November 30, Miscellaneous Saturday

This is our yard and driveway today -treacherous outside now and it’s still drizzling. Miserable weather! And not safe to try walking outside after knee surgery.

I’ve had time to look over one of my giveaway books – and I have to admit this book is probably not on my radar – BUT I am not a beginner quilter who is building a fabric collection by purchasing fat quarters. I don’t even have but a few fat quarters and I have nowhere to shop for more.

This is a great book for a beginning quilter – really nice quilts made from fat quarters and here is my favorite – called Penelope.

And yes, Millie is helping. Here’s a better picture of my favorite – love the colors!

Projects are broken down into quilts made with 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 fat quarters – what a brilliant idea for making it easier for the beginner or the intermediate/advanced quilter who wants a quick and fun project! Leave your name in the comments section if you’d like to win this book.

And now to answer all those questions about Laura’s wonderful #4. Here’s the quilt so many of you admired and asked for more info about.

And here’s all the info.

This is not the answer you all were hoping for – Laura purchased this kit several years ago with the free pattern included. I can only encourage you to call Henry Glass or contact them online to see if the pattern is still available.

I started a couple small projects for possible Christmas gifts and if I think they’re worthy of a blog post, I’ll show you. Connie had her MRI on her knee yesterday and after she sees her dr. I’ll let you know what she found out.

I did get to the barn last Monday before our weather worsened. I wanted to see the tribe and here are a couple photos – not good photos because they all run as a group!

And there’s Emma’s chair – empty – without Emma. When animals die of old age after a comfortable life, I can accept their death but Emma died in a freak accident that might have been avoided and that makes me sick.

Mama Kitty is still in the barn, thank goodness!

And there’s only this one blonde “bad hair day” girls left.

I sit at the table hours every day – here’s a few sweeties keeping me company today.

I’m going to carefully get out to the shop to fill orders – I told Connie not to come because of the ice.

And I’m going to tell you again that Uncle Santa, O Holy Night, Noel and Gameboard are all still available as is our book A Country’s Call.

Heading to the shop!

98 thoughts on “November 30, Miscellaneous Saturday

  1. Darby in WI

    I would love to win that book! I’ve been building my stash with fat quarters. Weather here in WI is about the same as you have. Please be careful out and about. If the rain/snow/sleet mixture isn’t slippery enough there is mud underneath!

  2. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, is your shop attached to the house? This post began by showing the treacherous driveway and frozen yard and you saying it wasn’t safe to go outside after knee surgery. You ended by saying that you are heading to the shop! I tend to pick up on that sort of thing…lol Please do be careful! (Leslie would respond to me “yes, mother”! )

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane in Maryland – I made Rick leave the snow from the garage side door to the shop so that’s how I can get there. There is no way I’d try walking across the yard. I’ll take a picture. When you move the snow and then it rains, it becomes a solid piece of ice – snow gets crusty and is much safer. Thank you, Mother!

  3. Charlotte S

    I love the pictures today. Glad you made it to the barn before the snow hit. My fat quarter stash is ridiculous. I’ve been giving some to my granddaughter since she is starting to sew.
    Stay safe in that bad weather.

  4. Bette D Schafer

    That book looks very interesting. I have ended up with alot of fat quarters and don’t know what to do with them. So would very much enjoy that book. I love your blog . You are one brave lady. I’m looking at having my knee done, you make me think I can do it!?!?!!? thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bette Schafer – yes, you can do it! I had no choice so I knew I had to be brave and schedule it – now I have to do the other one!

  5. Janet B

    Be careful on the ice. I love the concept of multiple fat quarters to determine the size of the quilt. It sounds like a great book!

    1. Carolyn Boutilier

      Louise, Thank you for the the info on this Farmstead Harvest quilt pattern. I printed if off and will save it for future use. Carolyn Boutilier in VA.

  6. Gloria from CC

    I looked on the Henry Glass Fabrics website and that pattern Farmstead Harvest is available under current projects as a downloadable pdf file.
    Love all your pictures. We’ve just had rain in CC. The book looks interesting since I have way too many fat quarters.

  7. Sharon Budd

    Your critters are so cute and they bring you joy! Do not envy you the ice or snow, but soon it will be here I am sure. Would be a nice time to read a new pattern book. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

  8. Jane Busby

    Would love to win this book!!! I’m teaching my grandkids to sew, quilt and read pattern directions. Would be a great starting book! Oh, and it’s 80 and sunny here!!🌴🏄🌞 Florida!!

  9. Donna O

    Mary do walk carefully when you head to the shop. I’ve been in since a Tuesday ….a record for me.
    Getting ready to watch the Gopher game….. big game for them. I bet the ground is going to be “hard when the players hit it. Brrrrrrr
    Always Love you blog Mary.

    1. Cheryl Nesbit

      I would to have the fat quarter book, because I have tons of fat quarters. Take care and may God give a speedy recovery Cheryl

  10. Susan

    That quilt books look quite interesting. Mary please be careful going out to the shop. We are expecting 12 to 18 inches of snow tomorrow into Monday here in upstate NY !

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    Weather poor here too. I thik we have a bit more snow. It is pretty windy too. My nephew made it to Minneapolis for a football party…Minnesota and Wisconsin…with cousins.
    I would love the book…I have many FQ…in storage right now but I could find them!! I love how your kitties enjoy reading quilt books!!
    I had 7 ads today, six I could close! That is better. I really hope they aren’t ‘charging’ you for all the ads that won’t close, doesn’t seem like that is your fault.
    Stay in where it is warm and safe.

  12. Nikki M in Tx

    Home…finally! I know I was only gone a couple of days but so glad to get home ! Ah, quiet ! Enjoyed great food, love being at sons, but no place like home!
    Drive home not fun , hit fog half way home & last leg of trip took me 2 times the usual. Today beautiful & 70 predicted… welcome to Texas!
    Projects need to get finished..3 quilts to bind… not my favorite, and hanging sleeves on two wall hangings.
    Put a pot of bean soup on stove, found bundle of kale in crisper spit went in too, son was going to throw ham bone out , no way, I intervened & brought it home with me so it went in pot too….oh the smell is divine ! Guess what I will be eating next couple of days?
    Book looks interesting.
    Safe safe & warm!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I miss being home alone and quiet. Rick likes having the tv on even if he’s not watching it but I prefer quiet. It’s still raining, drizzling and our snow is actually disappearing, thank goodness. If it stays icy, I’ll be more stuck at home for longer – ick! Next week I have lots of places to go so I hope weather cooperates.

  13. Carol F.

    I have been collecting 30s fat quarters and this looks like the perfect book to use for them. I would love this book! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  14. JudyE

    I would love the fat quarter book. Thanks for the chance to win it!
    Rain here, going to turn to snow tonight which means icy roads and surfaces. Good weather to stay in sew, bake or even sleep.
    Be careful out and about as there is ice hidden under some of the water puddles.

  15. Rita in Iowa

    Fat quarters galore in my stash. We are in Texas and keep watching to see if it’s snowing in Iowa where we live. So far so good. I brought along a couple of projects to sew while we watch the grandson. Hope to get some sun and be able to sit outside for some added vitamins. Lol

  16. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hi, Mary,
    I have a friend who reps for Moda so I have quite a few towers of fat quarters. Sometimes I look at them and think, what the heck can I make out of you? It’s nice to have some of each of the 30+ fabrics that come in a line (like, she recently sent me Urban Farmhouse, Primitive Gatherings’s new line), and I actually do have a plan for that.
    But otherwise, I bet I have a dozen sets with no plans…. I could use some help!
    Ha, now everyone will write and say “I can help, send them to me!”
    No can do, still petting my pretties!

  17. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, be careful in the snow and ice. I did enjoyed the pictures of the animals. we have a dreary day here in Virginia and rain coming this afternoon and tomorrow. No snow. Have a safe weekend.
    Carolyn b

  18. Pat E.

    I am organizing a group of teenage beginning quilters. That book would be an awesome help to get the girls started quickly using fat quarters from our guild.

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      As someone who works with teenagers, young women and sometimes older women, I know you will find your quilting lessons very rewarding. Good luck with the book.
      Jo in Wyoming

  19. Paula Ziegler

    I would to win the book. I have only completed on quilt and found it difficult. Maybe I should start the next one as the beginner I really am! LOL

    Paula Ziegler

    PS I always loved seeing your chickens when we visited your shop, so I love still getting to see the pictures of them! 😊

  20. Diane from TN

    When I first started quilting, I thought buying fat quarters was a wise thing to do. Not so sure any longer as I have so many and just don’t know what to do with them. I don’t envy you living in the Midwest with all of the snow. Looks pretty, but glad I live in the south and only see a dusting of snow each year. Be safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane from TN – I think fat quarters are not easily useable – I’d rather buy yardage.

  21. Kathy in western NY

    You stay safe Mary with ice around. Did you start your first clue of Bonnie Hunters mystery on Friday? I did get the paint chip colors from Lowe’s Bonnie suggested so could pull some stash to begin it but trying hard to first finish some gifts. And put up my tree so I can enjoy the lights at night. Tomorrow our nasty weather arrives so sewing will be my treat.

  22. Pat Williams

    Love the colors in the Penelope quilt. Would love to win the book. Stay safe with all that snow and ice around.

  23. Debra Miller

    Thanks so much for the chance to win the book and also for the info and link to Laura’s #4. Going scrap diving asap!

  24. Connie R,

    I would love to win the book. Sometimes you just need a beginner quilt pattern to get started on a new quilt.
    Do you know if opening the ads (instead of just closing on the x) would eliminate the problem you are having with the Google AdSense and your blog earnings. I would be more than happy to actually open the ad if that would help. I’m sure others feel the same if this might be a solution.
    We had 12″ of snow on Wednesday here in Northeaster Wis. and expecting another 12 to 18″ tonight. Instant Winter!

  25. debby

    I just checked the Henry Glass website and under ‘free patterns’ and then ‘current’ ones, the download is available for the Kim Diehl quilt shown in today’s blog. It’s so pretty. I looked through the archived downloads and now my to do list is a lot longer. Stay inside, stay safe and warm.

  26. Sue in Oregon

    I have lots of fat quarters, too. Left over from the days when I bought lots of them and we had fat quarter exchanges in the quilt groups I belonged to. I tend to love scrappy quilts, so I do use them but not Up.

    Sitting at your table and looking out at all that cold must make you feel glad it is not summer. Good weather would make you feel even edgier about not getting out there doing things.

    Take care, Mary. Be careful going to the shop.

  27. Joyce from NY

    I think your storm is coming this way tomorrow. I went to get some groceries & the grocery store was a mad house everyone stocking up for the storm, I just needed milk & supplies for chicken noodle soup (sorry). Sew, I have plenty to eat & plenty to sew! Stay safe Mary!

  28. Jo in Wyoming

    I don’t need the book, just wanted to report we are having a big one…18” of snow, 60mph winds. Drifts waist high! Tomorrow the guys will have fun moving it all around. The girls will be inside making soup. Life in the country.
    Hey, hey, hey. Loretta was 4 yesterday. We don’t count the years before we got her as I don’t think they were much fun for her. What a joy she is to us.
    Everybody stay safe.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – Happy Adoption Day, Loretta! So glad you’ve got such a good home!

  29. Susan McC

    I would lI’ve to have the fat quarter book and really love the fact that one could use a few or a lot fat quarters for their projects 😊😊

  30. Penny C Maryland

    Loved your posting today and ladies including the link for the quilt pattern! Be real careful in the snow and ice!

  31. Janet M

    Yes, do be careful on the ice and slippery snow. I think I dislike ice more than cold weather!!
    The book looks like a fun one. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Paula Buzzell

    Be careful on ice. Very treacherous for sure. Would love this book to gift to my daughter.
    Thx and stay warm.


    Sorry you are having winter already. Here in southwest Iowa we will get it, too.
    Family have all left for home before their bad weather starts. Your book looks lovely.

  34. Sharon Lowy

    I am so sad about your Emma. Hope you made it to your shop and back inside safely. I did a lot of Christmas decorating today. I am using a smaller tree this year. I got a “pencil. Tree” and I really like it. I have so many ornaments to donate. Funny how I hated to downsize the tree and how happy I am now that it is done.

  35. Barb K

    We are having a storm here in Nebraska too–Good to be indoors till nicer weather. The book looks fun–thanks for a chance to win it. Stay warm and enjoy Hazel and the rest of the pets.

  36. Diane Bauer

    I’m so sorry about Emma. I agree. Old age is hard enough when you have to say goodbye. Freak accidents are much harder.
    Be careful with this weather!! We went out today and it was wet and rainy. I imagine things will ice up badly now after dark.

  37. Carol Collier

    No snow yet here in Idaho — just cold. Not windy, though, and that makes a difference. So glad you are doing well post surgery!! Definitely be careful outside!! Always enjoy your farm pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Linda in Estherville

    Barb K. We are waiting for your storm here in Iowa. I had Thanksgiving dinner in Alabama on Wednesday, Thanksgiving with another siblings family in Missouri on Thursday. Hurried home on Friday to prepare Sunday Thanksgiving with our family…cancelled that today so we can entertain your storm tomorrow. So, in less than Three weeks, a Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, and head out west!

    I was so happy to see Kim’s pattern and the quilt. I got a set of fat quarters from Evonne from one of her Civil War lines, and that book was my goal to win or go buy so I would have it for the western winter, thank you for pointing us in that direction.

    Little Mary, I am not going to say a thing to you about what I think. Only know, I am staying in…I don’t want to stay in the cold weather any longer than Christmas; so won’t chance getting a new hip or repairing those other three. I’m glad you did get to the barn. I always miss your goat stories. Do you have any at all?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in Estherville – yes, I still have 9 goats – the rescued three amigos, 2:Paliminos, 2 pintos, Betsy and Rosie

      1. Linda in Estherville

        Oh, dear…Rosie? I thought Rosie died. Did Rosie come from Theresa in Forest City?

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Linda in a Estherville – this is Rosie #2 – she also arrived with that name – it must be a popular goat name? You have a great memory, Linda!

  39. Susan Woods


  40. Donna W.

    Would love to win the fat quarter book. Thanks for the opportunity, Mary! Getting ready to watch Iowa State win tonight! Go, ‘Clones!

  41. Sunflower from Michigan

    Mary, be careful out there! I love to buy yardage instead of fat quarters also. But I’m not sure that’s good! Thank you ladies for the info on that Kim Diehl pattern. I have another request for a pattern from Thanksgiving Day’s post. I’m wondering about the quilt from Deb O. from Big Lake, MN. Can I have the name and where the pattern is from? Thanks, sounds like lots of sewing going on with the bad weather happening. Stay safe!

  42. Martha in Virginia

    I absolutely love following your blog. Such fun. That book would be great as my granddaughter and I learn to quilt together. She has grandiose plans as to what she can do! It is so funny. I love her enthusiasm.

  43. Kathy Hanson

    So glad you have those furry helpers with you when you are working! Aren’t they fun?? I miss having a kitty!
    I really enjoy the fat quarters and have quilts a few of them. Would love winning the book. Looks like lots of others would as well. Do be careful getting around outside – it is mostly just wet now and this next week looks to be warmer but do stay safe!

  44. Kathy Hanson

    So glad you have those furry helpers with you when you are working! Aren’t they fun?? I miss having a kitty!
    I really enjoy the fat quarters and have quilts a few of them. Would love winning the book. Looks like lots of others would as well. Do be careful getting around outside – it is mostly just wet now and this next week looks to be warmer but do stay safe!

  45. Anonymous

    I would love to win the book, I really like the simplicity of the pattern. Best place to be in this weather is indoors!

  46. Joann E.

    I would love to win the book, I really like the simplicity of the pattern. Best place to be in this weather is indoors!

  47. Ila Benzing

    I have both fat quarters and granddaughters ready to learn how to quilt. I would love that book.

  48. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi Mary..We had rain and wind all day in the “south”, Cedar Falls. It was a nasty day to be out, but I ran out of fabric for a quilt I am working on so had to make a quick run to Independence to buy more. Ugh!

    I would love to win the book…I have a chest of drawers full of fats that need to be used.

    Take care..I miss having a garden kitty!

    Julie B

  49. Judy B.

    That book would be awesome since I am a beginner quilter!
    I’m so sorry for your loss of Emma. Just remember what a good home you gave her!

  50. Catherine Dorsey

    Would love to win this book. Thankful for your giveaway. Hoping your weather shapes up too.

  51. Tammy Guerrero

    Please be careful on that ice. My heart breaks for you, Emma will he missed I’m sure. The barn always seems empty when a family member passes. Please put my name in for that great looking beginner book. I would love to win it. I am a beginner and could use all the guidance I can win! Love your pictures. Hope your knee is getting better.

  52. Liz Schrader

    I would love to win this book. I use a lot of fat quarters. Please be careful on the ice. You DON’T want to mess up that new knee!

  53. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I’m impressed that Millie can read!! Good job, Millie.
    It is sad to see the pink chair empty. Such memories.
    This snow and weather is just the pits!! Too early for this.
    I made 3 batches of peanut clusters for our cookie sale at church next Sat. Tomarrow, onto cashew clusters; then the rolled sugar cookies.
    The fat quarter books looks very interesting; I also have some and should do something with them.
    Be careful on the ice.

    1. Lisa Boles

      I’m always looking for new patterns for QOV and this book looks like it may have some. Thanks for the giveaway. Lisa Boles

  54. Sally J.

    Would love to win the fat quarter book. So glad your knee is healing but be very careful outside. I hate to brag but we are having beautiful Florida weather sunny and in low 80’s. Happy quilting everyone!!

  55. Sharon Bennett

    Wow! That’s a lot of slippery slop! How many more days until Spring? lol! I always forget to check the fabric websites….the freebie patterns they offer with each fabric line are usually pretty nice. The kitties are so sweet!

  56. Doris G

    Thank you for all you do for us!! I would love to win the book since i have a lot of fat quarters waiting to be sewn!

  57. Jill Norenberg

    Greetings Mary! I would love to receive the fat quarters book! I’m always looking for new patterns! Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity!

  58. Janet M

    I thought I responded yesterday but I don’t see my comment.
    We have wintery weather in northeastern Iowa, too. I dislike ice more
    than I dislike cold.
    The book looks fun.
    Take care and be careful getting out.

  59. MartyCae

    Glad you have so many kitties to keep you company. The power just went out here and no cable tv. I have enough light to read and a fluffy blanket.
    You take care on the ice. Getting around is a challenge!

  60. Mary

    Like so many of your followers, I want to urge you to be so careful going out & about in this weather. You must be feeling restless, but do be careful!
    The fat quarter book would be such a kick-start to my stalled quilting hobby! XOXO

  61. Jane

    I would love to win the book! I have trouble pulling apart my fat quarters — it seems like they’re meant to stay together!

  62. Pat Arre

    Regarding Laura’s #4, Farmstead Harvest pattern by Kim Diehl is available. Under Henry Glass website, Free Projecst, go to Cirrent and scroll through. I just found that pattern…it’s Free!

    Sorry for late response on that concern …hope all had a great Thanksgiving and are being extra careful driving with the ‘wild’ weather across the US.

  63. Arliene Zeigler

    I have loved the Dirty Dozen challenge!! You have inspired me to get many quilts done. Can we do it again when these 12 are done? Please please?

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