More Sad News

Last Friday when Rick went to the barn to do chores he found Emma dead in a freak accident involving a table and the braces under the table. I am sick about it – Emma was the one goat who was privileged enough to live in the center part of the barn with the chickens. She would stand on the outside steps leading to the haymow every single day that the weather permitted.

I took Emma in when my friend Betsy was having trouble keeping Emma home. After each birth she wandered away from their farm and the last time, she was 7 miles away! She came here to me because of my fences – she could not escape. Betsy and her husband have been raising Boer goats for years now and have decided to get out of that business after the last batch of kids have been born. The very last baby was a little girl that Betsy named Emma. My Emma was her first goat and about the same time she died, the last kid born was a little girl that Betsy named Emma. Very bittersweet.

I just don’t feel like writing a very happy post today so I’ll just close with some pictures of my Emma.

While searching for Emma pictures, I came across this picture of Moda. No sign of her.

Emma could find the most unusual places to park herself – I loved this one.

One last note – Google AdSense is actually taking part of our earnings away each month because Big Brother is watching. They can tell just whose computer is clicking on ads repeatedly and fining us. No, I can’t believe it either. I am so discouraged!

104 thoughts on “More Sad News

  1. Kathy in western NY

    I am so sad for you to go through all this. My heart aches for your losses. And then to deal with some bizarre computer issue makes no sense.

  2. Jean

    Mary. There are no words. I love animals so much and hurt so when I have to say goodbye. It’s just very hard. I pray for you.
    I love this blog but perhaps it’s time to give it up. It just causes you too much grief.
    Can’t close ads!!!

  3. Judy L

    Emma was a beautiful girl, indeed! I know you’ll miss her! Take care, and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Crystal Daniels

    I’m so sorry about Emma, I know you must be heartbroken. We become so attached to our animals and they are apart of our family…..sending prayers.

  5. Cheryl

    Your Emma had a lovely life and her own pink chair! I know she will be missed because every animal has something special and unique to add to our lives. 🙂

  6. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Why on earth would they be “fining” you when the purpose of the ads is to get the audience to read and click? Crazy.

    I’m so sad to here about Emma, and your kitty. How amazing that little Emma arrived so soon after Emma left you.

  7. MartyCae

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. What a precious goat. I love the picture of her on the trailer behind the tractor. Take care.

  8. Linette Stewart

    I am so sorry Mary about Emma. It’s so terribly heartbreaking. I like to think of her being in heaven when we get there along with all our other furry loves.

  9. Janice Hebert

    Terrible news about dear Emma. My heart goes out to you Mary, I know she was one of your favorites. And now bad news from Google ads! I decided to actually open most of the ads on the page today, not sure if that will help but I’m willing to do it if that’s what it takes to keep the blog going. It’s always something, isn’t it? Don’t be discouraged! I hope this week of family time and gathering with friends will help lift your spirits. Jan in MA

  10. Marsha Ivers

    Dear Mary, It is so sad when a beloved pet dies, nothing anyone can say is really a comfort, yet all of your friends and family offer condolences to you. I know in my case, we have lost many of our animals in groups and that seems almost cruel. But I have a theory that we lose each one in order for your heart to be ready and open for the next time an animal will arrive in your heart. There are no replacements for lost fur babies, but in time, it doesn’t hurt quite so much or quite so often. I send you my heartfelt wishes that your loss is one that you will be able to cope with and that your heart won’t be hurt for long.

  11. Donna Sproston

    So sorry to hear about Emma and Moda.

    Perhaps we should just send you cash donations and make life easier for you. We would hate to lose it so sending some cash makes sense.

  12. Donna di Natale

    Not only could Emma find unusual places to park herself, she parked herself in the hearts of many of your online friends. Rest in peace, Emma. You were a wonderful friend.

  13. Charlotte S

    So sorry for your loss of Emma. Our animals are a part of our family.
    So should we not close the ads?

  14. Beryl in Owatonna

    So sad, I know how you loved her. I am in tears with you.
    7 ads today, one wouldn’t close…no X to click on.

  15. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Sorry about Emma. I had a kitty with that name. We sure loved her, and we still do even though she is late. Memories can be such a comfort.

    Your Emma was so funny and sweet. Will miss pictures of her sitting in unusual spots.

  16. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I’m so sorry about Emma. She was truly loved with you. So perhaps we need to click on the ads before we close them?? I don’t come back to the same post just to click ads, but I do close every ad that has an “x”.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Mary so sorry about Emma and Moda. Our animals are so much a part of our lives. Stay close to home with the predicted storms coming you way, stay safe.

  17. Nikki in Tx

    Condolences on the loss of Emma, our 4 legged creatures are family members & it hurts when we lose one.

    Want to clarify that when we return to blog we should not click on ads as you are fined ?

    When same ad is on blog 2 or more times (same posting by you) should we only click once?

    Sorry to bother you with this @ this time but I don’t want to reason for you being fined. Dirty Dogs!

  18. Sandy Erickson

    Would you explain how we can help you with the ads? I have no idea what to do with then. You have talked about closing them but i don’t know what that means.

  19. Beryl in Owatonna

    I am so sorry, Mary, I know how much you loved her. I am in tears with you.
    I had 7 ads today, 6 I could close the 7th didn’t have an X on it so I could close it.

    HUGS and Love

  20. Chris H in WA.

    So sorry to hear about your Emma. She was quite a character. Heartbreaking to lose our beloved pets. Hugs, Mary.

  21. Cathy

    Sincere sympathy on the loss of Emma. Always enjoyed seeing her pictures & hearing about her. Thank goodness for memories that will always be with you.

  22. Rosalie

    So sad to lose a my animal but it especially hurts when it is a favorite “character “! And when it is an accident. I know I always try to second guess how I could have prevented it.

  23. Caryn Goulden

    So sorry for the loss of your dear Emma. Happiness for the birth of a new Emma. Pain and joy—the Circle of Life. Sending prayers of comfort for you. Emma could not have been with better people!

  24. Vicki in Seattle

    So sorry, Mary, about the loss of Emma and Moda.
    Glad you have such wonderful photos of them!
    Thanks to you for all the blog inspiration and sharing your beloved animals with us.💙

  25. Sharon Ray

    Danged if we close ads and danged if we don’t?? So wrong. Sorry about the goat, my parents raised goats and loved them like their children. They have such fun personalities.

  26. Katie in Gilbert,

    It’s very sad to have our pets pass..
    Please stay strong, work on that knee
    Stay warm.❤️
    Katie in Gilbert, AZ.

  27. Linda Baker

    Mary, it seems as if the last couple of months have not been kind to you. I’m so sorry to hear about Emma.

  28. Ann Jenny

    I am so sorry for your loss 😢. We have five goats, and I can only imagine your heartache.
    We’ve had barn cats come and go as well, and it’s always sad when too many days pass without them showing up for a meal. Farm life can be so hard, take special care ❤️.

  29. Dianna

    Sorry to hear of your loss of Emma. She was a beautiful animal.
    Many are thinking of you. Prayers for better days ahead.

  30. Diane in TN

    So sorry to hear about Emma. You have such fond memories and photos to help you move through the grieving process. Our animals are part of our families and it’s always hard when they leave us. It’s been a rough few months for you. Praying for comfort and healing.

  31. JudyE

    So sorry to hear about dear Emma. She was so fortunate to have found such a loving home with you. Animals understand and know more than we give them credit for. Cherish your memories of Emma and Moda.

  32. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Mary, you have been through a lot. You and your furry and feather friends have a special bond. She will reunite with the others and watch over you on the other side of the rainbow.
    Take care.

  33. Laurie Mosley

    So sorry to hear about the death of your dear Emma goat! You have so many wonderful animals to love but I know that doesn’t diminish the loss of one. Thanks for posting the great pictures of her.
    I think Google is STINKY! Can’t believe they fine you for that! Awful hard to fight big business.
    Glad you are progressing with your knee surgery recovery. I’ve had both of my knees done (Aug. 2012 and Dec. 2013). I’m almost and am thankful for them. Yes I sometimes feel some twinges in them due to tight IT bands. But they are stable and dependable. I exercise in the pool at our local wellness center.

  34. Cindy Karas

    So sorry about your Emma, and google can..insert words here!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  35. Linda from Oconomowoc

    So sorry for your lost of Emma. She looks like she had quite the personality! Hopeing you are healing fast, inside and out!!!

  36. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    It’s so sad when we loose our four legged pets (chickens too). I like to be grateful for the time I’ve had with them.
    I’m confused about closing the ads. When we come back to the same blog to read comments should we ignore the ads the second time? Is that what the problem is? Should we open the ads before they are closed?

  37. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts.

    Hello Mary,

    So sorry for your loss: Emma and Moda both. Rest assured they had good lives with you and knew how much they were loved. I don’t think an animal could have a better home than to share yours with you.
    They are waiting at the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  38. Rhoda Ebersole

    So sorry Mary to read this and we all know how much Emma meant to you on your farm. It is OK to grieve and you should do that.
    As far as google I didn’t know for a long time to click on their ads at all but it is the little square up in the right corner to click on. I don’t trust google 100% anymore since they carry ads that are not legitimate also.
    I wonder if you can do this blog without them totally or have one website we can each check daily if we wish.
    Keep on healing and getting your strength back.

  39. Diane and Squeak

    Oh, Mary, I am so sorry, too. Our first grand daughter, Emma, loved to look at pictures of “ her” Emma. It will be sad to tell her. You have dealt with a lot lately. Prayers to you.
    I am wondering like someone else that maybe we should open rather than X the ads? I can do that if it helps.
    Keeping you in my heart.

  40. BarBQue

    So sorry to hear of your loss, Mary. How old was Emma? What is the lifespan of a goat?
    It is so hard to lose those close to us – including animals! Perhaps you should adopt the new Emma.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary. Hope the coming storm does not impact you or your plans too much.
    I don’t like to think of the coming months.

  41. Beryl BC

    So sorry to hear about your Emma. I enjoyed seeing all of your animals when you had the shop open.

    Also, sorry about the ads.

  42. Linda

    I’m so very sorry about Emma. It’s so hard to lose our fur babies. Hugs to you & Rick.

  43. Joyce from NY

    So sorry to hear about your goat Emma, so sad! Can’t believe they are fining you for closing ads now!!

  44. Judy Brennan

    I’m so sorry about Emma. She was adorable and I know how much you loved her.

    As for the ads, do we need to click on them to get your payment decreased? I’m not aware how this works but will do whatever is needed.

  45. Christina

    Your sad news brought tears to my eyes . So sorry to hear this and my thoughts are with you . She truly was a special part of your family .

  46. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, my thoughts are with you. You are a tender hearted person and I know how much you are hurting.
    I am sending prayers your way for healing of body and soul.

  47. Helen Jane (TX)

    Mary, so sad to lose Emma and Moda. Even sad for Rick to find Emma. The pictures are lovely reminders of your friends in the barnyard. Being raised on a farm we never had goats. Our young great grandson is caring for and showing a goat through a school program. Animals create a very special bond. Happy you are better each day with the knee.

  48. Deb Harrison

    So sad to hear about Moda and Emma!!! My heart just aches for you. And I am mad as H_____ about Google gouging you again! We all will just have to read between the ads to get the good stuff. Kinds like shucking oysters!

  49. Nancy Wines

    So sad. What a marvelous creature Emma was. I’ve never been around goats but she looks like she had such personality and was a special member of your barn family. It just doesn’t seem fair after all the recent deaths to have this happen. My heart goes out to you and know that you have many wonderful memories to comfort you as you grieve.

  50. Sunflower from Michigan

    I’m so sorry about Emma. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of her today. She will be remembered by your readers. My favorite is of her on the cart behind the tractor. She sure had personality. Take care.

  51. Barbara Vest

    Mary, Im so sorry….I can only say she was a lucky goat to have you, animals know when they are truly loved.

  52. Karen Gaither

    I am so sorry about Emma! I know how special she was to you and everyone that met her!

  53. Linda

    Your loosing Emma is heartbreaking. I know the love of sweet animals and I also feel your loss. You gave her an amazing life, I see that in the comfort she exhibits in the photos. I believe Emma is enjoying the beauty of heaven now. Please take comfort in the love you gave to her and the happiness she enjoyed on you lovely farm.

  54. Carmen

    I am so sorry about Emma, and also Moda. I know how much you love your animals.

    On another note, I am probably one who is costing you money. Your ads come up, but there is now way to click the X. i have been clicking on the ad and then coming back to the blog.

  55. Barbara Russell

    I am so sorry about Emma. You gave her a wonderful life. I am sure you will really miss her. Losing a pet is never easy no matter how many times we go through it.
    I have not been seeing ads for awhile.

  56. Sue in Oregon

    I was so sad upon reading about Emma. She was a beautiful goat. Love all your photos of her. I feel for you with all your recent loses. Emma, Moda and Little Chick will always be in your heart. Take care, Mary. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. It will be a hard one, I know. Good thing you are a very strong lady.

  57. the other Angie

    Hearing about sweet Emma is heartbreaking. I am so very sorry. Those things hurt our hearts so much.

    Later, when the time is better, tell us what to do with the ads.

    Prayers are with you and Rick.

  58. Pat Smith

    I’m so saddened at the loss of Emma. The loss from an accident seems so much worse because it’s such a shock. I know she had a great life with you on your farm. All goats should be so lucky to have their own pink chair.

  59. Kathy Hanson

    Oh, Mary, I am so sorry about Emma – she was so special and it was always so much fun to hear about her and see photos of her interesting spots to sleep. I feel terrible for you!! So sorry that Moda has never come back either, so very hard to lose the furry family members that we love! Thinking of you in your sorrow, my thoughts are with you. So sorry about the ads too – I will be careful not to click on them on the computer and on my phone if I find them there. It seems like there are so many things all at once! Sending love and prayers!!

  60. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    Sorry to hear about Emma. The picture in the pink chair is just precious. Hope all goes will for you.

  61. patti leal

    i am saddened to hear of emma’s passing. it seems like too many different things are happening right now. at least your nee is getting better. the ad sense info makes no sense at all to me. i’m so tired of every company out there wanting to be big brother. it’s not 1984 any more.
    hugs and more hugs to you, patti in florida

  62. Sandy

    So sorry to hear about your goat and missing cat,pets are such a joy,my son feeds 2 fat hedgehogs every night at his front door.

  63. Bobbie

    So sorry for your loss of sweet Emma. Our fur babies are our family we love each and everyone.
    She had such a wonderful home with you. You give them warm dry places to sleep. Feed them real good. They are truly blessed to be your fur babies. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 To ease your heart. I also pray Moda had a peaceful passing. It hard not knowing what happen.
    May your days get better and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family.

  64. Nancy Foland

    How i feel about losing one of my love ones is, what would of happened to them if it wasn’t for me. If it wasn’t for you adopting Emma, where would she be now. Would she of had such good treatment and love.
    I know its no consolation, but you gave her the best life ever

  65. Paula Philpot

    Hope you health is getting better and you will back to normal soon. Sorry about Emma and hoping Moda will show up. Keep warm. Paula in KY

  66. Kris in Naperville

    Oh Mary — such sadness losing Emma and not knowing where Moda is…. I have enjoyed your tales of Emma and will miss the joy she brought. I know you are devastated. Concerning big brother… I have 3 different computers I can use to access your blog…. I will have to visit your blog from each of them, every post, and close ads… be of good cheer, dear Mary. Happy Thanksgiving to you are your family and friends.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kris in Naperville – oh man! You get it! Some readers are still asking what I mean when I talk about closing an ad? Where have they been? Thank you, Kris! I would challenge anyone who thinks they can operate an ad friendly blog to prove it! Ha!

  67. Debbie

    My heart breaks for you. All of our fur babies are hard to lose. The ones that have that some extra just makes them more special and harder to lose. Hugs 🌹

  68. Wendy T.

    I just love the picture in which Emma definitely is smiling while sunning herself. She was such a faithful and loyal friend. I am so sorry to hear about her accident. I am also sad to hear about Moda missing. Hard, hard times when we lose our loved ones.

  69. Diane in Wi

    Mary, I’m so sorry for your loss of Emma. What a wonderful personality she had! You have some beautiful pictures to help remember her. I can commiserate with you. My gold and white striped cat Garfield died last Wednesday. He suddenly took sick on Tuesday. He died in the carrier before I could get him to the vet’s. I still took him, but he was gone. He was so sweet. I hope you don’t get too much snow.

  70. SNdy

    Mary, my son lives in a suburb of Wellington New Zealand ,and has natural area in the yard, so perfect for hedge hogs ,not one of these neat as a pin gardens! I will get him to send you a video of the fat hedgehog trying to get between 2 chair legs,all the best,sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I got the video and pictures but already replied back to him about where he lives – sorry I didn’t read blog comments first. Those hedgehogs are strange little creatures, aren’t they? And the cats are beautiful!

  71. Sharon Bennett

    So sorry about Emma…i love the picture of her on the bench….smiling in the sunshine! 🙂
    Moda may surprise you one day…I would not give up on her just yet…

  72. Debbie B

    So sorry to hear about your Emma! I know she was loved by you and well taken care of. Despite all this I know you will still find time to be thankful for all the blessings. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs!

  73. Deb N

    So sorry about Emma. I’m having a very hard closing your ads without being routed to their site. Jo’s are not nearly so troublesome. Oth google ads, I don’t get it!

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