The dusty mess, that is – it will take a month just to clean it all up and another month to sort, throw and put everything back where it belongs.  Ugh!  Rick will not be home from Phoenix until Monday night and that’s probably a good thing because I’ll have time to at least get his clothes back in place.  Here are my clothes, all in a pile on the cupboard bed where I’d like to sleep tonight.  Ugh again.

 The dust covers every surface upstairs and down.  I will need to dust/wash all walls – does anybody know an easy way to do this?

Tucker has been such a good boy that I let him sleep in the house last night and he was perfect.  Leo, a golden doodle, arrived at noon today and the two of them are having a fun afternoon.  Leo will be here until Saturday night which will give them plenty of time to explore the grove together and play/wrestle in the snow.

Yesterday I was quilting and Tucker decided to lay at the left side of the machine so that it was necessary for me to straddle him at the  start of each row.  Poor guy was so tired I did not have the heart to make him move.

Regarding the Hoya plant – mine are in east, south and west windows and they all bloom but the key to getting them to bloom is making them pot bound.  Do not transplant them thinking you’re doing the plant a favor – they need to be pot bound in order to bloom.

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11 thoughts on “Overwhelming!

  1. Mary Says Sew!

    I’ve heard quite a few quilters say they cut batting scraps to fit their Swiffer, and use them in place of the pads for dry-mopping and dusting. Sounds like this is the perfect time to try that!

  2. Launa

    I have such good luck on my plantation shutters and walls with Swiffer dusters and the Dyson vacuum tube attachment with a brush. My 14 yr old granddaughter comes to earn spending money one weekend day to vacuum and dust while her older sister mows for her gas money. And we enjoy their visit along with the granddogs.

  3. Susan Peters

    I have a really good vacuum with strong filters. Used floor brush on walls after dry wall & wood floor remodeling. Worked well probably because of filters. A shop vac will just blow the dust around. Maybe, hire some help to save your back? Good luck

  4. Katie

    Swifter for the walls, many products to pick up dust..
    It’s a great time to purge ,if it’s not worn in 6 months say goodbye, donations r needed in many places here in AZ.

  5. Chris

    I have always had success by vacuuming. Every surface, it gets rid of The majority of the dust so you aren’t going through rags and rags wiping . Too bad they didn’t put up some plastic sheets as barriers.

  6. Nan V

    I had the same issue when we put new wood floors in last year. If you get the large swiffer mop, and instead of using swifter refills, use microfiber cloths on the swiffer mop, it works great on walls.

  7. Amy

    You need to be on one of those Swifter commercials where the doorbell rings and a box of magical cleanings supplies appears! Sorry I don’t have any brilliant ideas other than hiring some kids and I know that is hard to do in your area.

  8. Karen from Md

    We had a mishap with some masonry workers that left a coat of dust on every surface of our house. I was very unhappy to put it mildly. My poor cat even was coated in the stuff.
    We used microfiber cloths on the walls (starting at the top) and floors to get up the first layer, and then we damp mopped. We didn’t want to vacuum too early because we figured it would just stir up more dust. After several rounds of this, and too many loads of laundry to count (every quilt was gritty), the house started to feel almost clean again. And then I brought in a professional crew to clean too. (I made the masonry company pay for that — served them right.) When Steve tackled the basement, we bought sweeping compound from Home Depot and put the Shopvac in a large bin to reduce the dust up.
    I think it took at least 3 weeks to recover. I feel your pain.

  9. Pam Klemm

    I want to make some American Girl Doll sized rugs. Any trick to making a frame for that? I am thinking a picture frame from the thrift store, but I assume I make the nails closer together?

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