to have someone like you in it…….Poor Bailey is probably thrilled to pieces to have a safe, warm, loving place to stay. I hope you’ll keep him……..he’s had so much hardship…..Hugs to you for being so kind!!

  2. Dee W

    Oh kittens! I’ve had this happen too, you love them but oh what a headache til they adjust. But you needed to dust the floor back there anyway didn’t you? Give Bailey a hug for me, looks like a pretty nice dog. His “old bone” are thinking that Santa really loves him this year. You’re such a sweetie, I have a sister who is an animal magnet also.

  3. Connie

    Mary – you can never send too many posts as far as I’m concerned. Your life is so FULL with so many things going on and so many animals needing to be loved it’s really a joy to read them. I am sorry for the added stress and work for you. You seem to handle it all so positively tho’ – you’re a blessing to all – not just the animals you rescue and your friends and family – but to all who get to read your ‘Chicken Scratches’! :*)

    Glad Bailey and Telly are doing better – hope the ‘kitten caper’ works out all okay too!

  4. Midge H

    Give Telly some time she has recently lost her kennel mates and Bailey has had to cope on her own for ages. All will work out for the best (and you are the best)

  5. Diane

    HI Mary–I’m happy for the updates on all the “kids”. Can you corral the kitten in a laundry room or some space with a door until she gets used to her new home? We did that with Squeak, Millie’s “twin” from the Big Lots parking lot. Good luck.

  6. LeAnn Keenan

    I love hearing about your furry “kids”. And I’m glad the Telly and Bailey are getting along better.

  7. Kathy Workman

    I love your posts. I can relate and it makes me smile. Idaho is cold and snowy but beautiful. However, I miss my Midwest. Warm hugs to you.

  8. mary rhodes

    Glad you give us updates! Love cats n dogs! Try playing with kitten like shoe lace when get the little one grabbed it! Be great if Telly n Baily be best friends!

  9. Jeanie

    I hope Telly gets over her case of sibling rivalry, since Bailey really needs a home like yours. If it does become necessary to relocate Bailey, have you thought of contacting one of the Golden Retriever rescue groups? They are helpful with transportation, too, sometimes in relays. You are wonderful, Mary.

  10. Beryl

    Your stories…guess they aren’t stories…are entertaining, heart wrenching and either have me in stitches or n tears, thanks for sharing. So glad the dogs are making friends…Bailey’s story had me in tears. And your kitty…oh my…hopefully she grows quickly and won’t fit back there anymore, and I am sorry you have to do that job alone…isn’t there someone who could help you? Bless you for the animal shelter you run!!

  11. Cyndy F

    Last night I woke up three times thinking about what the little black kitten saw. I had to pray to be able to go back to sleep. I think it is my future is to be the woman with 85 cats. If I lived closer to Country Threads, it would be sooner than later. As for Bailey, I am right there with you. All of the horses I have ever owned had injured legs and needed love more that being ridden. I understand.

  12. Linda Lutz

    Mary, there are never too many posts from you! I love it all! I wish I could be there to help out!

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