Postscript, 6-22-24

You recall I said it started to rain again. I looked up and saw this:

God’s Promise

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  1. Pat in AZ

    So glad Rick is home and doing as well as can be expected. I know caregiving is a full time all consuming task and I hope things go smoothly and quickly for you. Rick: play nice! (Men are the worst patients, I have one!)

  2. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Thanks for posting the beautiful rainbow. We have been very dry, but we are most grateful for a half inch of rain last night. We were sleeping in our camper, and I think I heard every raindrop hit
    the camper roof.
    Take Care, Mary 🥰

  3. Lindah in northern CA

    Gorgeous rainbow! So vibrant. Our rainbows seem to be a bit paler here in n. ca.
    I have thought about you and hoped you are ok, each time I see headlines about heavy storms in IA.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lindah – we are so lucky really – many storms across the state but they go around us – one of these days it will be our turn, won’t it?

  4. Cindy Sabinske

    Happy Siunday, Mary and friends! The waters are still moving swiftly along in the ditches streams and the Redwood River in Lyon County, MN. Our fields got flooded from the creek that is on the south side of our farm, the crops were looking perfect too. I walked my trails at Camden State Park this morning to check my nestboxes. There is a new bluebird nest! Four eggs! I will go later to take a photo. The first nest the bluebirds fledged, and the 2nd one has 5 birds so soon they will leave their cozy nest as well. There was water in a few places so my shoes and feet got wet, but they will dry! The river was very swift. I do not think the river went out of its banks much, it was still pretty low from three years of drought. The Redwood River meets the Minnesota river to the NE of Morton, so no doubt, the Minnesota River is flooding as the roads are closed by Mankato and Henderson, and that meets the Mississippi at Ft Snelling. I will be weeding my gardens later today. Larry is getting better every day, bandage changes every day on his arm and leg now. He is very lucky. Mid July he will get a custom fitted compression sleeve. I bet he has to wear this foe a very long time. Glad to read Rick is home, and I hope he feels better every day.

    1. Pat in AZ

      Cindy, I look forward to seeing the bluebird nests. I think they are one of the most beautiful birds. We don’t have them where I live and we have to travel to the mountains to get a glimpse.
      I’m sure you have your hands full right and I know people don’t understand what stressful caregiving can be. Keep your chin up! I’m rooting for you! You take care of YOU.

      1. Cindy Sabinske

        Thank you! The time away checking on the nest-boxes is therapeutic! Plus great exercise. One very interesting note is how the body works to heal itself. Amazing.

  5. Teresa in Indiana

    Such a wonderful pic of your rainbow! Just beautiful! Prayers for all the families in the flood zone. It’s terrible to see all the destruction. Our temps have cooled to high 80s today. What a difference! Stay safe everyone.

  6. Sibylo

    I’ve never seen a rainbow picture show each color so well! Good job! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Margie

    Wow!! Every time I see a rainbow I think it is so beautiful! Your pictures are priceless! We are cat and dog sitting at our daughters and we can’t get local channels either so don’t know what is going on in the world. That flooding is terrible. Glad RIC is doing well.

  8. Kathy in western NY

    While we are at our camp we don’t have cable hookup to watch our tv and can’t seem to figure out how to even get local channels so didn’t know about the flooding till you showed it. How awful for the residents and it seems like no one anywhere is immune to adverse weather conditions anymore. I have listened to my sister in Houston tell me for years of hurricane damage with waters filling homes and rebuilding again. Piles and piles of drywall from inside homes line the streets and it’s way beyond how much I could handle.
    Diane in Ohio- we are not any cooler here last week nor this coming week. It’s been nice having Lake Ontario breezes keeping it cooler than home but we are dry as a bone. I’ve had enough of 95 temps and it’s June.
    I see San in NC was asking for local farm market prices. I paid the same $4 for blueberries and a head of lettuce was $2, radish bunch $2, zucchini $1.50 at a farm market across the street from our camp. It also has a beer shed out back which was very busy last night and gave me lots to people watch. We’re going to go over next weekend as they serve nachos and meatballs from their own grown cattle for snack foods. Farm families are very multi talented we have found around here. The cafes on farms have amazing foods we are enjoying.

  9. Sharon in Michigan

    Your blog about nothing is the only blog I follow faithfully….every day! You never disappoint and your posts are filled with info, pics and inspiration. I’m amazed all you accomplish everyday….do you ever sleep😂.
    You, your animals and your life make my day….THANK YOU

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – OH MY! I feel a real responsibility now but there’s something about writing – journaling if you will – that I love. Oh, I spend my share of time in bed but I don’t sleep well. And I watch a lot of Netflix in the evenings so that’s when I sew. Thanks for the compliments!

  10. Cindy K

    Awesome rainbow. I didn’t know anything about the flooding until I read your post-no time to pay attention to the news right now. Glad the surgery was a success and I’m sure you’re both glad it’s over with and home. Continued prayers.

    1. Patricia

      What a beauty of a rainbow. Gosh I didn’t know about the flooding in Iowa either. The weather patterns sure have changed. They are all ready having fires in California and New Mexico. Our temps here are now in the 90’s -so early. The ground is like dust. I will lose all my established perennials and trees under the stress. No rain in sight. We water what we can but not the same as a good soaking rain. With these high temps you have to water daily. I’m glad Rick’s procedure went well and praying for his recovery
      Pat in Md

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Patricia – for a couple years now NW Iowa has been the one little section of Iowa that always showed drought on all the weather reports. Very sad. I hope you get some rain soon to save your plants!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – I know how busy you are right now – the rest of the world will be there when harvest is finished. Sometime you should briefly explain to the readers what your family does and how the whole operation works.

  11. Chris in Alaska

    Beautiful! We frequently have rainbows in Alaska, and I feel we are blessed to see them . Continued prayers for flooding victims and also for you and your hubby 💕

  12. patti

    God’s promise is right. isn’t it gorgeous? the flooding is horrendous. i’m praying that all will be well. looks like it’s going to be an uphill battle for lots of folks. thanks for sharing so many pictures and your t-shirt quilt.
    glad that rick is resting and can do so at home. i hope your rain stays reasonable. hugs, patti in florida

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