Noah, the movie

I went to Noah tonight and whoever commented that the movie is not Biblical was absolutely right! Parts of the movie were nearly mythical and almost amusing. Was I entertained? I certainly was but I’m also disappointed that the wonderful story of Noah wasn’t what I saw tonite at the theatre.

6 thoughts on “Noah, the movie

  1. Karen

    I hadn’t seen it yet but after seeing some of the trailers on tv, looked more like “interesting theater” … Wonder where Koalas, emus, polar bears, kangaroos were? And what about peoples in other parts of the world? Other cultures have similar flood stories … maybe the germ of truth in the story is, as in all mythical stories, a seed of a universal truth — peoples were flooded out/experience disaster in various parts of the world at various times and those with foresight to plan ahead for major disasters managed to make it through?

    Do you think that the visuals in “Noah” will remain with us as long as the Red Sea Parting in “The Ten Commandments ” has?

    Visuals have their place ……. and often make a bigger impact than text or words.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, some of the visuals and special effects will definitely stay in my mind as part of the Biblical story of Noah.

  2. Linda Love

    I’ve heard too many bad remarks about the movie so will just re-read the original.

  3. SuzK

    I haven’t seen this movie, but I also haven’t heard a good review from anyone who did see it. I love the comments about the book being better and re-reading the original.

  4. carole

    My problem with historical or Biblical movies is that so often they are the skewed version with the beliefs of the producer and if you don’t know your history or Bible, you think that this movie is giving you the truth and the visuals stick in the mind. I remember years ago watching a news discussion show on TV and hearing newsman Al Hunt say how he learned so many new things about Nixon after watching a Oliver Stone movie about him. This comment came after they just finished discussing how many situations in the movie never happened…and the panel was top-heavy with Democrats, too.

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