Meet Percy, the neighbor’s tomcat. (Hi, Heather – I know you’ll see this post!). Heather said he showed up at their place awhile back and made himself at home.

He is a beautifully marked tuxedo cat and a sweetheart really BUT — he is not fixed. He gets along with the cats in the barn fine and all would be good if he’d stay in the barn.

Yesterday morning I came downstairs to find Percy in my kitchen. He has discovered the cat door that enters into the mud room and has wandered in a couple of times. I scooted him down to the basement while Hazel was outside because she would not be happy to see him in the house. A short time later I heard a ferocious cat fight in the basement, Percy came flying up the steps and I put him outside and closed the cat door. I went to the basement and found bloody footprints and a small pool of blood which could only belong to Percy or Moda. Oh dear – I was so worried about Moda – she’s the ghost cat, remember? Feral when she came and has never changed. Couldn’t find her and of course she wouldn’t come when called.

Later that day I went to the barn and there was Percy with a bloody foot – so Moda got the best of him. I’m hoping this will be the lesson that will keep him in the barn and not in the house.

Here are Darla, Reed and Danielle watching Percy.

Oh, these young cats tickle me and I look forward to visiting them in the barn a couple times a day. This summer they’ll be in the yard and I’ll see more of them. All this time I thought it would be them who found the cat door – not Percy. I take Percy home sometimes but he always finds his way back here. Anybody want a beautiful gray tuxedo cat?


Becky recently painted this picture of Susannah for me. She was a pal to me only – she butted everybody else – ha!

Last night as it was snowing and blowing, I went to the barn to close the sliding goat doors. The doors opened to the opposite side of the barn where the wind was blowing but the goats go out to a closed area to eat hay. I digress. There are 4 hens and Daddio who have lived with the goats all winter and one hen was missing from the goat pen. I always count them after I close the doors. I had to find her so I started the search only to find her on the opposite side of the barn – where the wind was the strongest! She was huddled in a corner covered with snow. I saved her life for sure. Our wind chill this morning was 10 below. She wouldn’t have survived.

Like Becky says – it’s always something around here.

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  1. Martha Engstler

    God bless you and keep you well, all your “children” sure need you. Your three young kitties are so pretty and the picture is dear. Will the snow ever stop? We expect more Friday night and Sunday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha – actually we have more snow forecast for this weekend, too!

  2. Brenda archambault

    Oh Mary, I don’t know how you do it. Although we had farm animals years ago, it was the kids who did the chores, not me. I’m trying to remember if Moda was ever caught and fixed or did Percy do his thing with her … Is that what attracted him into the house? All you need now us another litter of critters. Hope Rick continues to heal and will be home soon and under your feet too! In the meantime, take care of yourself . It hit 90 here in Phoenix today. Wish I could send some of the heat your way.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – I trapped Moda years ago and fixed her – EVERYBODY is fixed or they can’t live here!

  3. Kathy Martingilio

    I want to take the time to thank you for your newsletters! I get enjoyment reading about your life! Hugs!

  4. Kathy Hanson

    I so love all your animal stories – the kittens, almost grown up now, are delightful. Percy had better stay home with your neighbor. Poor chicken, so glad you were able to save her!

  5. Sandy Kolarik

    I always wonder how you do it all and if you ever get to sit. All your beautiful quilts amaze me too. When will your new book be released?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – book won’t likely be out till next spring. I do get to sit – I have two chairs – one by tv and the other by the window in porch area. The minute I sit down Hazel is on my lap – it’s my favorite time of the day!

  6. LMK

    pretty kitty. hope you find someone that will take him. love the pictures of the other 3 kitties. lucky chicken, glad you found her. we got more snow, now more on the way, it’s time for warmer days. i like snow & all but now it’s time is up. we had crocus coming up, not sure how they are now, really cold yesterday a.m. hope rick is doing okay, i see in the rochester paper (a guy that writes an article every week) just had both his knees done (both at one time!!!) the picture your sister did of your goatis really nice, she paints really good. just want to let you know, i enjoy hearing all that you do. we went to cedar rapids sunday for easter & april birthdays. it’s our annual thing we have been doing for years (there were 7 birthdays at one time but now only 3) by the sound of it looks like your icy snow will be there awhile longer, if it warms up some, maybe throw some ice melt on it.

  7. Diane

    The painting of Susannah is beautiful. Becky is very talented!! Good luck with all of your chores. It’s cold here in Central Ohio and we have a few flurries, but I think (hope) we’re finished with the big snows. Stay warm, Mary.

  8. Kris

    Love your stories… thanks for taking the time to share… you bless my life. I get so excited when I see you in my email inbox!

  9. Angie

    I am sorry that there is always something going on BUT I certainly enjoy hearing about your adventures. Percy looks adorable but my Molly is a one cat household. When I adopted her she was 10 and had been in foster care 2 years. I can’t imagine anyone not fighting over her. She has been my comforter and listener to my grief this past year. I hope Percy finds a furever home.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – so glad you have your Molly! Email me anytime you need a listener.

  10. Debbie R

    The life of a farm girl!!!
    Yes, my friends and I remember your pal Savannah well. Once while we were there for a retreat we tried to come downstairs to use the bathroom. Our friend Judi wasn’t quite quick enough, Savannah got her good, the next day we all noticed the huge bruise on her thigh! We all left with a new respect for goats that weekend! LOL

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debbie R – oh I am so sorry! Please tell Judi—I think I remember this incident but sadly there were several. She became too naughty to leave free roaming during the day!

  11. Betty snyder

    Thanks for sharing what is going on in your life. My husband recently passed away and I look forward to your posts. Just like having a friend stop by for a visit.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – my sympathy goes out to you – feel free to email me if you feel the need to chat with someone!

  12. Sue H

    I have to agree with the majority here — sorry to hear the never-ending tales of tending the animals & farm but love the humorous twist you put to the stories. Percy looks like quite the handsome fellow but I too have a one-cat household (Polly’s her name). The dog (Gracie) would love another friend in the house but it’s out of the question. I hope your husband mends well soon and most of all I hope the weather breaks for you. I’m in St. Louis area and, since we have bad weather coming in this weekend, I know you’ll have worse. We’ll all be thinking about you and the animals!

  13. Elaine Nixon

    Love your posts. Hope that warmer times come soon. So glad that you count the hens!

  14. Colleen

    I wonder if Percy is the father of the kittens?
    Anyway not the cheapest but sounds like he needs a trip to the vet so he doesn’t father any more kittens
    My grandparents always had cats and kittens hanging around they would put a pie tin of food out every day and bring it back in after the ferral cats had eaten.
    Now looking back it seems cruel that my grandparents never caught and have the. Ate fixed
    I know as a child I enjoyed the little ones and those who would come over for a rub and a scratch
    I do feel for you being on your own through all this weather and know the animals have to have you
    I do hope your husband is doing well with his healing and also hope someday he will be comfortable being pictured and spoken about on your blog

  15. Janie

    Percy looks like Tom from Tom and Jerry cartoon! Love the pivs! Thank goodness you found the chicken!

  16. Charlene sexton

    There is no reason for Percy to not be fixed. You have offered to take the responsibility including paying the Vet. He is not going to volunteer to go to the Vet! His owners should give you permission to tske care of getting Percy fixed and be happy and grateful as this may save his life.

  17. Leslie

    Percy would be with me if we were closer. Thanks for sharing with us. I too get excited when you have news to share! Hugs.

  18. shirley

    Afraid he would not make it back home from Kansas, but he would make a good addition to our feral cats.

  19. Rebecca Haines

    Glad you were able to spot that chick! Absolutely love the painting of Suzannah!

  20. Shirley

    Now I have a story for you. Check out NPR’s website and the following headline, “So 2 Goats Were Stuck On A Beam Under A Bridge…”.

  21. Susie Q

    Some Rug Answers…… the blog post from April 6th seems to have broken links and nothing appears??? Are you aware of this????

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susie Q – no, I am not aware of this – I’ll see if I can repost. Thank you for letting me know!

  22. Felicia Hamlin

    Such a handsome kitty! After many years of having several cats, i was left with one and I think I will stay that way, my one kitty has his hands full with Zena, but Percy is a good looking boy and those three kitties in the barn are beautiful. Enjoy your Sunday, Mary, we are having some snowflakes already!

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