Line Up

Today’s quilt is called Line Up and measures 50″ x 66″.  Have you noticed that all the quilts I’ve shown you could easily be made larger with additional blocks?  Or made smaller for a table topper or wall quilt?  Very versatile.  This colorway feels so comfortable to me – lots of neutral tans with assorted darks for the pinwheels.

Look at Emma!  She is shedding, as you can see, and she almost looks like a lion with all that hair around her neck and head area.  Spring is here for certain!

And am I crazy?  Most of these plants living in my basement have been “started” over the winter and need care on  regular basis.  I am going to sell most of them at the sale in June – some of the smaller starts will be FREE so if you’d like to start a collection of succulent plants, come to the sale June 4-5-6 at the farm.

Remember the blog hop about Jo and Kelli’s new book, Country Girl Modern?  If your name is Beth T. and you commented on the blog post about the puddle duck block, you are the winner of the free book!  Please send your full name and mailing address to within the next 3 days.  If I don’t hear from you by Friday am, I will draw another name to receive the book.  Congratulations, Beth!  You’re going to love this book!

The problem with signing up to receive a postcard about the sale is that people are in a hurry and don’t write clearly.  The person typing up the list may not be able to read the handwriting or maybe they mis-type the address in some way.  Connie and I hand addressed over 2000 postcards about our sale and many are being returned as “not deliverable as addressed”.  If you think you signed up to receive a post card and have not received one and would like to, you need to send me your correct address.  Such a nuisance, I know, and you’ve read the details here in the blog so hopefully you have us on your calendar.  Not many people read the newspaper any more but we will be advertising locally in the papers closer to the date of the sale.  Enough blabber about bad addresses.

12 thoughts on “Line Up

  1. Mareen

    cannot wait to get in on the plan sale Mary – just a fyi – my onion plant is BEAUTIFUL!! Like you told me – Mareen be PATIENT…………….

  2. Peggy

    I am curious to know if you save and use Emma’s wool. I am also interested to know if you will have any sale items available for purchase online. Best wishes…….

  3. Mary Ann

    Congratulations to Beth. I received notification that my book has shipped, can’t wait.

  4. Barb K

    I don’t mean to add more bad news to the address issue, but I received 2 postcards! It made me feel very special!!

  5. Launa

    Each quilt just gets better! Am trying to finish some UFO’s until CIVIL WAR REMEMBERED arrives at the end of March.
    I used to put yarn, snipped threads and dog hair on top of shrubs for nesting birds. Emma’s shedding fur would certainly be “prime picking” for brazen Bluejays. Hope you are keeping a watchful eye on the nest that may be leftover from Orioles.
    I’d snap up the Pencil succulent if I got to your sale.
    Congratulations to Beth T. on winning Jo & Kelly’s Country Girl Modern book.

  6. Nikki Mahaffey

    Wish lived close enough to come to sale…would definitely be bringing succulents home.

    Love the quilt..still looking forward to the arrival of the book. Wish you would take a wider angke view of the bed..idea to put hubby to work….

  7. Sara R.

    That bed looks like a cozy place and the quilt is wonderful. I can’t wait to get the book!

  8. Pat C

    One is more beautiful than the next! Can’t wait to get my copy of the book. Please, someone, tell me where I can find the puddle duck block? I’m begging!

  9. Rose Mikulski

    Good goat coat report, spring is definitely on its way; can’t believe how much hair Emma is losing. I received my postcard and am hoping I can come to the sale. I, too, am anxiously waiting for the Civl War Remembered and Jo’s book. I’ve seen your book popping up on my Pinterest board.

  10. Ann Barlament

    First I LOVE the bed – tucked into an alcove. Reminds me of the bed I slept in at my grandparents house, such a feeling of security – tucked into a wall, with drawers underneath where extra blankets were stored.

    Plants used to be a “hot seller” whenever I would have garage sales. That’s how many of my plants got started, from friends willing to share a cutting. Most of my ‘baby cacti’ came from a flowering plant that was over 30 years old. Have a wonderful sale!!!

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