Tropical Emma

I hung Susannah’s heat lamp and guess who claimed it? Emma! Don’t try to convince me that animals don’t feel the cold!

7 thoughts on “Tropical Emma

  1. Linda

    Of course they do…..My dogs always lay on the floor heating vent–in the summer for the AC and the winter for the heat…it is so cute….

  2. Diane

    Great idea. Emma’s smart; is it cold there now?
    Mary, did you see PBS tonight with the strange friendships between different species? Great show!

  3. Mary Evans

    I don’t know if they feel the cold, but I DO know they LOVE to be warm. Think about your dogs loving the sunshine, and baking in it. Then moving to the shade, and then repeating the process. My dogs do that a lot, and they love when there is good sun coming in a window in the house. I bet Emma would too. LOL!

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