Miscellaneous Thursday

What a great World Series!  And I was a pretty impartial viewer – I thought Game 7 was fantastic!  It had everything you could ask for in a championship game, didn’t it?  Congratulations, Chicago!

I’ve had two boarders this past week – Jackson, the big black lab, already went home but when his mom, Jan, dropped him off, she had this sweet baby quilt to show me.  I loved it!

Mia, the  timid little Aussie, goes home tomorrow.  She sticks really close to me.

I stepped outside this morning to find Emma resting in front of my sewing room.

A few minutes later, she was asleep with her head resting on the window sill.  Very sweet, Emma!  Who wouldn’t love having a goat like you?

Some friends stopped by this morning with their new puppy, Cassie.

Remember the Wildflower quilt that both Connie and I are making?  Look at all of Connie’s blocks!  I have not touched my blocks – this better be a wake-up call for me!

Here is a church quilt I finished up yesterday – they pieced the top and I quilted and bound it.  And for a collection of unrelated strips, isn’t it nice?

It’s just too nice to be in the house so I’ll close for today.  I think I’ll mow lawn – anything to be outside on such a gorgeous November  day.

10 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Thursday

  1. BeckySchoonover

    I love everything about this post. Emma is so sweet. Cassie is soooo beautiful! What kind of dog is she?
    And both quilts are beautiful!!!! Yes, you better get busy or Connie is going to get her done. LOL!!!
    I know it’s very hard to be inside when it so nice outside. Who would believe it’s Nov 6th!!!

  2. Diane M

    The pictures of Emma are so sweet. I would love to give her a hug. The church quilt is lovely; all the blues go so well together. It’s a nice day here in southern Wisconsin, too. I have work to do in my garden to get ready for winter. I also have to get ready for a craft show on Sunday.

  3. Martha Engstler

    Don’t blame you for wanting to be outside. Here in the Maryland, Pennsylvania (southern) area it’s been fabulous also and now the leaves have really started to turn. I had an Aunt Emma in Story City and every time I see your sweet Emma it makes me think of her. Wonder what she’d think of that. It’s a smile though.

  4. Marsha Ransom

    Love both of the quilts! Thanks for sharing! I especially love the scrappy one at the end.

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    The church quilt is beautiful; the quilting really highlights the whole quilt. Emma is very special–maybe she wants to take quilting lessons from you through the window. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Glenda Stephens

    Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the Frito Corn Salad recipe you posted a year or so ago. I have taken it to family reunions, pot lucks and various get togethers and it is always a huge hit. A friend of ours was diagnosed with West Nile virus almost two months ago and has finally gone home. The doctors refer to the after effects as a traumatic brain injury. A group of friends are cooking meals for them twice a week. She has not been eating much so we take small portions. I took a casserole and the corn salad. She loved the corn salad and wanted a lot more for seconds. I think we have found something that tastes really good to her! Sorry this was so long. Now you see why I never post. My notes turn into short stories!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Glenda – West Nile, huh? Poor woman – glad you found something that tastes good to her. Comment any time – I love hearing from all of you!

  7. Karen Chaudoin

    Emma is beautiful. I am partial to brown and she is precious! You are fortunate to have her!

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