New dog picture

After we delivered Bailey to her new owners last Thursday, we stopped at an antique mall where I scored this great old dog picture for my collection. Look at the great mat and better yet, it only cost $12.50!
Bailey and her new family have arrived at their home in Florida so I imagine Bailey is learning her new family’s routine.
It was almost 50 degrees here today but tomorrow night we’re heading for a temp of 15 below zero!

4 thoughts on “New dog picture

  1. PJ Combs

    Great picture, it was a super find…glad Bailey has a new home and am sure they are all very happy….

  2. LMK

    like the picture, the mat is real interesting. sure glad bailey found her forever home, now she’ll be happy. yes, a cold day, esp. after the last 2 days, too much of a change, plus it’s just way too cold and then to last 5 days??? just not right…. KEEP WARM!!!!!

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