I cut up a watermelon last Saturday and took the rinds down to the chickens.  Hazel made a beeline to the barn and decided she’d like to chew on a watermelon rind, too.

I also made snack mix – it is delicious!

Everything is growing in North Iowa including the pampas grass which is just starting to come up.

Jenny was holding Hazel when she just got too tired to hold her head up so she laid it on the edge of the table – Hazel, that is.  Tired puppy!

And here’s a comparison for you – Ernie Joe Mauer and Hazel – ha!

Sunday morning service – the morning after the prom.

I’m working on the wedding quilt and making quite a few of these blocks to use in the border.

Finished these books recently – both were very good!

And I couldn’t resist the new Charm Book by the Moda All-Stars.

Lots of pictures but not much to say.

Talk again soon!

28 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Carol T

    That sweet, adorable little Hazel is one lucky, sweet, adorable little doggie!

  2. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hazel is such a cutie. How did you come up with the name Hazel for a dog. I love it.
    Our doodle is Maggie.
    Carolyn B

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn – Faye, who died last May, was named after Ricks mom and we knew our next dog would be Hazel, after my mom. On the surface she would act appalled but I think she’d secretly be pleased!

  3. Sue

    How did Hazel like that watermelon? Cute. At that age they must try everything. Love your wedding blocks and all of your Hazel and farm photos.

  4. Patty Turner

    I just love your news and pics of Hazel! My daughter is a Cyclibe (alumni) now living in Hawkeye Territory so always enjoy you Cheering them on!

  5. Sara Reynolds

    The snack mix looks yummy. I would love to have the recipe also. I always love the pictures of your animals, especially Hazel. She is so cute! I also am eager to see the completed wedding quilt.

  6. Dorothy Sheldrake

    How nice to recognize the high schoolers. Good looking group
    Wish I could get my hands on Hazel and cuddle awhile.
    Your blogs are a blessing to me.
    The invite to come to CA for a visit and stay here is always open.
    Dorothy Sheldrake

  7. Gloria

    Ernie looks much like my Monte. I inherited h from neighbors the end of 2013. I couldn’t make him into. 24 hour indoor cat and he was 16. Coyotes attacked him and took him Friday night. They killed neighbor cat and left parts of her. I am so sad, missing him. We live in city, very populated area.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gloria – I am so terribly sorry to hear about the coyote attack – just heart wrenching!

  8. VA Mann

    Just love all the pics you took! I am A Hazel fan also. Please post the snack recipe. Can’t wait to see the finished wedding quilt..loving the fabrics/color selections.

  9. JoAnn

    Just want to share a yummy treat a gal in my guild made. You add melted white chocolate to the snack mix. Mix it up, lay on wax paper to set the chocolate, enjoy. It’s called “white trash” . I think you’ll love it.

  10. MartyCae

    Thanks for the pics of Ernie Joe and Hazel! I hope they will be lifelong friends!

  11. Carolyn W.

    Well, the picture of the snack mix will sure send one to the grocery store for supplies. I have a rug hooking meeting on Thursday and have been trying to decide on a good snack for the group. This is perfect. I am guessing little Hazel doesn’t realize she has such a large group of admirers. If you ever need a puppy sitter you have lots of volunteers.

  12. Jean Elliott

    Love the pics of Hazel….how’s the barn cat doing? It appears the prom goers wore their prom outfits to Church…what a nest idea!
    The snack mix looks yummy….haven’t made that in a long time.

  13. Jean Elliott

    Love the pics of Hazel….how’s the barn cat doing? It appears the prom goers wore their prom outfits to Church…what a nest idea!

  14. Rose Mikulski

    I think that I am amazed that Hazel with all of the running around she does on the farm, her fur stays white unless you’ve given her a bath already, then did you share the photos? Just giving you a hard time. I have the Charm book also, time for another quilt along? You know I already pinned one of the Hazel photos on Pinterest–too cute.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – Hazels hair is very coarse and I think the dirt just falls off because she hasn’t had her first bath yet. I’m hoping she loves water – the swim pool, the lake, the puddles!

  15. Diane

    What do Ernie Joe and Hazel think of each other? It looks like they are happy together:) I”m anxious to see the wedding quilt together; I love the colors you chose. Your pictures are so much fun to see:) Thanks for sharing.

  16. Maryjane in CA

    Every picture of her is just cute, cute, cute! Would love the snack mix recipe, too. Looks wonderful.

  17. Diana Stanfill

    Absolutely!! If I cannot have Hazel I to would like the snack recipe.. Thanks.

  18. Carolyn Van Petten

    Ditto on the snack recipe. Hazel is so cute–lucky Hazel, Lucky You!

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