Well, for cryin’out loud!

Just when I think everything is working well, a picture doesn’t post. And I want you to see it – because I love these two chickens and I’ll bet they’re missing their little Minnie!

18 thoughts on “Well, for cryin’out loud!

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    I was wondering too! He is beautiful!! Thanks!!
    Hope you had a good supper with friends.
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  2. Vickie from Davidson, NC

    You’re making me laugh! Beautiful chickens! Love all theIt bright colors.
    Thanks for sharing and glad you’re out and about, just three weeks post surgery. I think you’re recovering amazingly well! Bravo, Mary!

  3. Christina

    Your picture came through but I feel so bad for those girls , and you . It’s bad enough to suffer a loss but worse not to know what happened.

  4. Sue in Oregon

    Thanks for sending along the picture of the chickens. Young rooster is very handsome. So sorry about Mini. I hope she somehow finds her way back.

  5. Rita in Iowa

    Glad to see your beautiful 🐥. Hope your dinner was enjoyable last night. Just think Mary by spring you’ll be dancing a jig. Hang in there and sew sew sew.

  6. Nikki M in TX

    Numerous ads to close, so wasn’t a problem , was an opportunity.
    Beautiful chickens. 32 this morning. Moving slow, Ms Maci burrowed in her blankets on couch after I made here getup so could strip bed & change sheets. Ordered a pair of polar fleece sheets for my bed, she will never want to get up! Making cranberry relish today & a pumpkin pie, pecan pie will be baked Wednesday to ensure there is some for Thursday’s dinner.

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