New Bernina

Her it is –

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  1. Carolyn

    Congratulations, you certainly deserve the new machine, enjoy, can’t wait to see all the new projects you will be creating!

  2. MartyCae

    A new sewing machine! Always a welcome sight. Your furry friends will all want to check it out. Every time I sat down to sew my cat was right there helping me. I don’t care where she was, when I sat down she was there!
    Another really fun thing to do is get in the sack of brand new fabric and get white cat hair all over everything.
    Happy sewing to you!

  3. Diane

    You deserve it and you will love it. I splurged on the 750 for my retirement and have not regretted it!! It does purr like a kitten. Can’t wait to see all of the projects you produce. Enjoy:)

  4. Diane

    PS I know Rick is handy. If you have the Horn cabinet fit for another machine, Rick can probably “shore it up” to hold the extra weight. That’s what my husband did and it’s fine. I just don’t put it up and down which I never did anyway. Good luck.

  5. Nancy Pleimann

    Great !!! Let us know what you like about it. Not that I need a new machine. But sometimes it’s just nice to upgrade. Nancy P.

  6. Angie Rowland

    SHE SURE IS A PRETTY THING. Is there such a thing as sewing machine envy? You certainly have earned the right to owning her. You have paid yur dues. Glad you are boarding dogs again. I am sure that their owners are glad as well. Moving on is a personal thing, no time line and no way around it. BUT just glad you are taking care of those who’s owners will be comforted knowing their fur babies are getting the best personal care available. By the way, do you board husbands? AND if so will you pick them up at the airport. If not I can drop him off we only live in Baltimore.

  7. Tanya Quilts in CO

    What an amazing retirement splurge! I am sure you will put it to amazing use immediately.

  8. Michelle King

    WOW!! You are going to love it!! I have just bought the Little Red Bernina! I just have to find the time to use it more!!!

  9. Sharon Hultgren

    You will love it!!! Lots to learn, but even the “basics” are wonderful!!
    I LOVE mine!!! So happy for both of you!! Well deserved!!!

  10. Launa

    SEW happy to see your B 740 “out of the box” and ready for a test drive, Mary! Lots if quilting stitches to play and test out….enjoy your new Bernina.

  11. Carolyn

    I purchased a Bernina 440 QE when I retired in 2008. It has been the best machine I have ever had! Someone could have my husband, but never my Bernina. Congratulations! I know you and Connie will have a blast.

  12. Tammy Guerrero

    Lovely machine! I have a old machine. Do I need to mortgage my house to buy one of those? Just wondering?

    1. Sharon Hultgren

      Yes! 😊 The added sewing and quilting area is beyond compare!!

  13. Karen

    May your new Bernina 740 bring you many happy hours of sewing and quilting in the years ahead.

  14. bernadette

    I use a 35 yr old Singer for my piecing. Thought about getting a new machine for Christmas last December. Husband was ready to purchase for me, but i really don’t know if I need a different machine. Mary, could you devote a blog to why you chose the Bernina and what you can do with this machine? Anyone, really, could respond.

  15. Carol

    She’s a beauty! I wonder how quilts you will be churning out now with that high powered beauty!

  16. terry

    Was thinking of replacing my current 440 Bernina with the 740. Am anxious to hear your feedback on the 740 as I respect your sewing expertise.

    Thinking I like the larger throat space, the dual feed, and the self thread tension featured on the 740. I frequently have tension problems when machine quilting with poly thread using the BSR on my 440.

    From what I read this machine sounds fantastic.

    Thanks – Terry

  17. Amy

    You may have already done this with your old machine but I would recommend plugging the new machine into a surge protector, basically like a computer. I always unplug mine when I’m not sewing just so a power surge does fry the mother board (just like a computer) but a surge protector made for electronics is worth the investment I think!

  18. Diane

    Amy, that’s what the store owner told me when I bought mine. Good advice.

  19. Paulette

    I treated myself to a new Bernina like the one you purchased and have never regretted it. It’s so much fun to see everything it can do and I am still finding new things. Enjoy the machine!

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