Message for Rose

Hi, Rose! This is Susannah writing to tell you I still have a few pretzels and animal crackers left in the big jugs you brought me. If it were up to me, they’d all be gone but Mom is rationing them because she says I’m putting on weight! She should talk!
Thanks again, Rose, for thinking of me!
PS My 12th birthday is October 26.

5 thoughts on “Message for Rose

  1. Rose Mikulski

    Well Susannah, if it was up to me, those crackers would be gone by now. Hopefully, you will share with Emma. I promise to bring you more the next time I come to Iowa. Happy 12th Birthday, still cute as ever. If things get rough and Mom isn’t treating you right, just hop on the UPS truck to Illinois.

  2. Pat

    Happy Birthday, Susannah! Hope your mom will be extra nice to you, may a few more pretzels……

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