Where does the time go?  Work in the barn continues as well as some outside work – the pampas grass needs to be cut down but I’m waiting for Rick to take down the fence and he’s still farming.

Reed and Myra came over last Wednesday and finished their folders.  Here’s a look at both the kids and the folders front and back.

They did a great job!

I walked out to the sad garden last week – here’s the tomato plants – done for this year.

Reed’s grandma invited me to ride with her as she was doing field work just south of my house.  Look at the size of this tractor.  Standing beside it gives one a new perspective on farm work!

Monday means laundry, cleaning up and today I’m baking cookies again.

I am still watching the news from Texas and the church shooting.  I keep imagining this happening in my church to MY church family.  Think of losing half the congregation!  This makes my heart just ache.

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  1. Rhoda Ebersole

    Your postings are just what we are all thinking about
    The TX shooting. I am still in McKinney TX on my return
    From a 12 day trip to Israel and what a trip it was with my group
    And being bused all over to the safe areas. It was a pilgrimage really with
    Bible teadings and lessons learned at many spots. My ankles swelled up to Show all the uphill and downhill walking we did. I went with a longtime friend of 40 years. I fly back to LasvVegas today forever changed.

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Rhoda E
    Note the new email address

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rhoda – your trip sounds wonderful! If you have a new email you must unsubscribe from the old one and re subscribe with the new one — from your computer.

  2. Connie Olson

    My tomatoes look just like your tomatoes here in Minnesota. Sad how winter has come so fast this year. You look SO brave in that tractor!!

  3. Diane

    I think they lost half of their congregation. It is so very, very sad. That is a huge tractor. Did you get to drive it? Great to see the kids and their folders. Two cuties😃 The cookies look yummy.

  4. diane matthews

    I’m sure most of us are thinking the same thing about the shooting. It is just a nightmare, but thank goodness for friends and neighbors who help each other in need. Bless all those families in that little town in Texas.

  5. Sue

    I love the folders the kids made. They will be special to them for a long time to come….mainly because they made them with you.
    You must have had a huge tomato crop. They still look good, but I am sure they are frozen by now. lol
    Those new tractors are awesome. My sweetie collects old tractors. The oldest is a ’42 Ford tractor. I don’t think it would come up to the top of the tire on that one. We have come a long way in the farm world. However….not so far in our human world. So very, very sad.

  6. Diana

    I can;t imagine this happening in my church, but we all need to be aware of our surroundings. We are not safe anywhere if we are not safe during worship. I have a permit to carry, but have resisted up to now. I guess all we can do is pray it doesn’t happen to us

  7. Louise

    My heart is aching for those lost and for their families.
    God bless each and every one..we were on our way to Mass.
    Reed and Myra did a great job!i

  8. Susie Q

    We all ache at this killing of neighbors, relatives and some friends.

    I went out to my garden today for the first time in weeks and picked 6 tomatoes and two peppers and gave them to my “help” aka middle daughter who was here helping me clean half the garage….. the closest I have to a “barn”.

  9. Karen L Chaudoin

    Your friends and garden are beautiful! So many tomatoes. I was reading over one of your books for bed time reading the other night and saw the tiny picture of your place from the sky. It looked amazing but the picture was tiny. I get to see pictures on your blog and really enjoy it. I too thought of being in church and the devils activities. I am thankful for the person who had a gun to help. Thank you again for a lovely post!

  10. Jane from Minnesota

    The folders are just great and so personal. I would like to do this with borrowed grandkids. Always looking for a new project for them, ages 6 and 8, so thank you!

    I’ll have to show my brother the John Deere tractor photos – he’s always loved them and now he’s fortunate to be working for a John Deere dealership in his retirement years, best job he’s ever had.

    Such tragedy in Texas. Are we shocked? Unfortunately, not any more. Sickened, yes.

    Love one another and hold them close.

  11. Becky from IA

    Oh my look at all those gadgets in the cab of the tractor….lol! They sure didn’t look like that when I was growing up.
    I know it’s so sad about the church in TX… just brakes my heart also.

  12. Martha Engstler

    OMG, can’t believe that tractor. It must take a lot of training to know what to do with all the gadgets. I’m very impressed. Also impressed with Reed and Myra’s projects, they did a great job. I agree that in years to come they will look back to see how lucky they were to have a friend like you. Fall is here in Pennsylvania with beautiful leaves. I’m afraid another week and it will be winter but no snow yet.

  13. Lee Bowers

    Mary, it was really hard to watch the coverage of the shooting in Texas. The system failed those people.
    My heart aches for the people in that small town. I, too, thought about my church and how vulnerable we are.
    But, we move on, trusting God to give us the grace to get through this time in the history of our country.
    Blessings, Lee

    Mary, looks like you were enjoying yourself inside the cab.

  14. Launa

    Hi Mary, What a handsome pair Myra n Reed are. You are a great friend and someone they will think back on in future years n remember all the great times spent at your home. Such fortunate children.
    Mmmmm cookies!!!

    I wouldn’t care to change a tire on that tractor let alone try to drive it now.

    Nice sunny day here in Idaho; morning temperature was about 20 degrees. Just a dusting of snow during the night. Winter is here.

  15. Robin Rauk

    Your looking good in that tractor Mary!!
    what is wrong with people…. So sad about another shooting, more family’s torn apart
    because of violence.

  16. Angie Rowland

    WOW, I would look small next to that tire. What a difference. Makes you think, how do you get up an down from the cab. Going to have fried green tomatoes? Thank you Mary, I miss the goat gazette but this is close. Love your stories.
    Makes my day.

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