More Dirty Dozen Finishes – 11-22-19

You’ve all been pretty busy finishing those projects and isn’t it just an exhilarating feeling when you see your hard work completed? I am thrilled to post these pictures! Keep ‘me coming!

And the last picture is of Eddy, a little dog who ran off into the woods when he was with his mom and dad who were cutting wood in Idaho. He landed in a wolf trap and they had to take poor little Eddy AND the trap to the vet’s office where it took three people to get him out! Eddy’s grandmother in Alaska made him this quilt and the good news is that Eddy is fine!

And I found that article about the Samoyed dog from the puppy mill raid near here a year ago. Her name became Maybel and she went from a nervous terrified shuddering ball of white fur to the “class clown”. The woman who owned the puppy mill where she was keeping over 150 Samoyeds prisoners in filth and neglect was convicted of 9 counts of animal cruelty but given only a fine of around $900. She has filed an appeal on the basis that the fine is extreme and to quote her “if she had known the conditions were that bad she would have corrected it”. If she wasn’t aware, then who would be until the ASPCA raided the facility and made the deplorable conditions public knowledge?

And would Judy Berna contact me at this email please? —- I have some photos for you.

If you’ve had your quilt photo posted here please check over the comments because someone may have a question about your quilt that I will be unable to answer. You may write the answers in your comment.

Connie and I thank you all for taking part in the Dirty Dozen Game! We will soon be drawing our December number!

30 thoughts on “More Dirty Dozen Finishes – 11-22-19

  1. Mrs. Goodneedle

    These are some pretty quilts for show and tell; I have fallen oh-so-far behind this month! I was glad to read of Eddy’s recovery and to see him with his get-well quilt; those eyes!! Hope you’re doing well, Mary!

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    My sympathies, Mary, on the loss of your friend. It is so sad when things happen like this and so close to a celebration, may he rest in piece, may memories comfort you and your friends. I love to see all the beautiful finishes, I started a Christmas stocking for my 4 year old, all those sequins and beads are time consuming, but I need to make one for him.

    Such a nice ending to Eddy’s story, but not so for Minnie, which I know it makes you sad. That. puppy mill owner should go to jail. People can be so mean! I was able to find your blog and I hope I can post. We still haven’t an answer to Sunshine’s problems.

  3. Freda Ireland

    Freda from AL
    Every Quilt you showed is a Beauty! Thanks to all who sent in a PIC ! Eddy is a Lucky Dog! Now we all love him! We live in the city limits but Coyotes run across the corner of our front yard once or twice a week; so, we can only have indoor cats! No traps allowed! Also,We have seen foxes eating figs in our yard! There are also Hawks that swoop down and grab rodents and they might grab cats !? The Ferrell Cat that William has been feeding has gone missing. He had gotten really attached to “Peaches”!
    Hope your recovery is going well !

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Freda Ireland – even though cats are feral when you start caring for them, it becomes a habit and when that feral cat disappears it’s a terrible loss. I am still grieving for Moda, me feral cat who lived here for many years.

  4. BarBQue

    Such beautiful quilts and talented readers. Mine pale in comparison. Looks like one pic may be a wool project. Another of my loves. People who mistreat and neglect animals, be it one or many more, deserve to be in prison and given the same treatment. A fine is no deterent. Bless you, Mary for your love and care for all animals.

  5. Kathy in western NY

    This is like going to a quilt show looking at all these finishes your readers are diligently doing, I have to do one thing on my UFO and I will send you a photo as I got it back from the quilter. I should have picked ones closer to needing completion. It is so inspiring seeing all of them in recent days, and it is so nice to read Diane in Ohio loves her bullseyes quilts. That was one of my best journeys in quilting…..just relaxing and no real matching. Yes Mary answer to your question, there are barns all around us where I am in NY even though I don’t think I live too far out in the country. We don’t have the land like you but farms and dairy barns are not far off neighbors. And now possibly solar farms in some of those fields we understand so times are a changing. Our closest neighbor only thinks cats are for eating mice in barns. Me I like my cat cuddling next to me.

  6. Lynn Haines

    I found my missing country-threads posts in my spam folder. How did that happen? Just happy to have figured out the problem.

  7. Brenda Fiedler

    All just of the quilts are just wonderful !! I did have to go and order that 40 Fabulous quick cut quilts as yours is spectacular…..may try my hand at that one day when I grown up…hahaha! I do love all the quilts, and it is hard to say which one I definitely love more!!
    Poor Eddy, but glad he is doing better and those gosh darn puppy mills make me so mad.!!!! IS she insane?!?!? HAD SHE KNOWN?!?!? Ok, it is the weekend, we are no going to be angry….just pray for her and those poor doggies….but honestly!!
    Hope all the knees are coming along great!

    1. Pat Smith

      The puppy mill lady deserves jail time and a bigger fine if she is to be an example for other puppy mill operators. She’s lucky she doesn’t live in VT…I loved today’s dirty dozen finishes. There are some beautiful quilts there.

  8. Alice

    So this woman thinks a $900 fine is excessive? My feeling are she should have been fined that much for each dog, plus jail time! What a deplorable person! All she cares about is the almighty dollar!
    Love seeing the completed dirty dozens! I’m so far behind, but hopefully after Christmas…..

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    All that work is inspiring. I must get better organized!
    I’m glad Eddy got home. We had a cat that left for about a week, then came home, and a turtle that left for over 2 years, she made it back too. Both wonderful surprises. Never give up.

    How is Connie’s knee? What is the news on her troubles?

  10. Diane and Squeak

    UGH, those puppy mills are horrid. We had some people outside Columbus that have been fined and will possibly be jailed for neglect and cruelty which is good. It wasn’t a puppy mill, but the situation was horrid.
    I apologize, Mary, I missed the Nov. 16th post so re-sent my Bullseye photo to you because I didn’t remember I had sent it–OLD!! I want to thank you and Kathy in NY and Kathy Hanson for encouraging me to make it. I DO love it and am planning to make another. It’s all flannel scraps and flannel back so it will be nice and warm for our son and grandsons in Cleveland, OH.
    What did Connie find out? Twenty years ago, I tore my meniscus in my right knee and had to have surgery to cut the piece out. Just 6 months ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee and after the MRI, the Dr. said If I rode the bike, it might help. I rode and rode the bike at the Y and I am all ok:) No surgery.
    You are doing all the right things for your knee. It just takes time:) Hang in there!
    Also, I am still wondering why I cannot input my email address. It used to work, but quit so I have to use my husband’s Mac account which I don’t check very often. Thanks.

  11. Sunflower from Michigan

    Wow, what beautiful quilts shown today! I think Eddy Is a lucky pup and I’m sure he loves his quilt. So sorry to hear about the car accident and the loss of your friend. Praying for the other drivers recovery. Take care in your recovery, too. Keep sewing!

  12. Jan from TN

    Loved the quilts in this post! I’d love to make a few of them but I’ve already got way, way, way too many projects started or on my long list of “some day”. But my “some day” list are a plethora of projects that I have either bought kits for already or put my own kit together or was gifted, etc. I keep changing the priority of these because I want to make each of them so badly! Ugh!
    These puppy mill owners make me so mad so I won’t get on my soapbox about them here. But I do want to share that there is a police department in some city or county in the USA that has started to take shelter dogs with them in their squads to draw attention the fact that these dogs need to be adopted. I saw it on FB. It’s so sad & there are soooooooooooooooo many good people in the various states trying to change the laws at state & federal level but mostly it’s a slow process and the majority of politician are not super dog lovers like some of us. Some don’t even thing dogs are family!!!! I’ll say no more! Have a good weekend, y’all!

  13. Tina in Oregon

    All the #4 finishes are amazing! Mine is pieced together but I don’t know how I’ll finish it border-wise. It’s “stewing” on the design wall for now!
    Sure glad Eddy pulled through ok. What an ordeal!
    The beautiful sunny (although cold) weather here in eastern Oregon today makes me want to put up my outside Christmas decorations instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving. Looking ahead, the weather is supposed to get much colder and rainy. Decisions, decisions.

  14. Barb K

    Such beautiful quilts being completed–I guess it’s about time for me to find my “dirty dozen”!!

  15. Nikki M in Tx

    Wow! Love all the finished projects.. afraid I have fallen behind…will catch up however, someday!
    Donot let me get on my soapbox about puppy mill operators & their dumbassed comments & antics. JAIL time, that is the least they deserve!!!!
    After the lovely weather in the 70’s high at ranch today has been 43.
    Who & why came in south remains a mystery, nothing on security cameras since got them placed. Rancher about 10 miles from here did lose 10 head to rustlers. Was a member of Texas Cattlemen’s Assoc. & had notified them along with sheriff about loss, 5 were recovered 3 counties over at auction & if I have info right 1 arrest was made.
    Can’t believe Thursday is Thanksgiving… where does the time go? So much need to do…& does it really need doing?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – probably doesn’t really need doing – I had intended to clean bathrooms but had a pretty bad day so it didn’t get done.
      Did you know Iowa ranks second in the nation for number of puppy mills?
      And 46th worst in animal neglect and cruelty laws? I can not stand it!!!!
      Unbelievable that someone would steal cattle in this day and age!

      1. Marsha I

        I think Missouri is number one as far as puppy mills and neglect goes.i love seeing all the quilts and am grateful that you post them for us. Please keep doing your exercises for your knee. You don’t realize how much they are helping you!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Marsha – you’re right – Missouri is #1. Yes, I continue to work hard to rehab this knee so I can have the other one done after Christmas.

  16. JudyE

    What is the name of the pattern Kay Crandall used to make this beautiful red and creme quilt? What company is the pattern from please. Love it!
    Mary, thanks for continuing to do this blog even when you are not feeling the best. I love seeing and hearing about the quilts and animals!

    1. Kay Crandall

      Judy, the red/beige quilt was from an Evelyn Sloppy book “40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts .” I started it many years ago and put it away but didn’t include the book so I didn’t know how to finish the blocks and couldn’t remember where I got it – book or pattern. I went to a quilt show this fall and saw a quilt in the show that had the source. Went home and looked for the book and discovered I had given it away so I borrowed one from the library and finally got it finished! The name of the quilt in the book was Honeyberries I believe.

      1. Diane

        Thank you for sharing the source. I love this quilt. Guess I’ll be buying another book!!!! 😁

        1. Kay Crandall

          Actually, there are a number of really neat quilts in that book – I have no idea why I gave it away! I might have to order another one also ~ LOL

  17. mary jane hudson WI



  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    WOW! There is a lot of work in all of those quilts!! They all look great. I like the pumpkin/star one especially. I don’t see a name…is that a Country threads pattern or??? It is probably no longer available. I like the colors that were used.
    Eddy is one lucky fellow, both to have survived his ordeal and the great quilt from Grandma!!
    I can’t believe the caretaker of many dogs doesn’t know the condition of the kennels…lucky the fine wasn’t higher.
    Sunshine today was so nice!! It didn’t get real warm but the wind wasn’t blowing either!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beryl – not only was the fine too cheap, she deserved jail time!
      The pumpkin quilt is an old Linda Brannock pattern.

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