Making Progress in the Shop



Here is my carpenter, Curt, working on the new dog room and now it’s finished. It’s at the south end of the building and will have the dog door open to the east of the building. I feel like maybe I’m creating a “dog park” instead of a kennel. It’s not a kennel – the dogs don’t stay in cages. Some sleep in their rooms but not all of them. Some sleep in the house. All of the little ones sleep in the house. They spend the days with me and my dogs and if I have to leave, they go into their room and yard.
I need to answer some questions. “Pending moderation” appears only the first time you comment which directs me to allow the comment or trash the comment. Once you’ve commented, all your comments seem to post automatically.
As much as I’d like to say yes, the sale items will be available online, just take a minute and think about this. We do not have a website anymore. We don’t have a shipping department nor an online credit card account. Every item would have to be photographed and downloaded, described, and priced. We would literally have to spend thousands of dollars to design a new website to post these items which is impossible! If you think about what you’re suggesting, you’ll realize it can’t be done. This is a YARD SALE, not a website sale. We’ve done that already, remember?
Bentley and Leo are both here until the weekend. Leo goes home first and then 3 more dogs arrive on Sunday. I’m going to have a busy month ahead of me!

12 thoughts on “Making Progress in the Shop

  1. Angie Rowland

    I t is just so neat all the things for sale and I am sure that there will be people camping along side of the road to get the first pickings, unfortunately you are too far away so I can only hope that people are patient, courteous and appreciative as some of us are too far away to take advantage. DANG, the drive from Baltimore is just too far but I will be envious of those that are closer. Love Chicken scratch and wish you the best in the dog vacation emporium.

  2. Brenda A in sunny AZ

    It looks so clean and so lonely but I’m sure the dog population is looking forward to comfortable stays in the shop with you close by.
    I was inspired by the 9-patch quilt you shared the pattern for, and am now doing a layout for a twin size quilt, all with stash fabrics. So much stash, so little time.
    Perhaps you will sell your quilt-vitamins that you seem to take all the time, at your upcoming yard sale. I’d make a special trip to get them!

  3. Launa

    Evening Mary, I hope things are warming up a bit there weather wise….altho Curt’s cap would say otherwise as he finishes the dogs’ rooms.

    No dog kennels here, BUT the two local grand-dogs are here for the weekend as are their younger owners who joined us for dinner. I finished Anne Sutton’s BELIEVE pillow front today and then Yoko Saito’s “Good Night” applique pattern arrived today……I thought it would be ideal for some of those wonderful textured wovens you had at Country Threads. It is going to take me longer than your colorful snowball table topper as I have some prior UFO’s in various stages, but it’s nice to plan fabric and have hand work in the evening.

    I hope the barn cat has returned to his comfy spot.


  4. Mary Etherington

    Yes, Barn Cat is back and yes, the nest is still hanging on the branch. I forgot to answer those two questions. Bonnie, read my comment as yes, the items will be available – except for these reasons.

  5. Mary Etherington

    Closing Yard Sale dates are June 4-5-6, 2015 for those of you living in the North Iowa-Southern Minnesota area

  6. Reva Coash

    Looks like you’ve got a gr3eat young carpenter who brings his dog with him, or uses yours! Realize you are lucky to find this guy, they aren’t on every corner! Good thing you have space to stop and work on quilting – so you don’t get too worn down. Weather here in Ks is beautiful today,, Sat. 24. reva

  7. Helen

    Could you please let me know the time each day the closing sale will start? I’m thinking of making a road trip to see you and need to know if I should be there bright and early on the first day :). Thanks, Helen

  8. Carol

    What a great design. I love watching your progress! Hope you all are staying warm in these cold days.

  9. Carol

    Looks amazing, it is so different from the shop. Can’t wait to come to the sale. I’ll be up in June.

  10. Sharon Sapwell

    I have inherited a kit from my sister that I don’t think is all here. Which I can adlib on material, but there is no pattern in it. It is called “Singing With Grace #218″. The picture says” Pie-Eating Contest”. Can you help me or send me the pattern, I will pay for it. I hope not too pricey. I live in AZ. Right now we are getting rain. The Hassayampa River is going to get high. Love to see it full. It is an upside down river. I know that is more info than you needed. But you sound like my kind of people. I love dogs I have two Pembroke Welch Corgi’s, would have more if I had the room. Apt living is much to be desired, for farm people. Thank You for listening to me. Waiting to hear from you. Good luck on your venture. Sharon

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I am drawing a blank on pie eating contest and don’t believe we have “singing with grace” anymore but I’ll look. My advice would be to put the fabric in your stash and use it in a scrap quilt.
      Love corgi dogs! Well, actually I love most dogs – ha!

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