Memorial Day Update

Lots of pictures to show you but not much explanation needed.

I wonder why Mama hates me so much.

Here’s Colton sleeping in the upstairs of the playhouse.

And Ernie Joe Mauer.

And Baby Chick – with feathers and nearly self sufficient except he panics when he loses his mom.  Gosh, I hope it’s a hen.

Hazel found a toad this morning.

The dogwood pagoda tree is in full bloom.

And now what am I to do — there’s another stray tomcat in my barn!   Very friendly but beat up.  I’m putting out feed for him and he leaves for a day or so and then shows up again.  I’ve been calling him Buddy.

Hi from the goats.

Here’s our little mud puddle pond for the geese.

And the parking area is now just a lot of work because the weeds grow there.  We spray it and mow it – another chore to keep up with.

Getting a drink.

That’s what’s happening on the farm today!

38 thoughts on “Memorial Day Update

  1. Mary Says Sew!

    I don’t think Mama hates you, I think she’s just protecting her babies. And probably hormones, too….

    Don’t you just love an orange cat? There’s one in my lap right now.

    Thanks for the photos – so beautiful!

  2. Gayle Lacey

    I love all of your animal updates! Mama knows what you have planned for her … snip snip! No wonder she’s frowning!!!! Love the babies. The flag on your barn will always be the first thing I think of when I remember your shop. I’m retiring this week so I ne

  3. Kathy

    I’m impressed with your menagerie and know they bring joy and comfort to your heart. I agree with the above writer that Mama Cat is too feral plus she is protective of her babies. She may take time to socialize, but I know the kittens will be able to interact with humans as you continue to show your love to them. Hope you get Mama Cat spayed before “Buddy” gets involved with her. I enjoy seeing your life through the photos of your beloved animals as well as your quilting exploits.

  4. Agatha

    Your pictures are so beautiful I love reading your blog, it is the favorite part of my day!

  5. Judy Piper

    I live vicariously thru your daily postings. I was raised on a farm and my heart is still there. Moved to small city life for my husband’s employment and raised our family and grandchildren here……always wanting to move back to the country. But at 77 those days have passed. I am content with our country drives on beautiful sunny days here in Michigan. Your daily pictures and adventures feed my soul. Thank you.

  6. Diane

    Beautiful pictures!! Maybe Mama Cat is just saying hello in her own “special” way. I do love those two white babies. Any idea if they are male or female? Has anyone picked one yet? I think I remember you saying that people often dropped strays at your farm. That is so sad to just dump an animal, but at least they were dumped in stray heaven:) Enjoy your day, Mary. I enjoy all of your blogs, too:)

  7. Betty Klosterman

    Don’t mess with Momma!! Not a good idea with “wild” Mommas. And not even a good idea with some domesticated mommas. Instinct is so strong. And is Momma where the new Tom can’t get at her? That could be really hard to prevent.

  8. Martha Engstler

    I’m agreeing with Agatha, your blog is one of my favorite parts of my day. Your pictures are great. Especially love the kitties. We have had so much rain here on the east coast but even on a sunny day I don’t think we have the beautiful clouds you have in Iowa. Several of your pictures have fabulous clouds in them,

  9. Carolyn Boutilier

    Thank you for the farm pictures. Love all of them. Hazel sure is a sweetie.
    from the Shenandoah Valley in VA.
    Carolyn B

  10. Brenda archambault

    E I E I O. I hope the new Buddy stays away from Momma until she’s out of business. She sure does have a look of “stay away” and I hope that applies to him also. You must be busier than a one armed paper hanger, just getting the gang fed every day. And you garden, provide music for church and the retirement centers and quilt too. Wonder Woman, that you are. Enjoy the day.

  11. Jo

    Life in the country is so beautiful! We had wild burros and called them Buddy and Buddy’s Buddy! They were always together.

  12. maxine lesline

    Lovely to see your animals happily grazing… the pastures look green and healthy… and aren’t barns interesting ! Glad to see your business and blog are still going… I bought an early magazine of yours at a yard sale years ago.. and still enjoy the pics and the text.. text in cooking or quilting magazines often determines whether I will buy. Now I have found you still in the country and still quilting.

  13. Sandie

    Thank you for your beautiful photos! Always makes my day to see all of your sweet animals.
    Thank you for sharing…😊

  14. Patsy

    She doesn’t hate you, she’s just afraid of humans. I have a female who’s been hanging around for two years and not only was raised on my deck, but also brought her kittens to me. After all that, she still runs from me. I’ve had her and her one surviving kitten fixed. The kitten, who’s now a year old, loves to be held and petted, but not the Mama.

  15. Sue

    Wow! What a nice bunch of pictures of life on your farm. Thank you for posting them. Kittens are sure getting cute. The mama is unbelievable stubborn, though. Doesn’t know a good thing when she has it.

  16. Kathy

    Love seeing all your farm pictures and you were into vintage gardening displays before it ever became cool. Just looks very inviting with the animals grazing and kitties tucked safely inside. Love those kittens! Thank you for taking the time to bless your readers with such beautiful pictures of your home life.

  17. Carolyn W.

    Lots of proof in this post for “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I love all the smiles they bring to my face. Mamma cat does not need to be wooed by Buddy. Mamma Cat needs to lose “the attitude” and take a ride to the local vet. Someone has mistreated her and she is leery of all two legged people.

  18. Suzanne Cook

    I so look forward to your posts. You have a unique group of animals.
    But I have absolutely fallen in love with Hazel. I’ve always had dogs but
    Have been without one for the last year. Watching Hazel’s
    adventures has been way too fun. So much fun that I now have an eight
    week old Golden Retriever LizzyBeth. Keep up the stories
    on all of the animals.
    Suzanne Cook

  19. Crystal Daniels

    You have such a beautiful place and I know that you feel blessed. Love all the pictures that you share with all of us…..thanks!

  20. Patty McDonald

    Great pictures. Mama cat will be delivering orange kitties if ‘Mr. Tom’ hangs around very long. My experience with feral cats has been I could never tame them. They eventually let me touch them but never pick them up. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done and, if anyone came tame her, you can.

  21. Jane

    That Hazel is so precious!!
    This must be an Orange Cat Spring. One came to my house and sits on the deck trying to see me. Acts like he may have had people. I’m feeding him and calling him Julius. Orange Julius….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane – thank you for caring for Julius! Somebody needs to!

  22. cbeck

    Just love your posts!! Always brings a smile to my face! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life in the country to all of us city gals!!

  23. Rebecca Haines

    Thank you for sharing I look forward to your posts they brighten my day! Poor momma cat, she’s had a tough life and just doesn’t know what to think of her new palace.

  24. Pat Pratt

    Love seeing the farm menagerie!!! Kittens are really growing. Hope mama will soon calm down. (For your sake!!)

  25. Susan Fiorito

    Wow those kittens are just beautiful! That little gray and white one is a little Sassy kitty! What a wonderful place to be with all that life!

  26. Felicia Hamlin

    Enjoy all the pictures of your paradise, I would love a kitty, but I already have one and two dogs. That is plenty for now. Zena is really jealous of the poor cat. Any time he sits on my lap she pushes him out of the way.

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