Let’s Talk Dirty Dozen, 4-13-2020

I don’t want to get behind posting these wonderful finishes.

Once again, if you have not seen your DD posted please resend it to me.

Yesterday on Easter Connie’s church made this cross display outside on the lawn. People brought flowers and decorated the cross during the snowstorm and isn’t it beautiful?

Did you listen to Andre Bocelli sing Amazing Grace outside the cathedral in Milan? Another goosebump moment.

Last night I was glued to the tv watching Jesus Christ Superstar and remembered that Donna M. sent me an email in 2018 when she learned the answer to the question of why the resurrection was not covered in this play. The story is being told by Judas who committed suicide before Resurrection Morning. It all made complete sense as I watched last night. (Yes, I kept her email since then because I LOVE this musical!!). I hope you watched and enjoyed it.

I have appreciated all your thoughts of sympathy. The loss of the puppies was a low blow indeed but I really did do the best I knew how and those puppies were loved while in my care. As of tonite seven of the nine puppies have died. Those seven puppies are now romping with their grateful momma over the Rainbow Bridge. Isn’t that a sweet visual?

12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Dirty Dozen, 4-13-2020

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, remember before just above the Comments it used to say Read More Read More of this Post? If I clicked on it, all the pictures and everything showed up. You haven’t had that in there for quite awhile. Does that part mean anything?
    Sorry about the puppies. They just weren’t meant to be, no matter how humans tried.
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, I remember. It’s more work and sometimes I just don’t have it in me. I don’t think that’s the reason the photos didn’t post but I’m not sure either.

  2. Diane Bauer

    I don’t have any photos tonight–this is the first time that’s happened for me.

    I’m so sorry about the puppies. They are happy, I’m sure, to be with Momma at the Rainbow Bridge! Hope they will play a bit with Mariah and Denali and Sassy–my heart still misses my furbabies!!

    I’m sewing up a storm. Masks are only one part of my daily work. I made a scissors cozy for my BFF today. Tomorrow I start a new quilt!

  3. debby

    Lots of ads to close but no pictures came through. So sorry to hear about the puppies.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Your description is almost as good as the pictures.
    So sorry about the puppies, you tried hard.

  5. Kathy Bahn

    Hi Mary-
    I’m commenting on the same thing so many of your other readers have commented on NO PICTURES!!
    So sorry to read about the puppies.

    Hoping the no pictures thing is just something I’m not doing that I should be doing!

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