My Rose Tablemat


I finished quilting my tablecloth – blocks and pieces from my friend Rose. I also pieced the remaining triangles into a small piece that I will quilt and show you soon. We are working in the shop today watch for a post later.

27 thoughts on “My Rose Tablemat

  1. Donna Ondler

    You are a “quilting maniac” ( all in kind words) You amaze me. Do you hand quilt? If so that makes you a wonder woman!!!! Looks like Colton and the Orange cat like it too. What is it with cats and fabric? They always seem to come around and like to plop on the fabric.

  2. Sue Dietz

    Love the table cloth. What a great idea for my black and white fabrics for my black coffee table.

  3. Diane

    Perfect bright “spots” on a gray day:) Love the “babies” watching their acreage:) Diane

  4. Rose Mikulski

    Tablemat? Looks like the kitties are thinking Catmat. Love how this turned out, straight line quilting is the best!

  5. Carole

    Very nice and cheerful – especially when the days are grey. You’ve given me so many ideas for scraps this week! I’m glad that it passed the kitty inspection. Rudy thinks his spot is to be on the table as I (try to) read the newspaper.

  6. Marilyn Morley

    Typical – the new object must be cat inspected! Neat idea – I have some extra white on white from a quilt back and am thinking of making one! M

  7. Bernadette Jackson

    Lovely! I love the little peepers into life at your farm. ps: I was inquiring about a Moda precut, A Chance of Rain. My sis found it on line, so I am good to go. Bernadette, Tucson

  8. Dorothy Sheldrake

    Hope your sweet kitties don’t try to eat your plant. Philodendron is deadly to cat’s and dogs.
    Love receiving all your pictures. Hope you are having fun.
    Dorothy in Sunny California, but miss having seasons like you to.

  9. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    Your “Rose” table topper is wonderful and has feline approval as well! I hope your barn cat was back in his cozy warm spot.

    We had “drizzle” this morning and need rain……it’s the driest January in years.
    In a few weeks the International AG Expo will be ongoing here (Feb. 10th thru the 12th) and there will be thousands of visitors for the three day activities. Hundreds of foreign and USA exhibitors.


  10. sandy Kolarik

    I like the table mat you made. I made something similar but didn’t know how to quilt it. Looks like you did 1/2″ rolls of quilting. Very nice.

  11. Donna O

    What does it mean next to my comment “your comment is awaiting moderation” What does this mean?

  12. Kaye

    You’ll never retired from being creative. Love the tablecloth so much that I want to make one with my scraps. Would you please share what size squares you used? Thanks much.

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