More Christmas Decorating

From Heather Kittleson

Here are Ann and Lori from our lunch yesterday.  Ann brought me this chalkware cat and collie plate so I’m naming the cat Annie.  Whenever someone gives me an animal, I name that animal after the giver whether the animal is live or not.

Hope is spending the morning with us – luckily I have two chairs with a view.

I found Millie under yet another little Christmas tree!  She has a thing for laying underneath them no matter where I put them.

The Christmas quilt on my wall was called Be Merry by Bits and Pieces but I have no idea if it’s still available.  Here’s what I’ve been sewing.  Another cot quilt from a jelly roll which I have detailed in a past blog.  I love making these 16 patch blocks.

And this pink and gray quilt made from men’s shirts.  Pattern found in our book Quilts From Aunt Amy on page 45 called Arabic Lattice.

And a big HI from EJM who is lounging on the ladder steps to the bedroom.  I see a bit of an overlap!


9 thoughts on “More Christmas Decorating

  1. Bernadette Jackson

    So much fun to see these pics from those that follow Mary’s blog. The book, Be Merry by Martha Walker is still available. I just bought a used copy thru Amazon for $4.99. Heather, where did you find your table runner pattern? Love the pics of Millie and Ernie in this post. And of course the two dogs in your sun room. Love the way you decorate using your quilts, Mary,.

    1. Heather K

      The tablerunner pattern was the quilt block of the month Mary did on this blog 2 years ago- I just arranged the blocks to make a table runner

  2. Linda Rowe

    I just tried making 4 Arabic Lattice blocks to put in a sampler quilt but cannot get them to match up. Rechecked all sizes and they are correct. Any tips? Love your blog! Great memories of the quilt shop!
    Thank you for any help you can provide. Linda

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Are you using our templates and directions from Quilts From Aunt Amy? I guarantee they are correct.

  3. Mary McCarron

    Do you have pattern info for the red star quilt on the sofa? It is so pretty. Thanks for sharing all the decorating pictures all year long.

    1. Heather K

      The quilt on the couch is Country Threads “Point of View” . It’s a fun quilt to make- I have made a few as gifts.

  4. Pat Pratt

    Love seeing all the decorating pictures! But, the kitty pictures are the best.. My Daisy (all white cat) lives under our Christmas tree from the time I put it up till it comes down. I know just where she is at all times. Thanks so much for sharing.
    PS.. love the doggies too…

  5. Diane

    Wow–That Arabic Lattice caught my husband’s eye. It’s modern and old looking. He wonders how Squeak is able to make it back and forth between Iowa and Ohio so often. She looks exactly like Millie; they even sleep the same!! Love you blog, Mary.

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