One Room Done

Look at this beautiful floor!  I love it!  Carpenters are working on the main room and loft today.  Progress is being made.

Bentley went home last night so Tucker is my new best friend this morning.  Hey, Moe Baly, does he remind you of anyone you knew and loved?

I am so impressed with all the comments and suggestions for a sewing studio – too bad we aren’t writing a collective book because you’ve all got some great ideas!  When you have the opportunity to build a sewing studio, you want to take advantage of it and do it right so it’s perfect for YOU!  I have loved reading your suggestions.

Several of my Hoya plants are blooming.

I was so tired of moving furniture and stuff that I made another little table coaster with t-shirt strips which looks cheery against the new snow and the zero temps outside this morning.  Rug book and DVD still available for $20.  Send to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438

I recently finished this quilt called Unruly – my friend Rose sent me all the strips precut and ready to sew.  The pattern is available on Craftsy.  Rose picked all these fabulous fabrics from her stash just for me and it took no time to sew it up and quilt it.  I love it, don’t you?

And all of these triangle squares were leftover from a project that was rejected from a book so I sewed them together and quilted them up.  Voila!


It’s been a rough morning already.  Tucker is tuckered out.

Jane Quinn – I replied with my email address but have not heard from you.

26 thoughts on “One Room Done

  1. Michele

    Tired Tucker. Bentley looked the same way when I left for work this morning. Those boys can only handle so many days of fun!!!

  2. Rebecca H

    Oh wow your new floor is so bright and cheery. Love, love your unruly quilt! One thing about wood floors in the sewing room, its so easy to clean up all the threads and tiny fabric pieces. I have a great wool mop from Vermont that I use. Keep those pictures coming, love seeing them. Now, don’t hurt your back moving all the furniture! Gotta keep in shape for sewing…..

  3. Kate Schloemer

    Love your floors.. Is this actually meant for flooring??? Love it. I am ready to tear carpet out of my house. I think there is hard wood floors under all of it.
    Love the Quilts today posted. How do you get it all done so fast. I have a quilt on my machined frame and my hand quilting frame. Seem to get to many interruptions.. Have a great day Mary.

  4. Susan Peters

    Floors & quilts look awesome! Thanks for posting! Wish we had some snow-almost 90 in Phoenix.

  5. Carol

    Love the flooring, I love pickled wood, it is so country,/modern/Scandanavian….in other words, versatile! Thanks to everyone who responded with quilt room ideas. I would not have thought of a a TV, but realize as mom ages, it will serve me well to be nearby, not sewing, but not hovering.

    Mary’s blog is such a nice sharing place! Thanks, Mary!

  6. Carol

    I am sure that when you are writing a blog post you wonder if it ever matters. I am here to tell you that YES it does! You inspire me everyday (and I am sure many of your followers feel the same)! We have shared interests: pets, quilts, gardening, decorating, (and a little baking/cooking thrown in for good measure). So, just know all the time you take to update us on happenings on your farm are not in vain! Having said that, there are times when you make me feel less worthy, ha, you have such energy and get sooo much accomplished and your end production is so wonderful… on earth do you do it? I want your secret recipe for your energy bars, LOL. Kidding aside, I love your new flooring, your beautiful plants, and the awesome runners/mats you have been making. The quilts are just gorgeous (my favorite piece of fabric in the entire quilt hanging on your fence is the kitty print). My only suggestion is that you plan a yard/rummage sale for this Spring so I can get some new plants and pieces of “Country Threads” charm! Afterall, you said you had some cleaning, sorting, and downsizing to do to get all those rooms put back together after the new flooring so why not?

  7. Donna O

    Have you found someone to stay with your animals and watch over your home? Haven’t heard what day(s) you’re looking for help.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – I did find someone for April 21 but there’s always another time. Want to leave your email with me so I can contact you?

      1. Donna O

        Yes here is my email :
        I do lots and lots of pet sitting all types of animals but I do turn down snakes but I’ve only been asked that’s once. I’m winding down on a six week job on March 8th. It was only one cat but I probably do more dogs than cats and a bunny now and then and once an entire farm but someone else did the horses but I had many dogs (breeder), sheep, cats, and a ram. They’ve moved out of state so I’ve not been back. Keep me in mind if ever you’re in the need. I’ve been to your shop just shortly before you had your big closing sale. We met Colton and others but Colton really stick in our hearts as he/she was so affectionate. Tucker is a beautiful dog. Love those floors too and they look kind of white-washed from my end and I do like that look. Keep up your blog as I really enjoy it. You inspire me and urge me to fill my days with more crafting. I’ve lots of quilting in these six weeks with this cat so that is nice to finish some UFO’s.

  8. Diane

    Hi Mary–Ditto to all about how much I enjoy your blog. It brightens up the day:) Sewing studio–I must have missed that. I taped Alex Anderson–yep,years ago– when she showed hers. She suggested metal drawers from Home Depot and I love them. They pull out, are in the closet, are easy to lift–she said only 3″ ones, but my bottom two are 6″–they stabilize the bottom. My husband made a flat top for them. Those floors are gorgeous. My daughter and son in law used the same ones in their bathroom and they love them. It “flaked” a little in Central Ohio today; it’s only 28. It was 60 yesterday; we have the oddest weather. 72 next week!!

    1. Carol

      Diane, I’m the one who posted , looking for quilt studio input as we are in the design phase. Maybe I can google Alex’s quilt studio and visualize those metal boxes. Thanks, Carol

  9. Launa

    OMG………How could anyone reject a quilt using the fabrics in those wonderful HST’s? Love the way you put them into a top, Mary. There’s a new fabric line out now that has some of the same color combos.
    LOVE your new flooring and your gifted hand selected fabric kit quilt.
    Poor Tucker enjoying his after play days’ snooze.
    A long ago quilting friend had amassed so much fabric she had shelves of fabric in a hallway…then her husband bought the house next door to them and that became her quilting “room”.
    I have Direct TV in my sewing room and enjoy TiVo programs while I sew.

    1. Carol

      Hmmm…maybe I should call my neighbors and make an offer! That’s the funniest info I have received on what to put in a quilt room! Room? Buy a house!

  10. Helen

    I love that rug with the circles on it in the Tucker picture! Did you make it?

  11. Carolyn

    You and my Dr Pepper begin my day. I love your blog and all the inspiration it carries forth. Wish I had a third of your energy. Your love of animals warms my heart and if I didn’t live in Texas Paddington, my soon to be ten year old poodle, and I could be your backup when needed. I love the new floors! Remodeling is a lot like having a baby….afterwards you love it so much your forget all the hard work it took for the actual arrival.

  12. Rose Mikulski

    Now wasn’t it worth it to get out of your nice warm bed, sick, putting on your boots, trudging in the snow to the mail box in the dark of night while the coyotes are howling and find the fabric strips waiting for you–I don’t why it took the Post Office so long to get it to you. The quilt should be named Unruly ME
    since some of the fabrics I chose were pieces of your life, Lotta fabric for your Scandinavian heritage, piano keys, cats, a piece of hot pink fabric for when you danced the streets of Chicago and there is a Janey-looking dog in one of the prints. This pattern is very versatile and I can see doing it traditional prints also like Civil War. Another project for the die-cutter. BTW, if I were ever to get wood floors I would get something like yours for my studio. It looks so light and fresh.

  13. Donna O

    Ditto to Carols comments on March 2nd. How do you do it all and I want to know what energy bars you take????😊

  14. Anna mundt

    The floor is beautiful, what window is your Hoya in, I have one in a west window and it has never bloomed. It is growing an awful lot lately though. I love reading your posts, it’s one of my daily highlights.

  15. Moe Baly

    Oh Mary, Tucker is beautiful! I miss PD so much! Your floors are beautiful! Great decision!

  16. Felicia Hamlin

    Love your hoya plant and if I remember correctly they smell really good. Two of my plants that I got from you are growing pretty nice.

    Grat lloking floors, Felicia

  17. Ann Barlament

    Hurrah for floor progress!! What a task of shuffling stuff around….but the reward in the end will be so worth it!!

    Tucker looks like a laid back guy….especially when he’s sleeping! HA

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ann – I have fallen in love with Tucker – and will miss him when he goes home!

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